The Biometrids platform allows users to identify themselves to others using the facial recognition app built into their phones.
The Biometrids enables individuals to distinguish themselves to others, utilizing the face acknowledgment incorporated with their cellphones. By utilizing a changeless circulated record, each individual in the chain will be exceptional. One face implies one ID, and each ID is remarkable. In the event that you are recorded in the chain once, you will never have the capacity to control that ID again or duplicate the ID. This will avoid data fraud and tricks and guarantee clients are who they say they are.

Biometrids is completed by utilizing a machine figuring out how to guarantee facial acknowledgment. Despite the fact that your appearance may change after some time, your facial forms will dependably remain the same. On the off chance that an organization or client needs to distinguish you, they can send a demand for your Biometrids wallet and essentially filter your face. This will approve your character to that organization or client.

It is a platform that blockchain industry can actualize. This could be wallets, banks, organizations, land accomplices, and the sky is the limit from there. In the event that a wallet designer needs to utilize the framework, they just actualize the API; a while later, you can utilize your face to login to your wallet and you will have the capacity to pay them specifically. The stores have executed a considerable measure of wallets, so it will be exceptionally easy to make installments. Essentially check your face and acknowledge the installments asked. What’s more, off you go. A similar procedure will be utilized for open administrations. On the off chance that you get ceased by the police, at that point basically examine your face and they can read your driver’s permit on their gadget. The rundown of probabilities continues endlessly.

The straightforwardness, adaptability and unwavering quality of the Ethereum blockchain are limitless. This is an ideal open door for the Biometrids venture. It is a decentralized expert that can outline, and affirm them or not. Shrewd contracts give the capacity to review frameworks and key administration lessens the weight on clients. Yet, it’s after that I find that it winds up noticeably fascinating. Biometrids proposes to consolidate the blockchain with the biometric properties of our appearances to make a safe environment.

How ot Works

Biometrids use a very smart facial recognition technology almost like articfical intelligent. Although your face changes like there are stains on your face or hair that changes and wounds, but the contours of your face will remain the same. For example if the company or provider needs to identify your face then they can send a request for your biometrids wallet. The next request will appear on your screen and you can simply scan your face. We are building a platform that can be implemented by other blockchain projects. This could be a wallet, a bank, a company, a rent car, a real estate partner, and more. If wallet developers want to use this system, they just apply the API; After that, you can use your face to get into your wallet and you will be able to pay it directly.


APIs and System

We are building a platform that other blockchain projects can implement. This could be wallets, banks, companies, real estate partners, and more. If a wallet developer wants to use the system, they simply implement the API; afterwards, you can use your face to login to your wallet and you will be able to pay them directly. The day stores have implemented a lot of wallets, so it will be very simple to make payments. Simply scan your face and accept the payments requested. And off you go.
The same process will be used for public services. If you get stopped by the police, then simply scan your face and they can read your driver’s license on their device. The list of opportunities goes on and on.



Token name – IDS
PreICO Price – 1 ETH = 1000 IDS
Price 1 ETH = 450-665 IDS
Platform – Ethereum
Accepting – ETH

Token Distribution

There will be a total of 100,000,000 IDS.

5% will be sold in pre-ICO.
5% will be for bounties and advisors.
70% will be sold doing the crowdsale.
10% will be for team.
10% will be for foundation.


The pre-ICO starts on November 25th, it ends on December 1st.

The ICO will start on feb 19th and finish on march 19th.

Soft cap 3500 ETH.
Hard cap 23000 ETH.

Pre-Ico and crowdsale will run until end date, or until all coins are sold. The 10% for team and the 10% for foundation will be locked up for three years. Every unsold coin during the ICO will be locked for five years. After five years, they will be sold back to early investors in a private fundraising campaign. They will not be sold on exchanges.




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