Bistox Develops New Platforms for Fast, Easy, and Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bistox is the currency exchange new cryptocurrency which claims to be one of bursa’s most sophisticated and secure in the market today. This is supported by the technology of the NEM and has the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) immediately. To find out more about it, read our reviews.
This is the exchange of crypto semi-decentralization aimed at traders who are in the level are very different in their career. Bistox have a machine that can be used beginner without any difficulty to understand the trade and veterans can explore to get more profit when they need to trade.
Some of the key features of the company is how he offers a notice of pre-trade and education in post-trading by using intelligence, neural network, deep learning. Basically, this exchange will give You a signal so You can know when You should trade and You will be able to use it later to test Your strategy using historical data.
You can fully control Your risk management with the use of this platform and can target the news that interests You so it can predict the market with better, using the algorithm of learning a day-to-day and even come up with Your own strategy based on the behavior of other traders that You can find on the internet.
The company currently sells the token BSX. 55% of them will be sold in sales, while 5% will be a gift of, 10% will be advisor, 20% will go to the team and 10% will be in the reserve fund. Close the software from the sales will be 5 million USD with a hard cap of 25 million USD.
30% of the money will be used in research and development, 25% marketing, 15% in administration and support, 15% as a reserve fund and 5% in legal fees.
Token BSX will represent the assets of the user in the blockchain NEM and You will be able to use BSX to pay the cost of recording, trade on the platform, withdraw Your profits or as the cost of margin trading.

The company currently has a private sale, which will be completed in August. Only investors who are accredited, strategic partners , and investment funds that can participate in this phase, which has a maximum limit of 5 million USD and the minimum limit of $ 100,000 per investor and a 30% bonus for the price.
Pre-sale Bistox will have a bonus of 15% and this phase will start on 9 September. You should enter the white list through the process of Know Your Customer to be able to invest in this phase and You will get bonus 15% when buying the token. You should get at least 5 ETH in the token and a maximum of 25 ETH. This phase will end on 5 October and will also have a hard cap of $ 5 million USD.
Finally, there is the public sale of tokens BSX, which will have a hard cap of $ 15 million USD and the minimum limit 0,1 ETH per person but there is no discount when You buy tokens. This last phase will begin on 10 October and will last until 9 November. You also have to pass a white list of KYC to invest.
The launch of the testnet exchange will be made on the 10th of October, because the public sale was launched, and the launch of Alpha will be done on October 30. Finally, there will be airdrops on November 14, and the token will be audited. The Beta launch will be done on November 29.
This doesn’t seem like a great investment. Although this project promised a lot of things, it doesn’t look serious. You just need to see how the site was filled with parts that are not complete and that the bug and there is no information about many important aspects to be aware that it is just a bad idea to invest Your money in Bistox .
Also, he is not even stated who the people who work in the company, which is often a huge red flag. You should look for a stable platform and promises, so avoid this one.

Vision and Mission

Bistox is built by several sophisticated technologies to keep its performance. By keeping its performance, this platform wants to be the most secure place for cryptocurrency exchange. They also want to give something different which can boost the transaction speed.
The platform will be the most comfortable place for cryptocurrency exchange because everything will be reported transparently. Indeed, the highest achievement is to be a professional and trusted cryptocurrency exchange platform which can be used by all types of cryptocurrency holders. Those cryptocurrency holders are able to operate and manage the features just like what they want to achieve their goals.


By using this platform, the cryptocurrency holders or traders are able to receive the complete detail of their transactions including the fees, trading notifications, and many more. There is nothing to worry about while using the platform because you are supported by professional customer support and a high-tech security system.
You are the manager of your own asset and e-wallet. You can do whatever you want fast and easy including managing your account, e-wallet, watch list, and many more. All of the transactions will be done in a secure and stable platform so you will get the maximal benefits more than you are expected before.


Bistox is offering a fast cryptocurrency exchange platform. To support the speed, the platform is using a technology known as NEM or the New Economy Movement which provides you with faster transaction speed. This platform is able to handle up to 3.000 transactions per second along with a stable and secure performance.
The platform is also offering a complete and transparent detail. The Decentralized Artificial Neural Network Integration or DANNI works a lot in it including evaluating your strategy, giving notifications, giving the best trading strategies, and many more.

Token Detail

You need to pay some fees or do something by spending some amount of money. In this case, you are supported by the BSX token. You can buy this token by using ETH, BTC, or XEM. Unlike any other tokens which develop in ERC-20, BSX is developed by NEM blockchain technology.

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