Bistox ICO Rveview

What is Bistox ?

Bistox is a platform designed for cryptocurrency exchange. The main difference between Bistox and any other cryptocurrency exchanges is on the use of NEM or the New Economy Movement. With this combination, the platform provides the cryptocurrency owners with fast transactions along with safety procedures.

Moreover, this platform offers more transparent transactions, great security system, professional customer support, and easy trading. Bistox is earning money from several sources such as trading fee, listing fee, social trading fee, and withdrawal fee. This platform is supported by BSX token and the users can use the token to support their activities while using Bistox.

Powered by NEM technology

Bistox is supplied by NEM – the first blockchain “Smart Asset” in the world built with businesses in mind.

NEM is rated for its speed and scalability, as well as for the revolutionary Pol and Supernode revolutionary mechanism, ensuring the unlimited development of public blockchain without affecting bandwidth. .

Nem is a company that was the first enterprise in the world to create and launch the Smart Asset option. Asset Intelligence is currency represent a fixed physical goods and intangible property can be purchased by other monetary units. Smart assets are run by smart contracts, which are computerized algorithms. NEM currently provides all Internet users a platform to use functional smart contract deals available and create new exchanges will be provided by technology NEM.

How to make a profit

Transaction Fee – While making any payment on the Bistox exchange rate platform, the customer will be charged for the transaction. Any payments to be made in the BSX will be subject to a full rebate for fees – up to 50% for the first year and reduced to 10% for the fifth year of the transaction.

Listing fee – Any new projects that will be registered on the Bistox platform will be charged a special fee to be listed. In the coming years, it will bring full profits to the company as well as raise money that will later be used to provide opportunities for listed projects and related companies.

Withdrawal Fee – When a person or business wants to remove money from a Bistox electronic wallet, they will be charged a withdrawal fee. These fees will be invested in further development of the company and the data collected will help track the rate of cash withdrawal from the platform.

Margin Trading Fees – Traders will participate in margin trading and therefore will have margin accounts that will pay interest. The interest rate will be announced and controlled by Bistox. Bistox platform-based marginal trading will allow customers to process transactions more efficiently.

Social transaction fees – Social transactions will help novice traders feel like they are experienced traders. This will give traders the opportunity to learn from the most successful Exchange traders who have made their transactions public. The economic model is set up to allow both parties to make money and make a profit. A leading trader will be able to share his portfolios and transactions to the public. Users can track the top trader in the list and turn on the “mirror” trading button to copy equivalent transactions by percentage. The system will automatically charge commissions in case of profitable transactions and dividends between Exchange and trader.

Why  Bistox
DANNI Introduction (Decentralized Artificial Neural Network)
  • Machine learning depth
  • Prior notice of trade
  • Post-trade education
Collaboration with NEM
  • Leading transaction rate in the industry
  • Powerful modularization
  • Security and stability platform
  • Remove charges
  • Biannual Auditing
  • Airdrop policy and Open Fork
Handy transaction
  • Social transactions
  • News
  • Bespoke Project Evaluation
Build your own work space
  • Windows is adjusted
  • Customized Wallet Balance
  • Watchlist is personalized
Support & Support
  • Direct support 24/7
  • Chat Troll Box
  • Semi-decentralized transaction
  • Protection of privacy policy
  • ISO 27001, in accordance with ISO 27002
Distribution of tokens and funds
BSX is a ticker symbol representing the user property in NEM’s blockchain. In BISTOX ecosystem, BSX can be used for payment
Sale Token
  • Private sale
  • 30% bonus period for 6 months
  • $ 100 000 Minimum limit for each investor
  • 15% Bonus Duration 6 months
  • $ 2500 minimum per person
  • $ 15,000 Maximum per person
Public sale
  • $ 100 minimum per person
  • $ 1000 maximum per person
  • KYC

Use token

BSX is a ticker symbol representing the user property in NEM’s blockchain. In BISTOX ecosystem, BSX can be used for payment



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