BIT PROPERTY – Buy, Sell and Invest in Real Estate via Blockchain

Hi guys. I present you a new, but already quite successful project “The Bit Property”


The essence of the project:
The BitProperty platform is an ecosystem that fully covers the cycle of buying, selling and investing in real estate, from tokenization of facilities to their servicing. This helps buyers, sellers and investors quickly and easily make transactions with real estate, as well as participate in investments from $1000 and receive up to 40% per annum. The ecosystem is developed as a decentralized application (Dapp) on the Etherium platform and consists of two large subsystems:

The BitProperty platform is the services that solve the following tasks:

  • Places the best property for buying, selling or investing
  • Helps sellers and developers in tokenization,and sales to investors
  • Provide the necessary infrastructure for fast transactions from Property Token to the BPS Platform token and to the Etherium crypto currency 2)BitProperty Foundation (evaluates, admits and manages a portfolio of real estate tokens).

BitProperty is the platform for the decentralized organization of buying, selling and investing in real estate, based on Etherium Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

The BitProperty Mission
Provide anyone with the opportunity to purchase, sell and invest in real estate without geo-referencing. Our goal is to make this process as quick, transparent and safe as possible.

What problem does BitProperty solve?
One of the main problems of the modern real estate market is closeness and conservatism.
An outdated model of monitoring and monitoring of the construction industry often leads to increased construction costs and time-limits for the delivery of the facility, making this industry not accessible to everyone.
This problem is exacerbated by the lack of a unified database of construction sites that require additional funding, as well as limited public access to this information.

This solution gives an opportunity to all-both large companies and individuals to take advantage of the opportunity and take part in the construction ore buy and sell real estate without geo-referencing. At the same time, this platform opens the possibility for developers around the world to attract finance from a variety of different and unrelated sources, thus increasing the pool of participants. Such a system creates an atmosphere of competition and adequate pricing.

Monitoring and control of construction
Directing all efforts to optimize control over construction sites and improving the efficiency of processes, the BitProperty platform, based on the basis of blockchain technology, has developed technologies that will make the process of acquiring real estate at the initial stage of construction understandable, transparent and accessible to everyone.

This platform provides an opportunity for Bitpro holders to purchase real estate all over the world in the most profitable stage of primary construction, even with the smallest amounts, and to monitor this construction online. Thus, BitProperty will allow you to purchase the primary commercial and residential real estate for the cryptocurrency, making it more accessible, transparent, safe, reliable, flexible and economical, since it will not be necessary to spend the costs for audit companies involved in controlling the construction process.

Accessibility for investors
BitProperty removes global requirements for participation in any real estate project. The BitProperty platform provides a safe and efficient way to participate in shared construction, as all operations on real estate objects are stored in smart contracts. Thus, the BitProperty platform is a combination of legal, financial, technical and blockchain areas, which will truly radically change the real estate market!

Implementation of environmental standards in construction:
We believe that climate change and a lack of resources will lead to the fact that in the near future environmental standards will firmly enter the real estate sphere. However, we also believe that, subject to reasonable management of the funds, the introduction of these standards will not lead to an automatic price increase. The BitProperty platform will collect the specified data and transmit it to the platform participants upon completion of the construction. This means that the client will be able to choose for himself the best solutions in terms of comfort of life, energy efficiency and building conditions. In addition, the negative impact on the environment will decrease and an economically reasonable distribution policy will be implemented. By implementing environmental standards, the BitProperty platform will encourage developers who wish to be included in the BitProperty database to focus on implementing eco-standards in their construction projects.


The token owner (or “Participant”) has access to the platform and selects the object according to its own criteria/interests.

Then, Smart Contracts Pool is created, based on which all the elements of the platform function, including the interaction of the token holder and the BitProperty Fund.
The participant sends crypto currency or fiat to the purse of the project in the ecosystem. The participant controls all construction processes in real time.


BitProperty Token [BPS], why it will grow?

One BPS token is equal to 1/80 000 000 part of the BitProperty platform. Now the cost of the BitProperty platform is minimal, but already in 2019, due to the increase in the number of commissions for transactions, we will generate revenues of more than $ 500,000 per year, and the expected growth of the platform can reach up to 4900%.
In 2021, it is expected to reach the revenue targets, in the form of commissions for transactions, according to our plan of $ 23.695 million, which should increase the cost of the platform by 58,500%.

The figures given above are preliminary and based on the calculations given by the competent team members and the comments of specialists



32% IT Development

20% Marketing and Sales

15% Acquisitions and Partnerships

12.5% International Expansion

10% Admin and Operations

5% Development Fund

5% Legal

0.5% Bug Bounty Program

With the proper use of marketing budgets, we believe it is realistic to expect that every 1/1000 transaction will take place on our platform, which gives us a 0.1% market share. Based on this forecast and the average commission level from transactions – 1.5-3.5%, we expect an annual income of $ 23.695 million as early as 2019.


Meet the team behind this awesome life changing project

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Author: Tosin David

My BitcoinTalk Profile:;u=1180815

Disclaimer: This article was published in terms of the bounty campaign. I am not a project team member or its representative but a supporter of this incredible project.


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