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About Bitagro

The project that unites us here today is called the Agro Exchange. As you have effectively understood, it is he who hopes to convey another surge in opportunities to the world of obsolete agrotechnical and sustenance relations, utilizing today’s advances such as the Blockchain to support.

Who might believe that the foremost community is very dependent on the most common breeders and agro-mechanical buildings, which day after day only produce large amounts of food every day. Obviously everyone needs to eat reliably and that is a fundamental part of our lives. That is the reason why the food division represents 25% of world GDP. Furthermore, this is just the beginning, because the population is growing year by year, and in line with that the utilization of sustenance with him is also growing.


However, not all breeders have a prudent room schedule to adjust to a rapidly created business sector. A person does not have time physically, and someone is practical and real. What is the importance of that ?! This implies that many modern-day agro-businesses do not have enough propellant assets with which they will streamline various related problems, especially with high Commission costs when communicating with their buyers. It is a fact that certain agro-modern goods go through all the exchange phases before you get to our table. Starting from being made by various transportation and coordination organizations, ending with a supermarket system and retail exchange. Each of these stages consumes a certain part that is related to money because the final cost of the merchandise is formed.

After thinking of the current problem in more detail, a group of specialists arrived at a resolution that finally arrived at finally changing an outdated instrument from a connection to a new device that was increasingly sophisticated and helpful.

Bitagro Project

All Agro Exchange activity rules are explicitly embedded for clients, so the web interface is natural, just like direct registration with a fast part of the KYC framework. The entire structure of the Agro Exchange serves to offer the biggest benefits to clients, giving them a number of effective and highly effective work tools.

Agro Exchange is another place where everyone has the opportunity to get along with each other in a protected and direct dimension. It is also important to note that the Agro Exchange does not depend on any land position, so farmers from Portugal can without much difficulty finding their customers from Europe or Russia. Likewise, this plan works in metaphorical demand, when buyers need to find important agricultural products outside their country.

Bitagro Design Features

An interesting fundamental point of this framework is its accessibility and convenience, just as various favorable conditions cannot be revoked only on Agro Exchange:

  • first of all, this project will have two variants of web and portable work, which function in a versatile application – AgroDex;
  • furthermore, the use of tokens is widespread to the point that they can be used not exclusively for buying goods or administration that you like, but in addition to buying participation in the platform.
  • This administration can provide benefits, and also other beautiful minutes;
  • with the help of blockchain innovations and agro Exchange tokens in, many farmers might damage their business, which would normally positively affect the general increase in horticulture;
  • security on the platform is intended to provide intelligent contractual arrangements, with which all exchanges will be recorded.
    Bitagro ICO Details

If we talk about tokens, it will be made according to the standard blockchain Ethereum (ERC20). The principle run by AGROCOIN is to provide every operational procedure within the system and to become a reliable source of water that is of significant value to all members of this project. You can buy coins effectively on an accessible digital currency trading platform, where you can get them immediately at a reasonable cost.

Final thoughts

In accordance with specialists, our current reality will change effectively in the next ten years, while adjusting every obsolete structure in a sophisticated way. Namely, to associate them with a decentralized system and bring cryptographic forms of money into it. This procedure is unavoidable, especially because it brings new subjective connections between the business sector.

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