BITBLISSCOIN — World’s 1st E-Commerce, Lending Platform  And CryptoBookStore Revolution

BitBliss Coin (BIBC)is a peer-to-peer-new cryptocurrency that aims to be the best alternative for now such as Bitcoin and Ethereal. This currency operates like any other physical, currency like the dollar but is only available in the digital world, which allows for quick transactions and transfers of transfers The concept may sound like Bitcoin, and is not much different from Bitcoin BIBC will change the world’s finances in the future All monetary transactions with BIBC will be processed through secure servers, so users do not have to worry about any risks due to user friendly and so on anonymous transactions.

BIBC’s vision is to not only be a digital currency that can meet the highest level of advanced technology standards but also be the source of educational cryptocurrency and the most user-friendly digital cash that is easy to use and
adopted by anyone. BIBC is:
• Blockchain Technology
• Decentralized
• Peer-To-Peer Network
• Anonymous
• Cryptococcal Education
• Non-Governmental Oversight
• Platforms with lower transfer fees
• Platforms with Multiple Investment Opportunities


    For businesses, BitBliss Coin (BIBC) offers the most time-saving and timely payment methods such as payment to suppliers, for goods and services, salaries to vendors worldwide in seconds, at very low cost that free you from all banking procedures which is complicated and time-consuming.
    For ecommerce and online retail stores, BitBliss Coin (BIBC) offers mobile apps to drive sales and rapidly grow your business with smartphones and your website using a great API checkout program.
    For individuals, BitBliss Coin (BIBC) ) offers interest to anyone holding the coin in their wallet for helping maintain security of the network in 5 different ways; lending, trading, staking, mining and referring
    BitBliss Coin (BIBC) offers users a Prepaid Debit Card that can be used to purchase almost any item with Bitcoin and Altcoin around the world, which can be used at any ATM and in stores as a regular payment card. Reloadable + Secure + Low cost + No problem.


  • Valuable
  • Fast transaction
    Send and receive payments anywhere in the world quickly in seconds. BIBC is even faster than Bitcoin as you need a minimum of just 4 confirmations with our blockchain technology.
  • Desentralized
  • The number of coins is limited
    BitBliss Coin (BIBC) has a fixed monetary reserve of 38.5 million. BIBC is a deflationary currency, and due to limited supply, BIBC prices are expected to increase when demand is high and the number of coins remaining does not increase as seen in the case of Bitcoin.
  • Security Blokchain
    The BitBliss Coin network is secured from attack. POW / POS system provides the perfect way to secure BitBliss Coin network and keep it decentralized.
  • Low transaction fee
    All BitBlissCoin transactions are private.
    Every BitBlissCoin user can see every transaction in blockchain ..
  • Differences Bitcoin and BitblissCoin
    In the world of crypto emergency, Bitcoin and BitBlissCoin (BIBC) are not much different; The difference is Opportunity and Price. To have one Bitcoin, you have to prepare more than $ 6,000 at the time of this writing, but BitBlissCoin has a greater chance for every individual right now because the price is still very cheap and you also have a chance to get the price on the initial coin offer / ICO) that can never be obtained for Bitcoin

BitblissCoin Wallet

Here are 3 types of wallets offered for BitblissCoin users.

Road Map


ICO is an initial offer of coins. ICO Bitbliss Coin’s goal is to raise funds that are difficult for long development including building and developing core applications, ecosystems through marketing campaigns.

spesifikation BitblissCoin

Early investors during the ICO have great potentials to make 10x, 20x even 30x their investment both in the short and long term. The initial coin offering (ICO) of BitBliss Coin will be launched on the 26th of December 2017 to January 21st 2018 by selling 12,400,000 BitBliss Coins. Special discounts and bonuses are available to all investors.

ICO Date’s & Exchange Rates

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