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Of all the latest technologies to emerge, blockchain has one of the most promising futures.

It can reduce the friction and costs associated with cross-border transactions and loaning which, until recently, has been governed by the monetary policies of central banks.

A blockchain solution for global peer-to-peer lending is on the horizon, adding an exciting layer to an already booming sector which is expected to reach the $1 trillion mark by 2025.

The problem is, some aren’t excited by blockchain’s arrival. Experiencing Déjà vu? It’s easy to be transported back to the 1990s when the Internet was dismissed as just a “wasteland of unfiltered data”.

History does repeat itself and we’re seeing with blockchain today it’s up to the brave early adopters to test the water while others look on in anticipation. Like the firstrise of the internet, this second generation promises to disrupt business models and transform value exchange as we know it.

 Overview of Bitbond Project

Bitbond is the first decentralized business lending platform operating internationally in more than 80 countries. The project belongs to Bitbond GmbH, which is officially registered in Berlin (Germany) and has one of the most worthy financial licenses of the country from the BaFin regulator. For the founders of Bitbond it is a great honor and a tribute from the German regulatory authorities.

Bitbond has accredited more than 3,000 small and medium-sized businesses globally, especially Europe and Africa, totaling more than 13 million euros. Bitbond are able to provide monthly loans in the amount of about 1 million euros.

Bitbond’s business model

Bitbond makes revenue by charging origination fees to borrowers and repayment fees to investors. The origination fees range from 2-3% of the loan amount. The repayment fee ranges from 0.5-1.5% of the total repayments.

Unique Features of Bitbond Platform

BB1 is distributed to investors’ wallet when STO’s registration period ends and immediately Bitbond Finance can transfer to take advantage of Stellar block chain to provide effective and instant international transactions:

Instant transfer ability

BB1 is distributed to the investor’s wallet when the subscription period of STO ends and is transferable immediately

Effective transactions

Stellar is more effective than other blockchain, helping to significantly reduce the cost of global payment transactions.

Easy to set up

When purchasing BB1 Token, the Token owner will automatically receive Stellar Wallet. Holders can also use existing Stellar wallets.

Bitbond Finance will buy back the token at the initial price of € 1 after 10 years


Despite the availability and diversity of working tools, people still experience a number of difficulties in establishing their own small and medium-sized businesses. And all because it is not enough to have one idea and desire, you must also have your initial start-up capital. As a rule, many entrepreneurs to obtain any financial support apply to banks and other various financial institutions. They are looking for so-called business angels and other sponsors of their “event”. But, by no means at all it turns out. And only a small part of entrepreneurs finds solace in their needs in the above structures. The rest remains nothing how to say goodbye to your dream and to go back to work.

Advantages of Bitbond

Bitbond token (BB1) is the first security token in Germany and makes the global lending business accessible.

Target profit is 8% (see computer). This result from a fixed interest rate coupon of 4% per year and high profit participation of 60%. Token BB1 is a preeminent investment because:

Profits are significantly higher than other fixed income investments.

BB1 token is safer and more stable than other electronic-based investments because the prospectus complies with legal regulations that govern your rights.

For the first time in Germany, real security is released without the participation of banks.

Token Specifications
Ticker: BB1
Token Type: Security Token
Platform: Stellar
Price: 1 BB1 = 1 EURO
Soft Cap: €5 million EURO
Hard Cap: €10 million EURO
Accepted Currencies: Stellar (XLM), Fiat, Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC)
Country of Registration: Germany
Not Participating: Canada and the USA

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Image result for bitbond


With many suitable advantages, Bitbond P2P Lending model will inevitably change the habits of financial use of people around the world and boom in the future. Bitbond have break through the pioneering technology, behavioral research specific to customers, apply technologies to automate credit appraisal thanks to large data analysis algorithms.


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