Bitbond is a Blockchain based financial institution who specialize in granting loans to SME and businesses using Cryptocurrency for their transaction. BitBond has envisioned to establish an healthy and transparent environment between the lenders and borrowers. Bitbond loans is available for Individuals, Small and Medium scale businesses and Entrepreneurs who are seeking loans for their various businesses.The Process of Loan Brokerage in BitBond Platform and the underlying conditions are as follows :

In most centralized Loaning Ecosystem, Collateral are often required to be qualified for the loan but reverse is the case in Bitbond Platform .The loan Eligibility in Bitbond Platform mandate all users to pass the screening test (KYC)Know Your Customer Policy and the (AML) Anti Money Laundering Screening . All documents made available for the verification and identification system are very confidential in the sense they will not intrude the users Privacy.

A potential borrower must be Creditworthy , amount of loan must depends on the customers or borrowers creditworthiness. This simply

meaning the Enterprise , businesses willing to obtain loan must go through formal security checks to ensure they are qualified for the

loans and are capable of the loan repayment .Individual credit history will be scrutinized before they could qualify for loans in BitBond Platform .


Benefits offered by Bitbond Finance 

(i) BitBond provide fair loans terms at affordable charges to the borrower.

(ii) Loan security checks in Bitond Platform guaranteed borrowers repayment ability and ensures Lenders assets are safe.

(ii) Shares to Loan Providers willing to invest in network by issuing out loans to GmBH system and sharing their profit with the platform.

Bitbond is the world first Crypto backed loan service which is made available to everyone Globally irrespective of their locations . As stated earlier, some certain conditions needed to be fulfilled by borrower before they could be eligible to BitBond Loan service , this is to ensure transparency , credibility  and longevity of the Platform .Bitbond is an existing Financial institution, they are not startups or innovations about to be established . They have team of Experienced professionals and Staff with a Physical office located in Germany. . They are stabilized  on job market with the following investors Sky Level, Point Nine . They are also in partnership with FinaCompare, Jumia and SME Finance.BitBond is backed by Blockchain technology which will ensure efficiency, transparency and maximum security in their mode of

operations. Services of intermediaries are completely skipped with the help of blockchain . Brokerage service is eliminated .

BitBond is not organizing ICO whose schemes are fraudulent and only favorable to the Team. Bitbond is presently Conducting SECURITY


TOKEN OFFERING (STO).STO creates a favorable room for an investors in which they are liable to the Company ownership just like a

Shareholding system in a Conventional System . The STO gives investors legal back up as either an investors. Investors are entitled to

quarterly dividends in additional with a profit share generated in the Company.BitBond Finance is a licence Company licensed by BaFin .Investors need to do their thorough research before committing their funds into any class of investment. BitBond  is regulatory compliant Company and they have Branches of Physical offices located in Germany . They have all right to operate as a Legitimate and government approved Lending Platform .Investing in this Class of Project will ensure the safety of investors.

Benefits  and uniqueness of Bitbond Platform .

(i) They will provide loans for small and medium scale businesses worldwide and contributing the Global economic growth.

(ii) Bitbond is ready to fund several businesses across the Globe  irrespective of your location and as long as you meet up with their various requirement . BitBond Lending service is not limited to Companies , individuals seeking loans are also eligible .Bitbond

offer affordable loan service to their various users across the Globe.

Final thought ,

Based on the aforementioned, i believe Bitbond Finance is a company that has been fully operational for several years. It is a Legitimate

Company with integrity . It would be wise to stop the waiting and take the necessary actions. Bitbond STO is live at discounted price. Key in at this early stage to benefit the  current discount phase .BB1 is BitBond token which will be issued on Stellar Blockchain . Token Sale is in Progress , It can be purchased using Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin , Ethereum, Stellar and Fiat  (euro).

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