Welcome my dear friends. Today I would like to tell you about a unique project. Under the control of the strongest team. These guys offer a very technological product. And look at the investment potential, it is huge. Recently, we have not heard anything about cryptocurrencies, and today, every day we see advertising of new platforms and projects.

And, not surprisingly, every new project, strive to become better than the previous one!

So BitBose is definitely a good project.

The project has its own token, the name of which:


The web site of the project

Total tokens issued

-300 000 000

Accepted currencies

Protocol type

Soft Cap

  • $ 5 million

Hard cap

  • $45 million

BitBose includes the following three components:

  • BitBose Exchange
  • BitBose Bank
  • BitBose Smart Portfolio
    These three components are fully integrated into the platform service.

how it works.jpg

When a participant buys a BOSE (platform token), he / she automatically becomes a member of the BitBose Bank.
A key feature of banks is the ability to allocate loans to eligible candidates. In an ordinary Bank, the loan Manager performs an assessment of who wants a loan, according to the assessment. This method is arbitrary and prone to errors.
BitBose uses artificial intelligence, which is constantly learning from machine learning as a credit Manager.
Artificial intelligence checks the possibility of a client who wants to get a loan. Based on the right, the customer who wants a loan will be entered in the rating of trust , which will determine the maximum amount that he / she can use as a loan.
AI ensures that only the most reliable people get loans. As a guarantee, the person who took the loan must present part of his / her property as collateral.

Important features of BitBose

Mission BitBose Platform is to create a decentralized comprehensive banking solution which will not just extend the normal banking structure, but also provide a number of investment opportunities based on technologies blockchian.
Bose Token is the currency Of the bitbose platform based on ERC20 using ethereum blockchain means the fastest and most transparent transaction with very low fees. – Investment banking solutions the Platform offers unique investment banking solutions such as portfolio funds, Crypto Loans, Mining Rewards Program.
Hybrid intelligent trading solutions for exchange and payments .
Our unique solutions for investments is intended to maintain adequate liquidity, exchanging multiple currencies, fiat & crypto, which at first sight give rise to the modern hybrid intelligent trading exchange and payment solutions.
-The team consists of world-class developers, traders, financial advisors and blockchain experts.
Bose Token is Fully compatible with all rules, Compliance, KYC and AML.
At the moment, you can buy your tokens at PRESALE with 40% discount%

Until the end of the period PRESALE remained 44 days!

Finally, I would like to wish you major investment victories. Believe in projects and success will not keep you waiting

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White Paper – + bitbose+whitepaper-1.pdf

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