Many investors invest their money in this virtual currency after the fantastic increase in Bitcoin’s value in recent years. In the long term, it is not surprising that Bitcoin price trends continue to rise. Because Japan has established a favorable regulation for Bitcoin users. In fact, there are retail companies in Japan that already accept payments with Bitcoin, and not there, the New York investment firm, Goldman Sachs is also considering starting a new operation focusing on the virtual currency.

The cryptographic currency market has a very high volatility rate, the movement or the change in value can happen very quickly and defeat the logic of buying and selling that is known. You can look at the graphs in the stock market and focus on the graph that will make it easy to understand the price reductions. More importantly, you must understand the highs and lows of the prices at these dealerships. Because the ups and downs of prices are the basic key to take advantage of the cryptographic currency, where you have to buy coins when the price goes down and sell them again when the price goes up.

BitBose ICO intends to raise funds to build platforms that allow the decentralized operation of central bank characteristics. The BitBose platform will allow users to 
-Ret Fiat currency loans or cryptocurrency
-Buy and sell criptomonedas in BitBose Exchange
Intelligent -Eat with algorithmic trading
activity The BitBose platform will be called BOSE ERC20 tokens that will be the token of utility and will exchange the central unit on the platform. Users can buy BOSE tokens in exchange for BTC / ETH / FIAT during ICO events or in cryptographic exchanges after ICO is displayed.
With the development of the next program, the BitBose platform has been divided into three main keys corresponding
to the central function while the backend remains tightly integrated
for faster processing time and a smoother user experience. The components of the BitBose platform are: 
-BitBose Bank: to deposit funds and take out loans
-BitBose Exchange: for the simplest commercial experience
-BitBose Smart Portfolio: for access to algorithmic operations by bots that improve commercial acumen with machine learning . BitBose is a registered entity in the United Kingdom and complies with all its laws and regulations.

The mission of BitBose Platform is to create a fully decentralized banking solution that not only disrupts the normal banking structure but also provides some investment opportunities based on blockchian technology. Other platforms also offer unique investment banking solutions such as Portfolio Funds, Crypto Loans, Mining Rewards Program.

BitBose’s Crypto Loans program offers users the ability to deposit their cryptographic properties on our easy-to-use platform to guarantee excellent faith.
-Applications of loans and easy loans, instant approvals and without credit verification. Get cash directly credited to your financial institution’s account. – Competitive interest rate without strengthening the payment. Maintain your reputation and experience financial freedom. – There is no capital block because you can withdraw capital every time
The BitBose platform allows you to extract BOSE Tokens and generate stable BoseTokens entries in the past. While this approach is greater for higher users, the BitBose software program combined with advanced hardware is able to deal with excessive masses and perform transactions frequently. 
Due to the many benefits and growth plans of BitBose Platform, we fully agree that the BOSE Token call will trigger and we have entered into superior negotiations with some alternative crypto to include Token BOSE.Pre leaves: June 1 – July 15
Sales tab: from July 16 to November 30
Total token: 300,000,000
Public sales: 210,000,000
Founders: 48,000,000
Bounties: 6,000,000
Asesor / Marketing: 36,000,000

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