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Especially if it’s related to the problem of token. that the greatness of this project is to have the token itself, which is known as the BOSE or TokenBose. This is a token of utilities and the base currency of the platform BitBose own based on ERC20. The transaction system is not only clean and transparent, with blockchain ethereum peer to peer can take the Project to the very minimal born and trained for the solution. One million project has a resolution of colors on this earth. Everything, but nothing and no one solution to a better direction than before, in this session, only about the strength of the economy practical, and tenacious.

As usual, the energy and attractiveness of the projects. The new name also, of course everything is still smooth and difficult in the face of the latest technology. In the project Bit Bose this wonderful new, she came with a good news for those who want to join him.

Need to know BitBose with the platform present to create banking solutions decentralized complete. Its existence will not only disrupt the structure of normal banking but will also offer investment opportunities based on the technology of the blockchain in about ethereum. Important characteristics of BitBose

The mission of the BitBose Platform is to create a banking solution integrated decentralized that not only will use the structure of normal banking, but will also offer investment opportunities based on blockchain technology.

Bose the Token is the motto of the platform BitBose-based ERC20 using blockchain ethereum, which means the transaction is the fastest and most transparent with the commission is very low. -Investment Banking Solutions the Platform offers banking solutions unique investment, such as the Portfolio Funds, Crypto Loans, Mining Rewards Program.

Trading solutions hybrid intelligent to trade and payments.

Investment solutions our unique designed to maintain adequate liquidity by exchanging multiple encryption and cryptocurrency, which at first glance is translated into the exchange of business intellectual modern and modern payment solutions.

The team consists of world class developer, trader, financial consultant, and expert blockchain.

Bose Tokens are Fully compatible with all the rules, Compliance, KYC and AML.

At this time, You can buy Your token in PRESALE with 40%

Crypto / Fiat Finance As

proof that good programs, Crypto Loans of BitBose allowed to finance in crypto / fiat to save in crypto they are on the platform BitBose.

Loan application and easy loan, instant approval and no credit checks. Generate money directly credited to Your bank account.

Competitive interest rates without the cost in advance. Preserve Your reputation and enjoy financial freedom. In addition, there is no locking capital because You can withdraw Your assets at any time.

Summary Tokenomi

The Name Of The Token –

The site BOSE – /

Offer Type – Token

Token Sale – 300.000.000

Currency Accepted – BTC, ETH, FIAT

ERC20 Token – YES

Soft Cap – $ 5 Million

HARD Cap – $ 45 million

For more details

Web –

whitepaper –




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