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BITBOSE is the ultimate platform for direct get right of entry to to encrypted runs. Provides an ecosystem of total investment banking solutions for traders and customers of digital money. The first carrier furnished by using this platform is the BITBOSE exchange. An electronic money exchange permits humans to reap electronic cash at their choice by means of dealing with other sorts of electronic currency and other depended on currencies. It relies on the final string of blocks to remedy problems on different platforms. It has its very own file referred to as BOSE. The 2d carrier launched by means of this platform is BITBOSE. It is similar to normal banking in its application, but now not in technology.

The platform is powerful, secure, with top-notch firewall and encryption algorithms. The device is built to suit high penetration testing levels.’s technical team of workers consists of able and skilled brains in their respective fields.

The mission of BitBose Platform is to create an built-in dispensed banking answer that will not solely use the everyday banking structure, but will also supply investment opportunities based on blockchain technology.

Bose is the motto of the Code primarily based platform ERC20 BitBose uses ethereum blockchain, which ability the quickest and most obvious transactions with very low commissions. Investment Banking Solution This platform presents unique investment banking solutions, such as Investment Funds, Electronic Lending Programs, and Reward Programs.

Intelligent hybrid solution for transactions and payments.

Our funding solutions are designed especially to hold full liquidity by way of changing double encryption and cryptocurrency, which translates temporarily into current fee solutions and business exchanges. brilliant wisdom.

The BitBose platform has been split into three core areas for core usability whilst the backend support is tightly coupled to furnish faster practise instances and a regular patron experience. The components of the BitBoot platform are:

BITBOSE BANK (deposit and loan)

At the time when a sponsor purchases a BOSE card, he or she will pass on to become an person from BitBose. An essential component for banks is the capacity to distribute loans to eligible applicants. In a ordinary bank, a human savings officer will conduct a non-public evaluation that requires an boost and confirms an assessed amount. This method is arbitrary and tends to be wrong. To make sure liquidity get admission to in the banking channel, a CRR of 20% will be constantly held in a floating banking asset.

BITBOSE EXCHANGE (for the most hard buying and selling platform)

The BitBose exchange allows BOSE card holders to receive the market fee of numerous exchanges from a single platform, inside a comparable interface. Buyers can get the price at which coveted electronic retailers promote on different exchanges. This will enable shoppers to pick the fine cost. On the other hand, the seller can get to exclusive exchanges beforehand sold and accordingly, to be the satisfactory value also.

The standard fiat cash is issued by way of a central financial institution and is further supported through it. Its shallowness is now not inferred however directed with the aid of administrative authority and regulating change between nations. Taking the instance of the Chinese people, shallowness is managed by means of the Chinese authorities by means of a progression of activities. The Chinese government buys bucks on the free market and keeps them as overseas change in the bank’s vault. This extended pastime price for the US dollar used to be boosted through the cost of lowering the price of the Chinese yuan. Since China is a commodity exporter all over the world, its estimate of China’s renminbi is continuously rising.

BITBOSE SMART PORTFOLIOS (to get entry to the bot algorithm to beautify the sharpness of the transaction through studying the machine)

BitBose Smart Portfolio is a backup point of the BitBose platform that approves supporters to distribute their funds in a BOSE code that is traded by using an AI bot created by using the BitBose team. The amount dispensed to the Smart Portfolio will be kept in the sponsor’s wallet however will no longer be reachable for change for a variety of assignments or withdrawals until the sponsor modifications duties to the Sponsorship Catalog. Verily not. BitBose is a registered member in the United Kingdom and holds speedy all legal guidelines and directions.

The BOSE Token

It introduces the smartest and obvious cryptocurrency that can be used for crypto and fiat loans, portfolio funding, and for mining for profit generation. The BOSE token is primarily based upon the ERC20 Ethereum blockchain that will allow for quicker and extra obvious transactions.

A strong team of Bitbose that is made up of expert software program developers, bankers, traders, and blockchain professionals backs the token. The token will have a range of uses different than the use of shopping for items and services on the platform. The BOSE token holders will have an advantage, as they will be capable to earn passive returns via the crypto/fiat mining program

The token will be in excessive demand as solely the preliminary 300,000,000 Tokens will be available. 210,000,000 of these will be furnished throughout the public sale. The public sale will be on 16th July to thirtieth November. The well-known price methods are BTC and ETH.

The BOSE token can be purchased and offered on interior and external exchanges. The group at Bitbose will launch a third-generation interior change in mid-April 2018.

Token Symbol: BOSE

Token Sale Starts: July 16, 2018

Token Sale Ends: November 30, 2018

Total Supply: 300 Million

Token Standard: ERC 20

Soft Cap: $5 Million USD

Hard Cap: $45 Million USD

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