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Bitcoin Air is a new lightweight cryptocurrency committed to conveying cryptocurrency standard adoption to independent companies around the world. Bitcoin Air is the first bilaterally operating blockchain that will feature two chains exceptionally working as one!

Bitcoin Air looks to give a worldwide answer for a large number of the key issues looked with traditional emissions, banking and monetary systems. By consolidating the feature rich and populated base of Bitcoin, with the natural and easy to understand accord strategy for Peercoin, we create the ideal dual-chain Blockchain that has capacity to keep up both stable and volatile esteem. Bitcoin Air goes above and beyond to implement Atomic Swap to evacuate the requirement for trades and centralized trade powers.

Bitcoin Air is a bilateral union fork between Bitcoin ($BTC) and Peercoin ($PPC). They are right now talking if to incorporate Bitcoin Cash into the Airdrop or ot.

Bitcoin Air’s main goal is to structure and deliver the primary viable attempt at handling the key issues related with cryptocurrency, independent venture and ecological dangers within reach today. By delivering the principal Carbon Credit Asset-Backed Dual-Chain Blockchain, Bitcoin Air leads the way in spearheading the adoptability, scalability, and overall advantages of utilizing the Blockchain. Joining this innovation with Green Initiatives and a suitable methods for Asset-Backing, Bitcoin Air makes the main Living Ecosystem devoted to lessening the Human Footprint, bringing down the average cost for basic items, and expanding the overall personal satisfaction.


Bitcoin Air values straightforwardness, security, integrity, and capacity to the general population. We feel any choices directing a networks way ought to be up to the general population themselves. The main thing we ought to guarantee is the security and prosperity of our community. This thus conveys us to our core value of integrity. Guaranteeing that we are transparent with all of you and keep up the same truths to ourselves from we do you our people. Bitcoin Air additionally flourishes with the possibility that the world can seek after a clean means of growth for development without decimating the lives of others and the ground under our feet. We at Bitcoin Air endeavor to deliver a genuinely positive power in Crypto Space that can change things for the benefit of our future generations.


One of the greatest issues keeping down standard adoption of crypto is the unpredictability of the costs against the US dollar. Companions, family, and particularly independent companies waver to acknowledge crypto because of a paranoid fear of the esteem dropping before they can spend or cash out the deposit. Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash create a confused way to deal with ease of use, driving off the majority of potential users who could profit by the utilization of cryptocurrency in their day by day lives. Current types of accord are a negative effect to nature and deliver no genuine methods for value.


The Air Protocol: Using Bitcoin Air’s extraordinary Air Protocol technology, users can off chain the estimation of their Bitcoin Air, instantly locking in the USD esteem in connection to Carbon Credit Asset Backing. Our off chaining ability will safeguard the USD estimation of any consumed coins in USDAP (USD Air Protocol) through a bilaterally working side chain that will pick up it’s supply through the activity of off chaining your Bitcoin Air to USDAP. Keep up peace of mind realizing that the estimation of your Bitcoin Air is safely guarded by the Air Protocol.

Air Protocol. Utilizing the unique Air Protocol Bitcoin Air technology, users can choose to release their Bitcoin Air value chain, immediately locking the USD value in price with Carbon Credit. We will maintain the USD value of each currency that is burned in USDAP (USD Air Protocol) through a bilateral relationship that will provide support through your Bitcoin Air Chaining action to USDAP. Maintain peace of mind knowing that the value of your Bitcoin Air is protected safely by the Air Protocol.


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