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Bitcoin Air has an offchain decentralized reserves system which is capable of maintaining the end value of merchants earning and also simultaneously improving the environment positively.

During this long silence from our team, we have strengthened several large-scale partnerships which will be explained below in The Future of Bitcoin Air. This article also marks the beginning of our Blockchain Development, and over the next few days, you will begin to see our commitment to GitHub. Currently, it has been left blank until our main front end products and partnerships have been completed. This falls perfectly in line with the road map that we predict and we value the community to remain patient with us so far.

Project Leader Anthony, has continued to have good discussions with Peercoin and Haven Protocol in terms of gathering solid support throughout the administration to ensure that all communication and development needs are met to a reasonable extent to make clear channels for renewal, development and communication. Through this, we have agreed that the three communities must accept the same Bitcoin Air ($ XAP). The Haven Protocol, Peercoin, and Bitcoin holders will accept Bitcoin Air with the spread rate which will be explained below in the Official Details of the Fork.

A lasting solution to the problem of cryptocurrency depreciation has been provided by Bitcoin Air technology. This technology will allow users choose to off chain their Bitcoin Air which will in turn lock it in the USD value in relation to Carbon Credit Asset Backing.

A 100% trust free decentralized payment and reserve system shall be provided by bitcoin air in order to defeat the issues of market manipulations and other problems such as reserve system failed attempts.

The mode of operation of this technology is through a bilaterally operating side chain which preserves the USD value of any burned coins in USD Air Protocol. You will agree with me that with this technology, users need not fear about depreciation of their Bitcoin Air because it’s safely guarded by the Bitcoin Air protocol.


Limited circulating supply as start up: The initial circulation supply of bitcoin air will be limited and shall be strictly based on minting and burning of coins through air protocol. The circulating supply supply shall reduce along side with the available market cap, this in turns maintains each share value on the volatile chain.

Privacy enabled storage of Air protocol which will allow open access to users ledger.

Allows newest cryptocurrency members to use bitcoin air for basic business function without any hassles.

Bitcoin Air will be the first platform to implement Air Cash and will have the ability to mint off chain and maintain the value.

Bitcoin Air will tap into the market potentials by creating a balanced platform which is going to be attractive to all small businesses globally with a very easy, rapid and user-friendly payment system.

Bitcoin Air will be the first to achieve a stabilized cryptocurrency market with the reduction of human carbon footprint through which is evident through its mode of operation.

Blocksize shall be increased to 32MB each reducing the block-time to 4 minutes target, and doubling bitcoin tail emission, with block reward of 12.5 XAP also with the introduction of Proof of Work consensus.

November 22, 2018 will be the official Bitcoin Air snapshot and will occur through the utilization of 2 different blockchains (Initially Peercoin blockchain, thereafter addition of Bitcoin UTXO) which results in the creation of a bilaterally operating dual blockchain.

Below are the technical details:

Block Size: 32 megabytes

Block Reward Halving: 6 Years or 788,400 Blocks

Block Time: 4 minute

Block Reward: 12.5 coin

Estimated Starting Supply: 20,000,000 XAP

Core Credit: Bitcoin and Peercoin

Algorithm: HDPoS/W (Hybrid Dynamic Proof-of-Stake/Proof-of-Work)




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