B itcoin Atom discusses the problems that are currently covered by the most famous in the world of Blockchain. Of course, this bitkoyn. Bitcoin has since appeared on the scene, revolutionized, for removing mediators from all of history, the fact that instant and inexpensive transactions and an inability to resist currency have occurred. All this inspires the expansion that we see today.

Bitcoin Atom (BCA) is a completely decentralized way of exchanging digital assets – with the exchange of chains of atoms on board. Using its built-in hash-contract with temporary blocking (HTLC) and its own HTLC API, Bitcoin Atom tries to prevent the exchange of current crypto-currencies, providing freedom from intermediaries and centralized objects.

The biggest threat is outside the Crypto Community.
The exchange of crypto-currencies also opens the way for the participation of other centralized bodies. For many exchanges, it is required that users register a bank account in their new account. When connecting a bank account to an exchange, users should now trust the two centralized parties. In some cases, banks delay or even block transfers to exchanges, which leads to a miserable experience for investors.

In other cases, federal authorities and regulators, such as the exchange of IRS orders, switch to user transaction records. Although exchanges can deal with government surplus, it is often useless, since government agencies have much more power. Linking cryptomir with the worldly world, exchanges often do more harm than good.

As Bitcoin Atom solves these problems.
Eliminating the need for centralized exchanges with atomic swaps, Bitcoin Atom will already make encryption transactions safer. Moreover, when interacting directly with the network, users will only need to sign transactions with their private key, which is never disclosed. Thus, unlike traditional exchanges of crypto-currencies, Bitcoin Atom network users should never abandon their personal information.


Tickers are called BCA, and they are made specifically for the use of this project. There will be a total of 21,000,000 copies in circulation. They will be distributed through Mining, Minting and Claiming. They use the PoW-SHA256 algorithm. Look at the picture below to find out which exchanges they will be:

You can participate in marketing campaigns, such as campaigns on social networks, various translations and signature campaigns.

Ticker Symbol: BCA

Max. Delivery: 21 million

Distribution: mining, chasing, claim

PoW algorithm: SHA256

Interval of PoW interlock: 10 minutes

PoS interlock interval: 10 minutes

Unit size (actual): 1M (2-4M)

Correction of complexity: 2 weeks

Average confirmation time tx tx: 5 minutes

Atomic swaps: Yes

Segwit: Yes

Playback protection: Yes

Unique address format: Yes

The main advantages of the nuclear report over centralized reserves

  • The best trade
  • DELETION of delays (caused by a lack of deposit / withdrawal of funds, server downtime, etc.)
  • DELETE your secret key, preventing the possibility of losing your coins (for example, Mount Gox).
  • MINIMATE the potential security breach.
  • Keep personal identification (without any verification process).
  • DECENTRALIZE the entire trading process, so it’s really peer-to-peer.
  • Reduce trading costs to a minimum.

Bonus for holders bitcoins

All bitcoat holders that have their secret key during the fork (TBA block number) will receive a Bitomo Atom for 1 BTC = 1 BCA. You need to manage your Bitcoin private key to claim and broadcast Bitcoin Atom.

Bitcoin Atom is a plug-in fork with a basic protocol update, which will occur in mid-December (TBA block number). On a predefined block number, the original BTC block will be attached to the BCA, and any transactions made since then will be completely separate in the Bitcoin and Bitcoin Atom networks. At that time Bitcoin Atom will live on the network and become fully functional cryptographic.

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