Bitcoin Crown: A Unique Platform for Game Lovers


The Bitcoin Crown platform offers the safest crypto platform for on-line gamers & crypto currencies worldwide. Our answer for regionally and digitally exchanging all edict and CRYPTO currencies between any interested parties, is unique. A localized platform to manage, distribute, and trade virtual merchandise. Giving Gamers and content creators a brand new model of virtual possession.

Bitcoin Crown is introducing BTCC a brand new cryptocurrency (ERC-20 Token) and sensible contract platform that offers game developers, content creators and recreation communities the specified cryptobacked worth and tools for implementing and managing virtual merchandise. The Bitcoin Crown platform can have full support for these tokens within the next half dozen months.

Bitcoin Crown can develop a strong framework of ASCII text file software system development kits (SDKs), wallets, game plugins, virtual item management apps and a payment entry platform.

Bitcoin Crown are the biggest recreation community creation platform online:

● 250,000 recreation communities across thousands of games worldwide

● twenty million registered gamers

● Launched in 2017, based mostly in United Kingdom

● 70M international views per month

● recreation targeted Content Management System and Forum creator

● innumerable USD per month in virtual merchandise sales across BTCC community stores

BTCC Coin is that the 1st cryptocurrency with associate authentic purpose for on-line gamers. Earn and trade virtual merchandise within the most well-liked recreation community creation platform on-line.

BTCC Coin platform is formed for the sport trade. SDKs for multiple languages, wallets and payment platforms are obtainable and utterly ASCII text file.

Online gamers will bring or trade their assets from game to game, community to community, growing their digital billfold with real worth as they play.

for each legitimate virtual item purchase seventy fifth things square measure lost to fraud. BTCC Coin minted Tokens can produce trust and security with lowest dealings fees.

innumerable engaged gamers BTCC’s innumerable extremely engaged users socialize and work along to make distinctive communities, game content, and virtual economies. By providing the tools they have, BTCC empowers these creators to legitimate their content.

Game worth & content creation Sandbox games, like Minecraft, square measure the foremost fashionable games on-line. mistreatment BTCC Coin we’ll promote a culture of passion, collaboration, and pride by giving players a lot of management over their

game content. Players that feel valued can keep returning, and increase revenue and engagement for publishers and content manufacturers.

BitCoin Crown adopts BTCC Coin BTCC is unambiguously positioned within the virtual merchandise market to market and establish a Cryptocurrency. we tend to provide gamers, communities and game creators prime quality tools for monetizing their recreation world.

BTCC can develop tools that change game publishers, game servers, and communities to manage virtual merchandise and in-game things across multiple platforms. monetisation mistreatment BTCC Coin are a key focus with strong options and toolsets provided. nice advantages are gained by utilizing a localized platform and also the supporting frameworks.

Benefits for Communities

● Gamify your web site and mobile community with custom BTCC Coins

● Increase user participation and contribution on forums and walls.

● automatize rewards and setup a range of condition based mostly triggers.

● holdfast your community rewards with in-game merchandise on servers or games.

Benefits for Game Publishers / Content Creators

● produce new tokens to represent virtual currencies, game items, or privileges.

● produce associated manage virtual merchandise programmatically or via an app.

● produce time restricted or subscription based mostly virtual merchandise.

● Mint non-fungible things or special edition things.

● Setup a virtual merchandise store.

● Run a localized payment entry with no middle-man.

● clear transactions. Setup reports and commission systems.

● No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellations.

● lowest fees for blockchain transactions and no commission fees.

● ASCII text file suite of genus Apis and SDKs for each fashionable platform and engine.

● sensible wallets that facilitate straightforward automatic payments from users.

● simply setup a website and mobile community with full virtual merchandise integration.

Benefits for Gamers

● purchase & sell things with no risk of fraud.

● Trade between recreation things from completely different games mistreatment Bancor for liquidity

● Take your currency with you across any community or game and retain worth.

● Own valuable currency and rare things that may ne’er be alienated.

● Use BTCC’s marketplace and social network to seek out and trade game things.

● Earn BTCC coins enjoying games.

● Convert custom virtual merchandise directly back to BTCC Coins and retain worth.

● Earn coins by collaborating in communities and posting on forums.

● purchase in-game things on thousands of game servers and games that support BTCC.

● Prove possession of things by showing them off in web site widgets.

BTCC Token Allocation

solely seventy Million BTCC tokens can ever be created. Among them twenty Million are send as bonus tokens. The BTCC tokens square measure meant to be allotted as follows:

60% (30,000,000) to be oversubscribed by BTCC to Crowdsale purchasers minus any bonuses applied within the Crowdsale amount.

20% (10,000,000) reserved by the corporate to incentivize community, beta testers, selling and strategic partners.

20% (10,000,000) to be distributed by the corporate to the BTCC Coin Team and Advisors.

Unsold Tokens & Team Vesting

● Any unsold tokens in Crowdsale are burned.

● Team tokens square measure bolted for the primary half dozen months, and can be unconditional over a amount of twenty four months total. Team members are transferred twenty fifth of their tokens once half dozen months, so twelve.5% each three months afterwards. The team list could also be updated throughout the twenty four month vesting amount.

● consultant tokens square measure bolted for two months and distributed totally.

Crowdsale begin and finish Date

The crowdsale can begin at five a.m. PDT quarter day, 2018 (the “Launch Date”) and finish at 11:59 p.m. PDT on April thirty, 2018 or once oversubscribed out.


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