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Over a period of thirty years, video games have evolved from Pac Man to photorealistic, massively populated, three-dimensional environments. Adolescents become involved with online virtual communities (tribes, guilds, groups) and play games on a daily basis with people they have never seen in ‘real’ life. Large online games provide a virtual environment in which they have fun and can freely experiment with different identities, speak other languages, and form new social connections at the same time.

Nowadays, games have developed beyond simple concepts such as ‘eat-the-yellow-dots’ in Pac Man. Gaming now includes sophisticated persistent virtual worlds (World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings Online, Guild Wars, competitive team-based online shooting games (Counterstrike, Team Fortress 2), and multi-user real-time strategy games (Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3). These changes are largely driven by the rapid developments in computing power and internet access, as well as by the declining costs of consumer electronics. As a result of increased availability, more people are playing games; however, some individuals seem to be playing more as well. A 2008 press release by the market research group NPD states that:

“…of the 174 million gamers who personally play games on PC/Mac or video game systems, three percent are Extreme Gamers”

(NPD, 2008). Extreme gamers play an average of 45 hours per week. A press release by the same rm two years later stated that this percentage had increased. In 2010 the NPD group reported that the group of extreme gamers had grown to four percent, emphasizing that “…extreme gamers spend two full days per week playing video games” (NPD, 2010).

Bitcoin Crown will be the largest gaming community creation platform online:

● 250,000 gaming communities across thousands of games worldwide

● 20 million registered gamers

● Launched in 2017, based in UK

● 70M global views per month

● Gaming focused Content Management System and Forum creator

● Millions of USD per month in virtual goods sales across BTCC community stores

Bitcoin Crown is introducing BTCC a new cryptocurrency (ERC-20 Token) and smart contract platform that gives game developers, content creators and gaming communities the required cryptobacked value and tools for implementing and managing virtual goods. The Bitcoin Crown platform will have full support for these tokens in the next 6 months.

Bitcoin Crown will develop a powerful framework of open-source software development kits (SDKs), wallets, game plugins, virtual item management apps and a payment gateway platform.

Benefits for Communities

● Gamify your website and mobile community with custom BTCC Coins

● Increase user participation and contribution on forums and walls.

● Automate rewards and setup a variety of condition based triggers.

● Tie-in your community rewards with in-game goods on servers or games.

Benefits for Game Publishers / Content Creators

● Create new tokens to represent virtual currencies, game items, or privileges.

● Create and manage virtual goods programmatically or via an app.

● Create time limited or subscription based virtual goods.

● Mint non-fungible items or special edition items.

● Setup a virtual goods store.

● Run a decentralized payment gateway with no middle-man.

● Transparent transactions. Setup reports and commission systems.

● No fraud, chargebacks, or cancellations.

● Minimal fees for blockchain transactions and no commission fees.

● Open-source suite of APIs and SDKs for every popular platform and engine.

● Smart wallets that facilitate easy automatic payments from users.

● Easily setup a site and mobile community with full virtual goods integration.

Benefits for Gamers

● Buy & sell items with no risk of fraud.

● Trade between gaming items from different games using Bancor for liquidity

● Take your currency with you across any community or game and retain value.

● Own valuable currency and rare items that can never be taken away.

● Use BTCC’s marketplace and social network to find and trade game items.

● Earn BTCC coins playing games.

● Convert custom virtual goods directly back to BTCC Coins and retain value.

● Earn coins by participating in communities and posting on forums.

● Buy in-game items on thousands of game servers and games that support BTCC.

● Prove ownership of items by showing them off in website widgets.


● Virtual Goods on the Blockchain

A decentralized platform to manage, distribute, and trade virtual goods. Giving Gamers and content creators a new model of virtual ownership.

● The first easy to use Gaming Cryptocurrency

BTCC Coin is the first cryptocurrency with an authentic purpose for online gamers. Earn and trade virtual goods in the most popular gaming community creation platform online.

● SDKs for the Game Industry

BTCC Coin platform is made for the game industry. SDKs for multiple languages, wallets and payment platforms will be available and completely open-source.

● A new gaming experience with real ownership & value

Online gamers can bring or trade their assets from game to game, community to community, growing their digital wallet with real value as they play.

● A solution to Fraud & High Fees

For every legitimate virtual item purchase 75% items are lost to fraud. BTCC Coin minted Tokens will create trust and security with minimal transaction fees.

Backed by Communities & Creators

● Millions of engaged gamers

BTCC’s millions of highly engaged users socialize and work together to create unique communities, game content, and virtual economies. By providing the tools they need, BTCC empowers these creators to monetize their content.

● Game value & content creation

Sandbox games, such as Minecraft, are the most popular games online. Using BTCC Coin we will promote a culture of passion, collaboration, and pride by giving players more control over their

game content. Players that feel valued will keep coming back, and increase revenue and engagement for publishers and content makers.

● BitCoin Crown adopts BTCC Coin

BTCC is uniquely positioned in the virtual goods market to promote and establish a Cryptocurrency. We give gamers, communities and game creators high quality tools for monetizing their gaming world.


● Payment Fraud

It is estimated that for every legitimate virtual purchase made, there are 75% virtual items lost to fraud, Assets stored and managed online can be open to manipulation or chargebacks. Merchants have to deal with extra burdens, and scammers damage the game’s reputation.

● High Fees and Slow Transactions

Game publishers and communities rely on third-party platforms to process virtual goods transactions. Gamers encounter slowness, opaque fund flow, and high transaction fees.

● Lack of True Ownership & Rarity

Virtual items are, in-essence, licensed to the gamer and are often only available for use on their proprietary platforms. At times they can be manipulated, lost, or taken back with little recourse for the user. Genuine transparency is missing.

● Locked in and Centralized

Digital items and currencies are usually locked to a single game and not transferable. Trading items outside of the game environment is cumbersome and difficult. If a player gets banned, they can lose all of their items and currency.

● No open standards

There are currently no widely-accepted standards for decentralized currencies and assets in games. The user experience is often an afterthought, so users don’t know what to expect.

● Expensive & time-consuming

Developing a platform for managing virtual goods is time-consuming and costly. The complexity of managing a virtual economy on proprietary infrastructure delays time to market. Security concerns introduce a further set of difficulties.

● Lack of value gamification

Value based gamification features are lacking in content management systems and forum software. Users do not get rewarded in real world value for participation or contribution.


BTCC will develop tools that enable game publishers, game servers, and communities to manage virtual goods and in-game items across multiple platforms. Monetization using BTCC Coin will be a key focus with robust features and toolsets provided. Great benefits will be gained by utilizing a decentralized platform and the supporting frameworks.

Token Sale


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April 2018 BTCC Token Crowdsale

Q2 2018 Core Smart Contracts Platform API Mobile Smart Wallet (Core features) Minecraft Plugin Java SDK

Q3 2018 C# SDK Unity SDK Unturned Plugin Mobile Smart Wallet Updates PC Smart Wallet BTCC Store Modules BTCC Automations BTCC Forum Integration Token Manager

Q4 2018 Unreal Development Kit iOS Swift SDK Android SDK Virtual Item Trading System PHP SDK

Q1 2019 BTCC Mobile App Payment Gateway Contract Payment Gateway Framework

Q2 2019 Subscriptions TopList Contract & UI BTCC Coin Community App



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