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The gaming industry is one of the industries that is springing forth at a very fast rate with high incomes reaching US$108.9BN in 2017 and projected US$128.5BN by 2020. Playing games has experienced a massive growth along the years, that is from being played locally to being played online by users from different parts of the world.

The world in which we find ourselves in is a dark one full of bad situations that happen to people. The gaming industry is off no exception as there are several draw backs in this industry which is impeding the progress of this wonderful industry. Below are a few of these problems in the industry:
Plagiarism: some people work very hard to come up with great ideas, initiatives and ideas but most of the time some bad people among the human race who like to earn without working always take advantage of the technological world and steal the project of people. It is so heartbreaking to find out that someone develop a game software and another person also picks up this same idea and project it unto a different platform without acknowledging the real software developer. It would not have been that bad if this person was to give reference to the actual developer of the gaming software because after all who would not like to have his project publicized on other platforms.
Failing to acknowledge the efforts of gamers in participating in any programme held. Just as teachers can not do without their students so will game developers cannot do without the patronage of their users. Game developers will not earn a penny if consumers decide not to patronage their products. But it is so disheartening that most of the time game developers fail to acknowledge the efforts of these consumers in promoting their projects for them.


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Bitcoin Crown will develop and put in place the necessary mechanisms and tools that will be needed in curbing the above identified problems and more. These tools and strategies are going to serve the community, game developers, the customers. With the use of Minecraft user-base, BTCC have a unique chance of getting more customers to come unto its platform. Below is how far the virtual goods market is faring. From the image below it is very obvious that the market is very promising and investors can be rest assured they are investing into something very huge.
Technology has advanced in so many ways that Bitcoin Crown has developed a mobile app that will allow users to interact with each other and exchange information when necessary.


There will be an automatic reward system which is going to reward the efforts of punctual and hardworking customers on the platform.
Also, game developers can use this opportunity to increase the number of gamers they might have on their platform.
Issues of risk of fraud is going to be a thing of the past since there are not going to be any middle men or intermediaries to facilitate transactions between software developers and users on the platform.
The blockchain and the smart contract technology are well-known for its high level of transparency and so with the use of this technology transactions on the gaming platform are going to be transparent.


Six months after the Crowd Sale, coins will be slowly released into the system approximately to about 30,000 verified gaming communities on BTCC.
Members of the community will be allowed to use the coins and this will result in increasing demands of the BTCC coins. Another way with which Bitcoin Crown will distribute BTCC coins is by partnering with game developers and popular game servers of 20,000 players to share BTCC Coins as part of tournament prizes etc.


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BTCC Coin and virtual assets will be deploy as a standard ERC 20 tokens on Ethereum network. Several smart contract will also be used in the sales of the tokens. For example; Top List Contract, Smart Wallet Contract, Subscription Contract etc.

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About 70 Million BTCC tokens will be created in general and amongst this 70 million only 20 mllion will be send as bonus tokens.
60% (30,000,000) to be sold by BTCC to Crowdsale purchasers nimus any bonuses applied in the Crowdsale period
20% (10,000,000) reserved by the company to incentivize community, beta testers and strategic partners.
20% again will be distributed by the Company to the BTCC Coin Team and Advisors
Any unsold tokens during the Crowdsale wll be burned. 25% of the allocated tokens for team members will e transferred to team members after 6 months and then 12.5% will be released every 3 months afterward.
The Crowdsale will beging at 5 a.m PDT March 25, 2018 and end at 11:59 pm PDT on April 30, 2018 or when sold out. Investors who would like to participate in the token sale during the Crowd Sale should follow this link for further and detailed information.

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Funds generated during the crowdsale are going to be used solely for the development, promotion, and growth of BTCC Coin Platform.

50% will be used in the development and operational costs of all technology involving the project such as smart contract wallets, game plugins, APIs, SDKs, BTCC Coin-related updates etc. This money will also cover hiring additional full-time developers and consultants to accelerate development so that the project goes as planned.

Marketing and Growth
30% of the budget will be used constantly for relentless promotion of BTCC to gamers on multiple target countries. This could also be used for video and in-game advertising.

Total security is going to be provided to every member on the platfom. Issues concerning APIs, smart contracts, PC wallets etc.

BTCC will acquire the needed legal advice to always ensure that the operations on the platform are in agreement to laws and regulations.

Hosting & Infrastructure and Contingency
A minimum of 5 years will be used in the expansion of web servers to prevent future drawbacks. An amount of money of a substantial amount will also be set aside for unforeseen circumstances.


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The dream and aspirations of this project cannot be realized without the efforts certain hardworking and enthusiastic people. This team is made up of people who have experiences in software engineering, marketing, blockchain technologies and business operations.










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