What is Bitcomo? Bitcomo is a decentralized affiliate marketing network. The new paradigm provided by blockchain technology is ideal for online advertising, for it enables companies to better analyze the data collected from web users. This gives them the opportunity to precisely target audiences on a large scale at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing tools.

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Bitcomo is designed to help businesses reduce their advertising costs while increasing their impact. Not only do we know how to use blockchain technology to its full potential, but we have developed an infrastructure that will make the process as smooth as possible for businesses. We have concluded that the fairest funding model for creating the Bitcomo network is a crowdsale in the form of an ICO.

Our goal is to create an affiliate marketing network which is completely impervious to ad fraud and payout problems. Bitcomo’s business model is anchored by blockchain technology and the immutable proof and transparency this provides. This ensures the security of each user’s data, whilst simplifying the interactions between them.

The Bitcomo affiliate marketing CPA network is wholly performance-based. This means that advertisers pay only when they see results and internet marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer acquired through their own marketing efforts.

How the Bitcomo Ad Network Works

The main goal of performance marketing is lead generation i.e. creating a stream of incoming requests from potential customers. This principle is implemented in the CPA (Cost Per Action) model which tends to be the most popular with advertisers because its fees are performance-based. Bitcomo is an ICO company taking an innovative approach to affiliate marketing in enabling any advertiser, including ICO and pre-ICO companies, to become part of its pay per action model.

The use of the blockchain enables us to simplify much of the administrative work and to dramatically reduced its associated costs thanks to smart contracts. This allows us to automate the entire process and enables participants to analyze their leads. All of the data pertaining to leads is kept in the blockchain’s nodes. Any advertiser who sets up a node can mine transactions in real time and track them. This principle was developed as an antifraud solution and is designed with a view to enhancing trust among network members.

An advertiser who decides to promote their products using our affiliate network can perform product integration simply by providing the link with a postback script. The target actions may include product purchase, website registration and other variables depending on their requirements. Thus, we work with advertisers and publishers alike on a Cost Per Action basis. Bitcomo is the guarantor of the integrity and transparency of all transactions performed on its network.

How Bitcomo Uses DAO Technologies

Bitcomo encapsulates two innovative concepts: on the one hand, it is a network for ICO and pre-ICO projects, which offers fixed price payments for specific user actions towards an advertised product (product, registration, deposit). On the other hand, it is a network that enables publishers to advertise anything from anywhere in the world in accordance with the demands and preferences of their target audience and the nature of their traffic.

Bitcomo does not follow the traditional centralized business model, which we believe to be outdated and ineffective. Our affiliate network forms a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). This is a radically new approach based on blockchain technology which disprupts the normal power structure and system of governance. Bitcomo is a self-sufficient community of advertisers and publishers where users can interact and conduct their business without the involvement of centralized forces. Instead of a Board of Directors, Presidents and Vice Presidents, Bitcomo has token holders.

DAO technology is focused on smart contracts and value rather than people and roles. Thanks to this, the flexibility and agility of the platform increases significantly, promoting innovation.

The Issues Bitcomo Helps Solve

The adoption of a number of innovative technologies allows Bitcomo to avoid the common problems that afflict internet marketing and other CPA networks. For a long time, the greatest challenge digital marketers faced was showing ads to their targeted audience rather than to everyone. Improved targeting would increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize the marketing budget.

Late payments and unpaid debts have been among the most common problems to beset affiliate marketing since its inception. Many approaches have been tried to resolve this, but none of them satisfy both sides (publishers and advertisers). Bitcomo resolves this by implementing instant payments and verified smart contracts on the one hand and holding the budget of affiliate program merchants (advertisers) in escrow on the other.

Obtaining maximum efficiency and transparency for both sides was the primary objective in creating Bitcomo. This objective was achieved by using the blockchain-based solution offered by smart contracts where users can track every click and every action taken by a potential client. This approach almost completely eliminates the possibility of fraud.

Bitcomo is the solution, where Affiliates run ads only to a specific audience that is interested in purchasing the advertised product or service. At Bitcomo, we know our clients very well; they are top publishers with vast experience.

Token Bitcomo

We solved the problem of speed in the BlockChain! In future Internet marketing will be in eco-system where all transactions are done with tokens. In the structure of the Bitcomo is the token “BM”.

It’s Utility token and it’s used to pay for the leads by the advertiser and as payout to affiliates. Bitcomo affiliate network isn’t programmed to accept any other currency. The BM tokens also will be listed on all the popular exchanges.

Internal store of our token
Holders of Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies will be able to use the services Bitcomo through the automatic converting of the popular cryptocurrencies in BM through one of the partnership exchanges at any time inside the token store on our platform.

Bitcomo is the fruit of teamwork, which works with professional managers, developers, consultants, marketing professionals who are experienced and experienced in their respective fields. Who strives to provide their best capabilities in this project.

The Bitcomo team is a group of experienced professionals and crypto enthusiasts whose primary purpose is to promote the use of cryptocurrency, making it simple, fast and secure. Analyzing the market situation and making the conclusion that long transaction and confirmation times, as well as the high exchange cost and complexity of the whole process in the market make it more difficult to use blockchain assets for businesses and individuals.



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