Bitcomo is a decentralized offshoot advertising system. The new worldview gave by blockchain innovation is perfect for web based promoting, bitcomo empowers organizations for the betterment of the information gathered from web clients by examining them. This gives bitcomo the chance to correctly target gatherings of people on an expansive scale at a much lower cost contrasted with conventional promoting instruments. Bitcomo is subsidiary promoting CPA organize and is entirely execution based. This implies promoters pay just when they get results and web advertisers are remunerated for each guest or client obtained through their own showcasing endeavors. The technique boosts furthermore, rewards distributers and promoters alike. We will probably make a member advertising system which is totally impenetrable to promotion extortion and payout issues. Bitcomo’s plan of action is tied down by blockchain innovation furthermore, the permanent evidence and straightforwardness this gives. This guarantees the security of each client’s information, while improving the associations between them. Blockchain additionally disposes of pointless go-betweens between an organization and its intended interest group. With less advances connecting publicists and their potential customers, organizations can contribute their publicizing spending plan all the more carefully and beneficially. Some portion of the up and coming age of CPA systems, Bitcomo is intended to enable organizations to decrease their publicizing costs while expanding their effect. Not exclusively do we know how to utilize blockchain innovation to its maximum capacity, yet we have built up a foundation that will make the procedure as smooth as feasible for organizations. BM Tokens can be spent on a publicizing effort or sold. The reception of various creative innovations enables Bitcomo to maintain a strategic distance from the normal issues that harrow web showcasing and other CPA systems. For quite a while, the most prominent test computerized advertisers confronted was demonstrating promotions to their focused on crowd rather than to everybody. Enhanced focusing on would expand the viability of promoting crusades and improve the promoting spending plan. Bitcomo, know it customers extremely well; they are top distributers with huge experience. There KYC(“Know-Your-Client”)procedures guarantee that they comprehend our accomplices – organizations and clients – and have sufficient data about them. Bitcomo distributers utilize their data assets and mechanical information to focus on their items and administrations to the correct gathering of people. Bitcomo is, where Affiliates run promotions just to a particular group of onlookers that is keen on acquiring the publicized item or administration. Late installments and unpaid obligations have been among the most widely recognized issues to plague subsidiary promoting since its initiation.

Many approaches have been tried to resolve this, but none of them satisfy both sides (publishers and advertisers).
Bitcomo resolves this by implementing instant payments and verified smart contracts on the one hand and holding the budget of affiliate program merchants (advertisers) in escrow on the other.

This process was achieved by using the blockchain-based solution offered by smart contracts where users can track every click and every action taken by a potential client.

A smart contract is essentially a tamper-proof digital agreement where a publisher and advertiser can define their commercial relationship.

The main currency within the Bitcomo network is BM token, which will be based on Waves and Ethereum smart contracts.

Tokens are the means by which the ad network is secured. The number of BM tokens issued will correlate with the level of goods and services produced by these assets.

The possibilities for using tokens within the Bitcomo network and beyond will evolve with the growth and development of the project itself.

Bitcomo aims to make this kind of marketing as transparent, effective and secure as possible. Our affiliate marketing network will form a platform that brings advertisers and publishers together to form mutually beneficial relationships. Using the power of blockchain technology, Bitcomo will guarantee the protection of such interactions and eliminate possible, making for a fairer, more efficient and more profitable advertising network.
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