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The Internet is an entire network of interconnected computers using the global standard Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol Suite (TCP / IP) system as a packet switching communication protocol to serve billions of users worldwide. In the website, there must be advertisement d top or bottom column which is internet marketing. In line with this, an ICO project named Bitcomo is a decentralized affiliate marketing network.

The CPA Network is a fully performance-based Bitcomo affiliate marketing. This means that advertisers only pay when they see the results and internet marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer earned through their own marketing efforts. This method provides incentives and rewards publishers and advertisers.

The CPA network is an ideal solution to solve endemic problems. This affiliate marketing network is one where both parties are interested in the quality of the ads because the advertiser only pays the publisher in case of a conversion.
As such, publishers have an interest in generating quality traffic that will lead to an increase in client sales. The creation of such a symbiotic relationship eliminates the desire to commit fraud on behalf of all entities. This format assumes mutually beneficial cooperation, in which each party gets what they want in return for observing the required set of rules.


The safest method to work with a CPA network is a profit-sharing model by which the partner receives the percentage of profit generated for the advertiser. However, the publisher’s award is directly dependent on the advertiser’s honesty and the credibility of the sales data they provide. Therefore, an ICO project called Bitcomo emerged. The adoption of a number of innovative technologies allows Bitcomo to avoid the common problems that afflict internet marketing and other CLA networks. For a long time, the biggest challenge facing digital marketers is to show ads to targeted audiences rather than to everyone. Enhanced targeting will improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and optimize your marketing budget. At Bitcomo, the client is a top publisher with extensive experience.

The KYC (Know-Your-Client) procedure ensures that understanding partners – companies and users – and has sufficient information about them. Publishers use their information resources and technological knowledge to target their products and services to the right audience. Bitcomo is the solution, where Affiliates run ads only to specific audiences interested in purchasing the advertised product or service.

Overdue payments and unpaid debts have become one of the most common affiliate marketing issues since the beginning. Many approaches have been attempted to resolve this, but neither of them satisfies both parties (publishers and advertisers). Bitcomo decides this by applying for instant payments and verified smart contracts on the one hand and holding the affiliate program merchant (advertiser) budgets in escrow on the other.

Gaining maximum efficiency and transparency for both parties is a key goal in creating Bitcomo. This goal is achieved by using a blockchain based solution offered by smart contracts where users can track every click and every action performed by a potential client. This approach almost completely eliminates the possibility of cheating. In addition, smart contracts allow for flexibility when it comes to the types of legal contracts used in traditional affiliate marketing. Intelligent contracting is basically a tamper-proof digital agreement whereby publishers and advertisers can determine their commercial relationships. Such contracts do not follow the limits and standards, which provide almost unlimited opportunities. In addition, Bitcomo ensures the advertiser’s ability to meet payments. This, combined with smart contracts, makes the deal absolutely secure and transparent.

Our team wants to make the business process as smoother as possible so Bitcomo has introduced a new way of business advertisements and investment to narrow down the chances of potential frauds and insecurities. This business model will help in anchoring the advertisement budgets with blockchain technology for wiser and profitable investments for running ads online to attract maximum number of clients all around the world. It not only helps in cutting off extra expenses but also ensures maximum transparency, allowing direct interactions between the providers and customers. Bitcomo is working on the concept of providing maximum impact with least advertisement costs. Our team is aware of the importance of an advanced business infrastructure which can work with its full potential to allow maximum comfort to all components and participants of the system. Bitcomo has planned an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) event for funding opportunities. The event will help to introduce maximum number of individuals around the globe with the opportunity of becoming a part of Bitcomo platform. BM tokens, purchased during ICO events, will be used for advertisement payment or professional services. (

Bitcomo is designed to provide the solutions of certain issues in existing platforms. We are trying our best to avoid problems affecting the CPA networks and advertisement campaigns. The biggest challenge we are trying to confront is to show the ads to the targeted audience online. This model will help to enhance the effectiveness of the ads run online.
Our hardworking team is working hard to stay one-step ahead of our customers’ needs and for that, Bitcomo knows what is the way forward.



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