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Digital marketing is an effort to promote a brand by using digital media that can reach consumers in a timely, personal, and relevant way. The digital marketing tract includes many of the techniques and practices contained in the internet marketing category. With the Internet’s non-marketing dependency making the digital marketing field combine other key elements such as mobile phones, SMS (text messages sent via mobile phones), displaying banner ads, and digital outside.

Digital marketing also combines psychological, humanist, anthropological, and technological factors that will become new media with large capacity, interactive, and multimedia. The result of a new era of interaction between producers, market intermediaries, and consumers. Digital marketing is being expanded to support corporate services and customer engagement.

Bitcomo is a decentralized affiliate marketing network. The new paradigm provided by Blockchain Technology is ideal for online advertising, as it allows companies to better analyze the data collected from web users. This gives them the opportunity to appropriately target large-scale audiences at a much lower cost than traditional marketing.
Bitcomo affiliate marketing CPA network is fully performance-based. This means that
advertisers only pay when they see results and internet marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer earned through their own marketing efforts. This method gives advertisers and advertisers the same incentives and rewards.
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Explanation TOKEN BM
In the future Internet marketing will be in an eco-system where all transactions are done with tokens. In the Bitcomo structure is a “BM” token.
This is a Utility token and is used to pay for leads by advertisers and as payment to affiliates. Bitcomo affiliate network is not programmed to accept other currencies. The BM Token will also be listed on all popular exchanges. Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies holders will be able to use Bitcomo services via popular crypto automatic conversion in BM through one of the partnership exchanges at any time within the token store on our platform.

Benefits of Using BITCOMO
Leads and traffic within the system can only be purchased for BM tokens
-Token can be easily purchased and sold on platforms, as well as on many exchanges
-Aset of token sales after ICO goes to purcahse of tokens for ET and BTC at store.
Token will grow in price along with the turnover of the system.
-Ad advertiser buys BM tokens to pay for prospects on the Bitcomo platform -The
greater the turnover, the more tokens in the hands of advertisers and affiliates
-Investors and some webmasters will save tokens as an investment
-Pay the small commissions per lead provided (only 5%) . He does not lose money for transactions and conversions. Advertisers are safe from

Webmaster fraudulent activity
Protected from dishonest advertisers. Accept payments immediately, and the cost of remuneration for lead is much higher than in traditional CPA. Have access to statistics that can not be falsified

Network BPA
Protected from loss of traffic and hacking from survivors. Excluded cheats from advertisers and webmasters. No need to retain great manager staff. Payment to the webmaster is done automatically. Working on a secure distributed platform

Blockchain is a clear and elegant anti-fraud solution. Because the entire exchange cycle from publisher to advertiser is transparent, we can track every click and lead (sales, action, goal completion, etc.) and show this process using unchanged and unchanged code in our node.

CPA networks are still the best solution, when smart contracts allow you to monitor activity, including where your traffic comes from and who is converting. Only in a completely transparent system where every click and action can be tracked, both parties have an interest in optimizing marketing opportunities.

BITCOMO explanation via YouTube Video

You can enter into the BITCOMO Wallet and complete the contents of the form that is available with complete, useful to store tokens that have been purchased and wait for ICO is completed to perform the exchange on the Exchange that has been appointed by this company. TOKEN DISTRIBUTION DESCRIPTION – Bounty and Bonus Program: 8% | $ 4 080 000 | 13 600 000 BM.

  • Sales Token: 72% | $ 36 720 000 | 122 400 000 BM
  • Advisor: 9% | $ 4 590 000 | 15 300 000 BM
  • Team: 11% | $ 5 610 000 | 18.7 million BM

During PRE-ICO will be sold 27.2 million Token BM – in Total Total $ 8 160,000

  • 50% of BM Tokens ($ 4 080 000), 13.6 million BM will be sold with a bonus 25% for Initial Investment,
    with the number of total 3 060 002 BM Token and that is $ 918 0000
  • Others 50% of BM Token ($ 4 080,000), 13 600,000 BM will be sold with a 10% Bonus for Initial Investment, with a total of 1 360 000 BM Tokens and that $ 408 000

During the ICO will be for sale 108 800 000 BM Token – Total Amount $ 32 640 000

  • 30% of BM Tokens ($ 8 812 000), 29 376 000 BM will be sold with a 20% Bonus for Early Investment, totaling 5 875 200 BM Token and the price of $ 1 762 400
  • the last 70% of BM Tokens ($ 22 848 000) 76 160,000 BM will be sold without Bonus for Initial Investment.
    For more detailed information about the project trip being worked on by BITCOMO you should also visit and read Whitepaper to understand and may also be interested in making a capital investment and get a BONUS at the start of Token purchase.
    Or still incomplete if you read the document you can also join the social media and interact directly with the Working Team on this ongoing project.
  • Hence, envisage a platform created on the basis of applicable derivatives and a systematic technology algorithmic process for all user benefits. it uniquely makes the Bitcomo transactions unique and essentially feasible. This feasiblity creates wealthy creation, interest rating and functionality of Bitcomo tokens on the blockchain. It makes the user enjoy speedy transactions, privacy of wallet sizes and reliability of secured token growth. it a blockchain crypto coinage token mode designed on the strength of technical innovation. it is a dwelling place of making all users dominants on the advertising market. Blockchain is the new age solution for businesses and the place of new growth in the world economy. There is nothing strong as the blockchain for economic viability. This is the presence of using the decentralized pattern for which Bitcomo adopts and has shaped the place of its sequence for publishers and advertisers. Hence, all users are beneficiaries of the growth, structure and growing trend of Bitcomo profit awe for users. The ownership of coinage is the strength of the Bitcomo user. it is the future and the now of investment. The Bitcomo presale and ICO are to start in November 2017. It also is a time for high purchases for high profiting. it is the weight of progress in advertising. it is the future.
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