In Classic CPA Marketing, the business process consists of a long chain of interactions between the advertiser — the banking operators — the affiliate program — the payment system — the affiliate


Each stage of cooperation accumulates costs, increases the time, the risk of human error, loss of information during transmission

Price efficiency

In the blockchain of the CPA network, the business process is built on smart contracts, excluding time costs, manager error risk and information loss during transmission, and reduces commission for each transaction to a minimum

Time efficiency

In the traditional CPA, the publisher receives payment with a grace period. In Bitcomo payment is made at the smart contract confirmation time

Marketing performance

Blockchain is a clear and elegant anti-fraud solution. Because the entire cycle of exchange from publisher to advertiser is transparent, we can track every click and lead (sale, action, goal completion etc) and display this process using open, immutable code in our nodes.


Pays a small commission per lead provided (5% only). He doesn’t lose money on transactions and conversions. Advertiser is safe from any fraudulent activity


Protected from dishonest advertisers. Receives immediate payments, and the cost of remuneration for the lead is much higher than in the Traditional CPA. Has access to statistics that can not be faked

CPA network

Protected from traffic loss and hacking from ill-wishers. Excluded fraud from both advertisers and webmasters. There is no need to maintain a large staff of managers. Payments to webmasters are made automatically. Works on a secure distributed platform

Token Bitcomo

We solved the problem of speed in the BlockChain!

In future Internet marketing will be in eco-system where all transactions are done with tokens. In the structure of the Bitcomo is the token “BM”.

It’s Utility token and it’s used to pay for the leads by the advertiser and as payout to affiliates. Bitcomo affiliate network isn’t programmed to accept any other currency. The BM tokens also will be listed on all the popular exchanges.

Internal store of our token

Holders of Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrencies will be able to use the services Bitcomo through the automatic converting of the popular cryptocurrencies in BM through one of the partnership exchanges at any time inside the token store on our platform.

BitComo in numbers

Implemented successful projects incude:


Unique visitors


Affiliates and Webmasters


Sales per day


Local Languages in our Team


Employees of media holding, 500 in IT-department


Years of experience in digital marketplace

The value of the BM token and why will it grow in value?

Token converts into different currencies

Leads and traffic inside the system can only be purchased for tokens BM

Tokens can be easily bought and sold on the platform, as well as on many exchanges

Assets from the sale of tokens after ICO go towards purcahse of tokens for ETH and BTC in the store.

The token will grow in price along with the turnover of the system

Advertisers purchase tokens BM to pay for a leads inside the Bitcomo platform

The larger the turnover, the more tokens in the hands of advertisers and affiliates

Investors and some webmasters will keep tokens as an investment


e Bitcomo team has extensive experience in advertising networks and in implementation of large projects in the market


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