BitDraw – Blockchain Based Lottery Platform Supported by AI

What is BitDraw?

The BitDraw Platform is not a Random Lottery Lottery where you have to transfer an ETH number to one wallet and get ETH in Return.

Bitdraw is a project dedicated to creating online lottery platforms using blockchain & AI technology. Our Public ICU is a live broadcast so that everyone will have the opportunity to be part of this incredible lottery platform that was first made use of bully technology. Ok, here you get full details on our official website and whitepaper so we will explain a simpler version.

We also have ERC20 standard tokens. If you have never heard of it, open our website or whitepaper for a detailed explanation. Bitdraw Coin is a token that is based on Ethereum blockchain technology. This is the core asset of the Bitdraw platform. Our tokens must be purchased from registered exchanges to be able to participate in monthly sweepstakes.

So, how does it work? After a successful ICO, we will build a platform where anyone holding our tokens will be able to participate in our monthly lottery. The following 3-step process:

  1. Buy BTDW tokens from exchanges
  2. Register your details on our platform
  3. Choose a lucky number.

Transparency is one of the priorities we prioritize. Participants can see how the back-end system will work and if you are an expert, the source will be available on Github. We also have audits.

So what happened at the end of the month? We allow our AI to do their work and choose the winning number. If your number has been selected, congratulations, AI we will transfer the winning price to the ERC20 compatible wallet that has been registered. Just like that, there are no questions that need to be asked; no validation is required. We also charge a small admin fee. So we can continue to build this platform and build partnerships with extraordinary organizations around the world.

As a potential investor, you will get the following benefits

  • The price of the token is kept very low in the ICO. 1 BTDW = 0.007 ETH. We have discussed with several exchanges to push it according to our roadmap.
  • Investors will get first access to our platform. Means, investors will have the opportunity to participate in the first monthly draw before anyone else, and one of our initial investors will be the winner.
  • When the moon or when Lamborghini will indeedrue.

Token Distributions

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