BITECH: Global Technology Company For Cryptocurrency Minning.

Hi guys! Do you know that In this day and age, there are a considerable amount of approaches to make cash, and with the utilization of modern day advancements, this has turned out to be much less demanding. One such technique is the mining of digital forms of money. This is a sort of mining digital currency. Since the digital money is encryption, as needs be, each coin has its own code. In this way, mining is the way toward unwinding a code by a PC. Lamentably, there are numerous impediments to this exercise. A large portion of this is because of the high prerequisites for gear and high vitality utilization. By now you guys should no that I am a great crypto-curency bounty player. Well for my old viewers I trust by now you guys should no how much of a crypto fan I am, also I am a great crypto-curency bounty player. Now remember how I told you guys that the world is basically ruled by information in this generation, Truth is to who-ever that is going to read this blog now or later, this is one of among all vital information’s ya’ll gotta know about. Cause right now you guys should be aware that it only comes outta no other place than Ricky’s Outlook. Have always monitored crypto-currency news, and today I came across a very attractive project with good cryptopian future. Let me introduce you to one of cryptocurenccy finest project cause you know i always give you the best. BITTECH

Mining is a movement that means to keep up a circulated stage and make new blocks with chances to get new unit rewards and commission charges in different cryptographic forms of money, specifically, bitcoin. require estimations for a similar unit use insurance, and prizes urge individuals to spend figuring force and encouraging group of people activities. Which brings us to BITECH, BITECH has explored in so many areas and came to a situated zone to open a major cryptocurrency data processing center which is called (DPC). and you can find these centers at these various country’s Iceland, Estonia, Canada, and Russia. And BITECH made it possible to make sure that each DPC is a professionally managed platform.


The BITTECH project is a global technology company. The main task is to create favorable conditions for mining and make it legal, simple and reliable to help Individuals and companies not face too many problems. The production is based on ASIC chips with a customized architecture built on the technological process of 10 and 14 nm and the development of software for the produced miners. The BITECH company was founded in 2017 and is developing miners and an affordable global service. The headquarters is at Hong Kong

  • The BITTECH venture is a completely decentralized open cycle framework for advancement, presentation, creation and imaginative mining control hardware based on Bt0 chips with special vitality effectiveness and execution.
  • Bittech One 14 nm miners are unmatched miners in its class, with mining SHA 256 algorithm, 28th capacity and low consumption only 2,200 W. Available for retail since May 2018.
  • BITTECH (BTECH) token is a digital asset that grants you as the holder, the right to buy a new generation of BITTECH miners built in modern 10-14nm chips.
  • Mining is an action whose reason for existing is to keep up a circulated stage and fabricate another square with the chance to get an endowment of another unit and commission costs in different cryptographic forms of money, specifically, bitcoin. require computations for a similar unit use security, and the prizes urge individuals to spend their processing force and encouraging group of people activity.

The benefits of this undertaking is that BITTECH is the best in its class. Clients will have the capacity to gather in the server farm for the administration contract, and additionally interface with the rented line through committed IP.


  • The lack of available infrastructure
  • High cost of equipment and maintenance problems
  • Legislative bans in countries
  • Climatic features in the region of presence
  • High quality equipment with extended warranty
  • Affordable price
  • Quick start, only 24 hours
  • Full legality and legitimacy of the legislation
  • High-class specialists, support 24 hours
  • UPTIME 99.9 % SLA


  • BITTECH One S miner prototype for SHA-256 algorithm on BT0010a chip launched, with a capacity of 36Th / s and consumption of only 2,800W;
  • The BT0014 14nm chip has been developed for the SHA-256 algorithm, which is performance and energy efficiency increase of 20-25% compared chip 16nm competitors.
  • The 10nm BT0010La chip has been developed as a Scrypt algorithm, which is performance 15-20% higher than competitors, and energy efficiency increased by 5-7%;
  • Construction of the establishment of a data center in Russia, Irkutsk region, with a total capacity of 21MW begins.
  • Production series BITTECH One miner for SHA-256 algorithm Chip BT0014 is launched, with a capacity of 28Th / s, and consumption only 2,200 W;

BITECH also have a machine for minners called the BITECH ONE MINNER, this machine helps a lone minner to carryout minning without situating in a large mining farm. the machine is built in different sizes and performs different operations with also different. i’ll show you below



Mining algorithm: SHA 256 Hash Rate:28 TH/s. Power consumption: 2.2-2.3 kW. Chip architecture:14 nm

ADVANTAGES: Best ROI in its class.Possibility of colocation in the BITTECH data center under a service contract

Connection to the miner via dedicated IP

Token BTECH and ICO details

The token owner will have the opportunity to:

Redeem a token on the miner line Bittech at a cost of

redeeming a service contract with a 30% discount

exchanged at Bittech

Token Token Big One: BTECH

PreICO starts on June 20, 2018.

Token fee: 1 BTECH = 1 USD

Bonus is only given during the pre-sale period and will depend on the amount of investment:

from 10,000 $ – 10% of bonus

from 30,000 $ – 20% of bonus

from 50,000 $ – 30% of bonus

from 100000 $ – 40% of bonus

Minimum investment is 100 USD.

Currency received: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum

Soft-cap – $ 1500,000

Hard-cap – $ 5000000

ICO Period: August 20, 2018 – October 20, 2018.

Token fee: 1 BTECH = 1 USD

Minimum investment: 1 token.

Currency received: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum.

Hard Cap: $ 100,000,000

Token distribution and use of funds.


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