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The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these ventures is BitEsprit, a general digital money exchanging arrangement with an incorporated exchange duplicate capacity that encourages the exchange of Bitcoin and Altcoin with fiat cash.

BitEsprit is a general digital money exchanging arrangement with an incorporated exchange duplicate capacity that encourages the exchange of Bitcoin and Altcoin with fiat cash. In case of the trading of all digital currencies with the exchanging accomplice Altcoin-fiat, platinum cards issued by BitEsprit are connected to the client’s adjusts, duplicates, obligation free rundown of ICO tokens and stretched out graphical capacities to reclassify how the business contemplates trading altcoins.

To encourage sharing of benefits earned in fiat, we permit acquiring BitSpirit platinum cards with fiat adjusts from our clients. No compelling reason to go to many separate sites to get all that you require. BitSprit is here to answer all your cryptographic needs.


Our vision is to take out the boundaries of section into altcoin exchanging. To transform this vision into the real world, we devise a duplicate exchanging stage to ensure that all digital money upstarts start their adventure into exchanging with break even with circumstances.


We need a hindrance that keeps Altcoin’s exchanging cooperation from vanishing. All together for this plan to materialize, the working stage of the duplicate is intended to guarantee that all amateurs in the realm of cryptographic money begin their enterprise in the realm of trade with meet openings.


BitEsprit tries to evacuate obstructions to section into the Altcoin exchange biological community for the two merchants and guarantees new ventures that need to pull in consideration. Their trade will help those merchants who battled against the absence of direct access to altcoin, the absence of exchanging aptitudes, unsatisfactory UIs, and risky trades. Likewise, altcoin engineers are additionally encountering difficult issues caused by high commissions for trading new ICO tokens, which will be incorporated into their decision. Along these lines, BitEsprit expects to give break even with chances to these ventures to access liquidity to enable them to develop without presenting themselves to money related boundaries, for example, over the top enlistment expenses. These variables have to some degree influenced all the money dealers’ digital money.


Disintegration of cash trade administrations require not convolute the section of the market, since clients purchase and offer on sites when different locales.

This data originates from eight reasons:

The crumbling of exchange and speculation benefits in cryptographic money.

Exchange Altcoin-fiat is still exceptionally shackled

A great many people who embed altcoin sacks can’t be utilized as a part of medical procedure to succeed

High Contribution Fee for OIC Token

The crumple of the present utilize

Absence of climate

Absence of liquidity

Try not to answer or no Customers

BitSpirit reformed the way we advertise the present cryptographic money, making it the biggest clearinghouse for experienced and beginner merchants.

The BitSpirit stage will highlight more than 100 digital forms of money to exchange against real monetary standards.

With the trade stage, we will encourage exchanging duplicate in the meantime with the buy and offer of straightforward cryptographic money, and this will likewise empower our clients to have their own particular BitSpirit, a charge card issued identified with the trust subsidize from your client account.


BITESPRIT gives the answers for the digital money clients. There are three base monetary forms will be made accessible on the stage at the main stage while a few elective monetary forms are side to the stage in near future. It will conjointly issue an open-end credit associated with each record. This card can encourage inside the disbursal of the digital money inside the genuine needs.

The stage BITESPRIT is created by the group which licenses people to store and pull back order money, exchange a decent shift of digital forms of money, get to account adjust, duplicate elective dealers for benefit and utilize entirely unexpected expository instruments for corporate greed capacities. A few outsider installment arrangements are incorporated into the stage so it ends up simpler for the clients to utilize the stage. There won’t be any charge or expense taken from the new ICOs who need to dispatch their digital currency on the stage.


Trade BitEsprit will contain in excess of 100 crypto variations for exchanging with the principle digital money, and also with the cash fiat and will work in minimal effort, half of which will be paid by the BEC. Trade BitEsprit will encourage exchange duplicates with the buy and offer of basic crypto changes, and will likewise enable clients to have their own particular BitEsprit platinum card connected to money related subsidizes on their client accounts, and will likewise have complex arrangements made in agonizing regions, so everything goes to the entryway clients of BitEsprit in one internet exchanging stage.


To make trading less requesting, BitSprit will make a point to have Altcoin-Fiat sets which makes it less complex for customers to acquire using fiat money related structures like (USD,GBP and EUR) rather than the ordinary BTC or ETH method. Customers on the site will similarly have the ability to trade using BEC which is the ticker picture for BitEsprit.

Customers of this exchange will have no issues in putting away and furthermore pulling back fiat financial norms. Am exchange cost of 0.15% will in like manner be charged. Other fiat money related norms are not overlooked as the joining of these fiat fiscal guidelines will be a dynamic system. For more prominent flexibility, BitEsprit has included PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and China UnionPay as means for portion.

Futhermore, Debit Cards will be flowed to its customers which will be related with their BitEsprit account. This suggests your advantages accumulated can be traded to this card and used for singular trades. You should observe that the card is a MasterCard which suggests that it must be used for trades that support MasterCard.

Connecting with USER INTERFACE (UI)

It’s exceptionally captivating to have extraordinary UI as it helps through courses and exercises. BitEsprit has a better than average UI which guarantees you don’t get lost or jumbled as another customer. This UI is very much worked with tasteful security. You don’t need to worry over direct getting ready or deferment as around million solicitations will be taken care of consistently without experiencing any sort of downtime also. Adaptable Applications, the two iOS and Android application will be made also and open for download for customers. You Speak Russian? You Speak French? Do whatever it takes not to pressure, the application is all around outfitted with a multi-lingual system making it straightforward for people who talk distinctive tongues advantage from having the BitEsprit Application.


BitEѕрrit (BEC), thе ERC20 соmраtiblе tоkеn will be nаtivе to the BitEsprit рlаtfоrm, аnd will hаvе a numbеr of wауѕ in whiсh it саn bе utilized in uѕing thе ѕеrviсеѕ оf the рlаtfоrm. Yоu саn рау 50% of your trading fееѕ in BEC if you enable thiѕ function in your uѕеr profile. This, hоwеvеr, dоеѕ nоt аutоmаtiсаllу apply tо copied trаdеѕ.


Coin: BEC

Platform: ERC 20

CrowdSale Price: 1 BEC = USD 0,85

Minimum investment: 1000 US dollars

Soft cover: US $ 15,000,000

Hard cover: US $ 43,000,000

Pre-Sale Beginning: April 3, 2018

Preliminary price of discounts:

level 1: USD 0.30;

Level 2: USD 0.50;

Level 3: USD 0,65

Receive: ETH, BTC

Minimum investment: USD 1000

Crowdsale Beginning: April 27, 2018

Crowdsale Price: USD 0,85

Minimum investment: USD 50

Country: United Kingdom

White list / KYC: KYC

Forbidden area: United States

Commercial launch: Q4, 2018 est.

Operating profitability: Q2, 2019 est.

Token Distribution and Allocation of Proceeds


Q3 2017

Drafting and teamwork.

The concept of integrated trading solutions was born in correspondence with our market analysis to find the weakness of the cryptocurrency trading ecosystem. Once done, we start recruiting the people we consider most appropriate to contribute to the project.

Q4 2017

Initial development and proof of concept.

The initial work was done to validate our concept. This step is a necessary condition to disclose our project to the public.

First quarter of 2018

Advisory Board and Public Announcements.

Meet an advisory committee, set BitSpirit as a corporate entity and share our project publicly.

Q2 2018

ICO and preparation.

ICO and preparations for major development stages have been completed.

Q3 2018

The main stage of development.

Appropriate engines, user interface designs and mobile applications are being developed in this phase, while defining the conditions appropriate for ISO 27001 and PCI DSS audits to be conducted in subsequent months.

Q4 2018

BitSpirit opens beta and error programs.

Our community will have the opportunity to test our system and be rewarded for finding weak links.

First quarter of 2019

The official launch of BitEsprit Cryptocurrency Exchange.

The official launch of our all-in-one trading solution.

Q2 2019

Debit card issuing and integration of fiat trading pairs.

Launches operations on cryptocurrency against USD, GBP, and EUR, as well as deposit/guardian and launches PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, China UnionPay payment methods. Our users can also start ordering their own BitSpirit debit card.

Q3 2019

The launch of a free mobile app and ICO token referral program.

BitSpirit application launch for mobile on iOS and Android. Successful ICO projects can start the application process in our ICO registration program at no cost.

Q4 2019

BitSpirit online wallet launched.

The final step to make our exchange a complete platform is planned.








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