No doubt the world has come to accept the use of cryptocurrency as it continues to spread like wildfire all across the globe. We have seen lots of individuals and companies adopt its use daily and even some government in different countries has fully adopted the use of cryptocurrency. This clearly shows in years to come, cryptocurrency will become first class citizens of digital economy and one crucial need is providing financial services for this emerging economy so as to fuel cryptocurrency growth.
A group of experts closely analyzed this and formed a team for this purpose coming up with a great and unique idea called BITEX. BITEX will be the first locally embedded crypto bank which will be globally available, providing financial services to the cryptocurrency based digital economy relevant and useful to all local customer bases in all regions it operates. Digital customers will be able to get cryptocurrency-based banking services with Bitex via a licensed technology platform available to local partners.
Bitex aims to make sure its unique solution has a local impact as it believes it can make a huge impact on society by working at the local level making sure those under-served or left out of the current banking system also feel the benefits of this new cryptocurrency-based digital economy. Bitex has some unique crypto-banking services which includes;
• An ERC-20 compatible digital wallet for securely storing a customer’s cryptocurrency balances on a personal mobile device.
• Large scale business-to-business payments
• Personal loans
• Customer care, user experience and governance that is localized
• Ability for using the mobile wallet with a virtual debit card for payments, exchanges and transfers.
• Various point of sale solutions (both hardware and software based) for merchants to accept payments in their local currency from consumers.
• Currency exchanges between the G20 fiat currencies and various popular cryptocurrencies.
In mid-2018, a subset of banking services will be offered to customers in 8 different countries after the launch of Bitex. These countries include Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates with pans for expanding its reach in future. Local partners will operate services that license Bitex platform as a franchise registering with financial authorities in their various countries. Bitex will become the most accessible crypto-banking solution on the market with their local partners who have a broad understanding of local customers and regulators, making available localized applications and customer support.
Over 20, 000 locations throughout the world will have a payment infrastructure based on ATMs and mobile card readers installed as they are being developed for the Bitex platform. APIs will also be offered by Bitex to their platform to allow third party developers create useful, country-specific feautures and applications.
An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is being conducted by Bitex for its utility token and the Bitex Coin symbol is XBX which will use to promote the use of Bitex crypto-banking platform. Services offered by the Bitex platform can be accessed with XBX token. At the end of the Bitex ICO, people can buy XBX token from other XBX token holders either from Bitex exchange or other well-known crypto exchanges.

Bitex crypto-banking platform offers various benefits to both consumers and merchants. For consumers, they get to maintain their own crypto wallets (the Holding wallet) on their mobile devices which enable them to have control over their wallet.
For merchants, they have the benefit of having multiple options for receiving payments via a mobile EZBitexPay app, QR codes, and card readers. BitexPay can be added as a payment option to online merchant’s e-commerce portal. Even simple merchants like the street vendors can use the ubiquitous mobile device as receiving wallet thereby making it unnecessary to have a traditional bank account.
XBX-Token-WhitePaper.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2018-05-22 10.03.35.png

Bitex will develop a platform called EZBitex platform through which all financial transactions will be made possible using Bitex (XBX) token. XBX token is the utility token which gives stakeholders in the Bitex financial ecosystem access to use all services offered by Bitex in its platform. 300, 000, 000 XBX tokens will be available during the Bitex ICO and no tokens will be issued after this. Following after the ICO, XBX token will be listed in EZBitex exchange and other crypto exchanges.

Symbol: XBX
Token name: Bitex coin
Total supply: 300, 000, 000 XBX
Hard-cap: none
Pre-ICO Token price: 0.5$ = 1 XBX
Cost of 1 token XBX: $0.7 to $1.0 at end of token sale.
Terms of token sale: 90 days with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of ICO.
Expanded goals after start of ICO: Impossible
The technical limitation of the number of tokens: 300, 000, 000 XBX
Adjustable emission: tokens remaining unsold after the pre-ICO and ICO phases will be vested in a Bitex company account controlled by a smart contract. The smart contract will be programmed to release each month to the Bitex community 1 2/3 of the total tokens initially held.
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Ether (ETH), CHF, EUR, USD, GBP, DK and SGD and bitcoins (BTC) can be used to purchase XBX tokens.

0.5$ = 1XBX: Pre-ICO sale for 7 weeks
0.7$ = 1XBX: ICO 1st week
0.8$ = 1XBX: ICO 2ND week
0.9$ = 1XBX: ICO 3rd week
1.0$ = 1XBX: ICO 4th week and beyond

34%: over 50K XBX
26%: 49, 999
20%: 9, 999
16%: 4, 999
0%: 999

17%: over 50K XBX
13%: 49, 999
10%: 9. 999
8%: 4, 999
0%: 999

70% – Sold to public
15% – Reserved funding
9% – Founders and Team
3% – Advisors
1.5% – Bounty
1.5% – Campaign
17% – Legal and accounting expenses for expanding to new regions
47% – Ongoing development of all Bitex platforms
13% – Comprehensive marketing campaign material
10% – Recruitment of banking team and expertise in financial industry
5% – Investment in developing Bitex related Apps and platforms for future expansion
8% – Administrative expenses for running Bitex global
Bitex fD.PNG
Q2 2017: Bitex Business project structure constructed
Q3 2017: Company registration and beginning of development. Work on:
Holding Wallet
XBX Token (ERC20 Protocol)
Trading Wallet and EZBitex platform
Mobile App (Android and iOS)
BitexPay and “Powered by Bitex” software kit
Q2 2018: Beta test and launch
EZBitex Platform V 1.0 with Trading wallet, Payment wallet and the Holding Wallet
Mobile App EZBitex
Upgrade of security structure and support center
Q3 2018: EZBitex Platform V 2.0 with BitexPay and Powered by Bitex & savings Wallet.
Bitex B2B and B2C payment platform and BitexPay Merchant App with GPS locator and BitexPay Merchant App Kiosk
Q4 2018: EZBitex Platform V 3.0 with Loan Wallet
BitexPay Module and POS
BitexPay API key develop and bug testing
“Powered by Bitex” card
BitexPay API key release for corporate payments
Q1 2019: EZBitex Platform V 4.0 – API based card and its integration for POS (via Bitex API)
Q2 2019: BitexPay Escrow Account V 5.0 – payment Gateway implementation
Mr. Harith Motoshiromizu – Founder and CEO, Bitex Global
Mr. Nicolas Louis Laurent Berthoz – Co-founder and CTO, Bitex Global
Mr. Junjiro Sato – Co-founder and CIO, Bitex Global & License Co., Owner Japan
Mr. Ryan La France – Co-founder and CFO, Bitex Global & License Co., Owner Philippines
Mr. Yusuke Asai – CPO
Quentin D. – Web Developer
Raphael T. – Blockchain Developer
Security Manager – Undisclosable (Banking Security Developer)
Raj W. – Technical Project Manager
Shashwat G. – Full Stack Developer
Ankur B. – Backend Developer
Gopal T. – Backend Developer
Gunjan G. – iOS Developer
Daljeet S. – Android Developer
Chandan K. – Sr. Java Web Developer
Neha G. – UI/UX Designer
Anuj B. – UI/UX Designer
Himanshu K. – Blockchain Developer
Aditi N. – Quality Analyst
Palak S. – UI Developer
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