Bitfxt is a cryptocurrency exchange which is built for multinational purpose. Bitfxt is a hybrid exchange that deals with both fiat currency and purely crypto but basically focus on the crypto. Even though they are small now, we strongly believe that pure crypto exchanges will be bigger, many times bigger, than fiat based exchanges in the near future. They will play an ever more important role in world of finance and we call this new paradigm Bitfxt; Bitcoin – Forex technology. With your help, Bitfxt will build a world-class crypto exchange, powering the future of crypto finance. Bitfxt is an IT firm that develops valuable blockchain software. We aim to bring the “blockchain” closer to the people by building interactive, easy-to-use decentralized solutions that will be easily accessible to anyone.

The Bitfxt Project believes that decentralized digital currencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, will fundamentally change how the world sees and uses money. Cheaper, faster and more secure transactions; more privacy and freedom; significantly better user experience; and ultimately, more equality by providing access to the same financial system, regardless of who or where they are, wherever they are in the world.

Peer-to-Peer Transactions: Bitfxt exchange engine is directly person to person and completely transparent
Borderless Payments: Our wallet is borderless and global. It can be used by anyone across the globe to make and recieve payments.
Strong Security: We are CFID insured. We are hack proof and we follow the best industry security practices.
Easy funding: You can easily fund your account with your fiat currency using credit card or direct bank transfer
Wallet: Trade, exchange, recieve, send and store bitcoin all in one app
VAULT MINING: You can mine BXT coin using our coin vault. It is highly profitable and easy to mine.

Name: BITFXT token
Symbol: bxt
Decimal Number: 8
Total offer: 20.000.000
Total delivery: 14.000.000
Min. Attendance: 0.01 ETH
Soft cover: 2,000 ETH
Hard border: 5,000 ETH
Accepted BTC, ETH and LTC
Investors should purchase the BXT tokens in four stages within the initial service. once every new section starts, the worth can increase. Investors can receive BXT instantly at the time of purchase. For a lot of data, you’ll be able to raise queries that square measure of interest to you within the technical documentation of the project and within the forum or project chat telegrams.

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