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Since computers have become a family asset, the accompanying games are always fun, ranging from simple to complex, via the ugly to the beautiful, in the game, you can be anyone, whatever, you are everywhere, anytime and satisfy all the things unwanted weight. brain imagine. The game has always evolved over the years, and the fertile ground is never short of newcomers. Until one day, the game not only as entertainment, many people consider it as a job, for example: streamer, youtuber, there are that generate income by selling goods in games etc they connect the community,

spread diffusion to others, all they will have existed for that reason are an important part of cyberspace. But nothing is perfect, money creates greed, hackers exploit weaknesses in sport to gain ill-gotten advantage, fraudsters steal money from the righteous, even publishers also sell their exclusive package of goods, llayers have no real rights over in-game assets, because all these assets stored on the business’ servers, and possess full discretion. Games are often furnished by region and by machine. This, in turn, reduces interaction among gamers, most national games end up being integrate multiple payment platforms from different regions.


By using blockchain technology, BitGuild is an apartment, where all game developers can be there, developing their ingenuity, incorporating it into the BitGuild system and receiving patronage and utility. .

In accessory for the basic benefits that developers make to traditional systems, they’ll combine comparable thing blockchain to make a better interactive field.

If using technical terms, it’s tough to communicate with you, I’ll use an example: You play games, you have good stuff but avoid using them, you wish to sell to be able to others we can only sell to people there.the game is very much like you, your vehicle an informal exchange in hopes of getting cash, the risk is fraud. But on a blochchain system, your property will be tokenized, and wholly owned by the fighter. They are free from what they have want their own collections, including select cards, sell duplicates, and trade with other devices. And now I think you know, right !!! With the added bonus of having the ability to freely exchange their virtual goods in their spare time, without limitation imposed on developers and publishers along with a view to maximizing commission rates. at the expense of a top notch game construction.

BitGuild fixes this by tokenizing each asset that a player earns or buys. If they purchased a card it would be tokenized and it will forever be linked for them via the blockchain. The graphical representation of that card could be obtainable in the game it was purchased for but BitGuild will require that all assets be transferable to any game on the platform.

This will mean that if you earned an enchanted chest armor in one game that you’d be able to utilize its equivalent in another. This alone is mindblowing.

BitGuild received a very positive feedback from professional community and rating from rating brokers. The team consists of cryptocurrency and gaming veterans assure of experience building international large-scale gaming platforms and communities.


The ICO BitGuild project was designed to implement blockchain technology to eliminate current gaming industry weak spot. Thanks to blockchain technology, Bitguild wants lower payment costs, reduce fraud and increase player interaction. The BitGuild ecosystem is estimated to associated with six main components:

GAME: It is a platform that allows Bitguild companies to play to release games. For games posted on the platform, developers will spend PLAT taxes.

WALLET: The Bitguild wallet lets users save PLAT, ETH and also other ERC20, and also the assets will displayed under PLAT, along with expected wallet support for some game digital assets.

MARKET PLACE: This can be a trading platform that allows gamers in order to change digital assets, traded on PLAT, which is to be free of charge.

COMMUNITY: Bitguild game community will be international, not cramped here.

TRANSACTION: promptly and convenient

DESIGN HOUSE: This exactly where developers solve their capital shortage. Developers can propose a game production plan and recommend to everyone to request a safe, secure city.

Token Sale

45% of PLAT tokens will be sold in the initial PLAT token sell. The token sale will be composed of personal round and pre-ICO round for strategic and institutional invester followed by a public offering. Tokens sold your private and pre-ICO rounds will be discounted but subject to certain lockup limits. Tokens will be transmitted contributors within 30 times of the completion of the auction.

Name of the token: PLAT

Token type: ERC 20

Target hardcap: $ 27.8 million

Selling presale: $ 12 million (15% bonus)

Total supply: 10 billion

Price token: 80,000 PLAT / ETH

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