if you are interested in joining the BITHEMOTH project, it’s a good idea to read reviews that can help you get information that might help you in seeing their vision and mission, because it’s important to understand accuracy in reviews so you don’t hesitate in investing.

Our platform usability combines a number of new features that are dedicated to enhancing the experience of our exchange users. NOT Only Technology features behind Our Revolutionary exchanges, IT will also be optimized for reviews Being user friendly. This will support new individuals entering the Crypto Market, while providing many features to accommodate the needs of cryptocurrency investors who turn pale experienced.


1. We are the all-in-one Blockchain Asset Solution.
2. Determination is what we strive for.
3. Useful both as a short term and long term investment.
Bithemoth exchange was created using 3 Main Main pillars; Accessibility  ,  Usability  and  Profitability  .

Created by a mixture of beginner entrepreneurs and experienced investors, Bithemoth combines the experience of his team to review crypto exchanges that include ALL that will filter how the cryptocurrency currency is traded. Our platform will combine several new features to differentiate itself from previous exchanges, and establish itself in the crypto market. Leveraging on the diversity of our team, we create a strong and strong exchange that will not only meet the needs of investors under traditional control, but also will simplify the process, even allowing individual non-technology to start trading.

Platform Speed

Another problem that we will discuss is the current exchange rate. Some investors have complained about the speed of snails that are exchanged for currency, which results in heavy losses.
In view of the above, we are a future examination of our exchanges to ensure scalability and speed. We will achieve this by establishing a strong foundation for the platform to grow. This will ensure that the exchange will be able to maintain efficiency if there is a surge in user registration. In addition, we will also assign a support team that will be charged
 responsibility for resolving user questions and complaints in the shortest possible time.

Customer service

The biggest challenge faced by investors in the crypto market is the problem of customer service and support. The challenges range from unresponsive support teams to rude staff members. From our visibility study, we found that there was never an exchange with a world class support team.
At Bithemoth, we place value on the investor trading experience, which is why we maintain a pleasant trading environment. We realize that having a world class support team cannot be over emphasized.
To face this challenge, we will employ top-class customer service experts to work in our customer service units. These experts will be adequately trained and certified to handle customer questions and complaints. We will create a task point to train and maintain our customer service team, and the costs will be borne by Bithemoth. This training will harmonize the superior standards of our exchange with the interpersonal skills of our staff members. That’s not all, we will only choose the best candidates for jobs to reduce the waiting time that users will get a response from us. After the user reports a problem, our customer service will respond to the complaint as soon as possible humanely. Trading experience is the priority of the Bithemoth team and we are motivated to gather the best support team.


Project Vision
September 2017
Creation Team
October 2017
Development begins
December 2017
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Beta launch
Q3 2018
Full Exchange Release
Q4 2018
Global Marketing Campaign
Q3 2018
Launch of Cellular Application
Q4 2018
Patent and Product License
Q4 2018
Market Implementation
Estimated Q1 2019
Hardware Wallet Integration
Estimated Q4 2019
Brick and Mortar Store
Estimated Q4 2019

Team Experience

Members of the Bithemoth platform are premium level experts in the financial sector and related fields. Our vision is to build a successful business in this space and to create a solid bridge that will connect the digital asset ecosystem with existing institutions. Blockchain technology will undoubtedly introduce a paradigm shift in the way business is done, however, we will leave business needs missed in the blockchain space when implementing basic business ethics to develop user applications. According to Dr. Garrick Hileman, during the benchmark study of global cryptocurrency at the University of Cambridge in 2017, “Cryptocurrency will not be useful when it is at a close distance, but with the effort to connect the bridge, it can be used to improve the economy.”  We align ourselves with Dr. Garrick’s position  which is why we paraded leading professionals to build this bridge.  Bithemoth plans to improve the existing fintech space rather than start from scratch with a view to integrating traditional brokerage services into the economic growth of digital assets and proven blockchain platforms.
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