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When Bitcoin first started to take off, many millionaires were made. The buzz on the street started and a lot of investors thought they could be one of these new millionaires basically overnight. Tales spread of investors, sometimes as young as teenagers, who threw merely 500 dollars at some unheard of digital asset and held on tight during the rocket ship ride until they were on easy street. As awareness grew, people began to realize the roller-coaster nature of the cryptocurrency markets.

Many cryptocurrency experts and pundits think the “overnight” millionaire stage of cryptocurrency’s development may be over; however, there are still projects out there that are early in development and high in promise both in terms of technology, and use cases and future adoption that could offer amazing short term returns. While the Altcoin market is littered with scams and so called “vaporware” coins that offer no use, there are still great options for investors who do their due diligence when it comes to research. Furthermore, a mature investor with their processes and goals laid out properly will understand the true meaning of “short-term” and “long-term”, and knows that it is foolish to expect an exponential return in a matter of days.

2019, the year of the utility token?

So far in 2018 the cryptocurrency markets have been mostly bearish. Altcoins have taken an even harder hit than Bitcoin has, but experts remain optimistic that the market will return to all time highs sooner rather than later.

Many of these experts have predicted that utility tokens will take a leap to the forefront in 2019. The belief is that many dApp developers have been working hard on their projects and platforms over the past several years as blockchain has been picking up steam. And in the next year many of these ventures will culminate in useful working products.

Exchange tokens are some of the best options for crypto investors on the short-term or going long, and are great examples of utility tokens that could breakout in the next year. As the crypto space grows and blockchain technology becomes ingrained in society, many of the the useless coins out there will fade away as the top coins and tokens settle in to their niche areas and the public becomes comfortable with their use. The most widely used coins and tokens will always need places to be bought, sold, and traded so the exchanges that meet people’s needs will remain important economic hubs with potentially wildly valuable utility tokens.

There have been great examples of exchange tokens with a meteoric rises due to the sheer popularity of the exchange itself. Bithemoth’s plan is to be one of the most used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world by offering above and beyond customer service along with expert trading features, and an ICO incubator to promote the growth of possibly world changing projects. BHM, Bithemoth’s token, will have a total supply of 200,000,000, and an initial price of 0.22 EUR, both of which are similar to the supply and price of other exchange tokens that have taken off. But what will separate Bithemoth and the BHM token from its competitors is decentralization and the ease of use that the new exchange will bring to the table.

Providing an easy entry point is another area that Bithemoth is focusing on. The team at Bithemoth is turning over every stone in their quest to give users the smoothest experience possible when entering the crypto market. Another exciting feature the exchange plans to roll out that will separate Bithemoth from its predecessors is its intention to develop brick and mortar locations to provide face-to-face, in person support for traders who may be acclimating to the the crypto world.

By giving support to its users and removing any sense of intimidation with live in-person help at convenient locations, Bithemoth will welcome boards of newcomers into the cryptocurrency world.

Bithemoth intends to bring several features that aren’t yet available anywhere else. These features will attract new cryptocurrency investors and keep them in them in the space by informing them and helping them learn how to use these new applications in their everyday lives.

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