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This company from Israel has a very good business, indeed all companies want to be a dream for some people. Quite often they will make various efforts to create all the best possibilities for their efforts. One of them is this project which has a good strategy to market their products. Well actually there are many projects out there that are good, but this project has a very different advantage that you can use to invest in long periods, therefore I will discuss in broad outline how the project works …

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The Best Company in all countries is not a figment, if community satisfaction can continue to be maintained, so that emotionally they will become loyal investors. Investor loyalty will have a positive impact on companies that want to continue to grow. The values ​​obtained by investors from companies that provide the best service will be given a positive word of mouth, both through oral, and through existing media. The increasingly massive use of the internet with the presence of smart communication devices that are always connected (online) to cyberspace will have an impact on the development of this company.

The increasingly practical middle class, will find a lot of information from the internet, which means that the use of search engines like Google will be even greater. Thus, the company’s strategy is to make investors interested in using services and investing in long periods. This is one of the right steps if you join us.

As an established company, this company is one of the pride of the whole world. Achievements have been achieved and the international level obtained by this company shows that potential deserves to be “the best company in the whole world”.

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Today, the company’s industry is increasing and continuing to exceed expectations quickly, according to international companies, the global market is expected to reach $ 150 billion by 2018, driven by creativity in other smart devices. revenue is expected to produce high product quality on tablets and smart phones.

This amount will increase revenues in 2018, which is reported to reach around $ 200 billion and will continue to increase by 8.2% from 2016-2020. Based on this growth, revenue is expected to reach $ 250 billion by 2020 with a very significant significant increase.

What is Bitjob?

BitJob is an ambitious and social project, based on Blockchain technology. Aimed at revolutionizing the way students make a living and gain occupational experience while still studying. bitJob will give students the opportunity to receive immediate payment for their abilities from professional employers and to sharpen their skills while enriching their dynamic résumé, anytime & anywhere!


Students face two main problems: they’re short on cash during their academic period & they lack occupational experience once they graduate.


bitJob will enable students to stop procrastinating and convert their free time to a fast and stable income, while enriching their portfolio and online résumé.


bitJob unites the benefits of micro-gigs and freelancers bidding sites with Blockchain technology, to become the first Hybrid Blockchain Project to allow Employers and Students P2P collaboration.


bitJob is a Semi-Decentralized platform, using both centralized payment methods (fiat money) and decentralized digital crypto currency, developed on Ethereum Smart Contracts.

Always transparent & Protected.

bitJob has been designed by professionals. Its backbone of a decentralized ledger and multiple security levels guarantee transparency and openness at all stages of bitJob marketplace transactions, between students, freelancers, & employers.

Reputation participants will have reputation assigned to them, to enable them to access remuneration appropriate to their skill level. The better the individual’s reputation, based on previous bitJobs, the higher the price they will be able to command for an hour’s work.


bitJob is unique because of its awesome team, backers, and partners. We have signed several build agreements with Universities, Employers & student unions

Every care is taken to provide incentive to the students to increase their reputation and maintain it at the highest level.

Affiliate Plan

We’re launching our affiliate marketing plan for spreading the word around the world,

In order to reach as many students as possible, we’ve came up with a wonderful reward program that will provide our partners with referee rewards and future dividends.


Students reputation and gained experience will be registered on our patent-pending “DPR” , a Dynamic Portfolio Résumé that will be placed on a personal domain name and will be adopted by the labor market and future employers.

Don’t forget to watch about bitjob on the youtube channel

Use Social-Mining to Stream the Income You Need. Chase your dreams, move towards self-fulfillment. Get Started!

Social Mining

By using our smart contracts, you can track and manage the Rewards that members receive from positive social actions within the bitJob ecosystem.

  • Earn digital currency for
  • Actions as simple as
  • Sharing bitJob on your
  • Facebook page.

We all agree that money equals time. Your time is precious, and now you can invest more in yourself. Spare time allows you to dare, to chase your passion, and realize your purpose. Money isn’t the goal, it gives you the means to reap the fruits of your self-investment.

bitJob’s technology merges the benefits of micro-gigs and freelancer-centric bidding sites with Ethereum Blockchain, creating the first Hybrid Blockchain Project that allows for peer-to-peer connection with employers and students.


– A student looking to provide services online connects to the marketplace, chooses from the list of professional jobs for relevant work, provides quality delivery, and receives immediate payment

– Affiliate program: students’ unions will receive a commission from each transaction their students engage in

– The platform will generate revenue through fees applied to both service providers and service consumers

– Ownership and subsequent locking of certain number (e.g. 5000 coins when purchased during bitJob Contributors Campaigns) of tokens exempts users from all future bitJob economy fees

Technical Info

Technical details: Platform will be a hybrid of two architectural paradigms: • Centralized client server architecture, which is used in the majority of online applications • Decentralized version of client server architecture that uses blockchain technology The source code: The code is partially available on Github Proof of developer: Public team

bitJob Roadmap

Nov 2016


Dec 2016


Feb 2017

Whitepaper & Site

July 2017

Pre-sale announcements

Sep 2017

ICO Crowdsale

Oct 2017

Disbursement & Exchange listings

Nov 2017

Private Beta

Q1 2018

Beta public release

Q1 2018

Open platform for developers

Q2 2018

Launch & Further Dev

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