BitJob – a decentralized student p2p marketplace for short online time jobs

BitJob is a completely new project that is waiting for us in the world of cryptocurrency. First of all, it is aimed at students who experience difficulties with work, and with money in general. Thanks to the BitJob project, students will be able to get a job, and get a decent, timely salary without delay and other problems related to work or payments. BitJob will be the first Hybrid Blockchain project to collaborate with employers and P2P students. BitJob is built in a decentralized form using blocking, but it also uses traditional payment gateways, such as cash. This is very good, because it has great opportunities not only for cryptocurrency, but also for those who have no experience in cryptocurrency and will most likely pay in cash.

The interface of the site for the selection of vacancies looks very interesting, so pick up a job will have no difficulty. More details can be found by clicking on the link:

The BitJob platform will use markers that are compatible with ERC 20, built on the ethereum network, and the token will be called STU. Below is a map of the project. 
Project Roadmap

At the head of this project are four people:

In addition to them, the team includes 11 more people: the developer ethereum, a lawyer, the developer blockchain, managers, consultants, and other specialists.

The team also plans to hold pre-ICO 02.08.2017. While holding a full-fledged ICO is scheduled for September 2017. The maximum number of allocated STU tokens is 100,000,000, and the exchange of 1 ethereum to crowdsale will bring you 1000 STU tokens.

All information about the project, you can easily find on the website:

More details about the project can be found on the forum:

And to get acquainted with all the technical documentation and details, you can follow the link:

You can also subscribe to BitJob in your social. networks:

Slack: /
Forum BitcoinTalk:

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