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Hi friends still with me Ade Pryoga. This time I will provide information about the project, which is very interesting for you to see, in cryptocurrency on bitJob . Before starting the discussion, I think that we all agree that the blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage distribution and continue to grow in the future.

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BitJob will use the blockchain technology in the global student community. Blockchain technology can destroy and overcome all limitations, but we all understand that this requires intelligent consumer education. Promoting the education needed to improve decentralization and freedom of choice begins today, through the next generation of the labor market.

What is a bitjob?

bitJob is the first freelance platform to become a hybrid of two

A centralized client-server architecture that is used in most online applications.

Decentralized version of client-server architecture using blockchain technology.

Their purpose

The goal is to speed up and accelerate the adoption of ideas on crowdfunding and platforms by users. Although the decentralization paradigm is the ultimate goal, the slow adoption of blockchain technology should be temporarily replaced by a solution that is already well known and acceptable to the average Internet user. Internet users now expect online services to be fast, with an intuitive interface that can be accessed via mobile devices. This determines our approach to providing two technologies at the same time. With the adoption of platforms and new developments in blockchain technology, users can easily switch to more decentralized solutions. After users familiarize themselves with the platform and its implementation will be satisfactory,

Investment in the project at the initial stage will be activated through two cars.

  • Regular crowdfunding, accepts paper currencies.
  • Affiliate campaigns in which tokens will be purchased for digital currency. This will require the business to exist as two organizations from a legal point of view. Bitjob will facilitate the provision of free services through online platforms. Participants offering services (most often they can be sent via the Internet) will register in the system (as a “service provider”) and offer their readiness to work in a domain that is classified by platform. Participants who are looking for a particular service will register as “service consumers” and will contact “service providers” through the search function, or will enter requests for services that can be found by “service providers”. Bidding for services and setting up service requests will give participants the opportunity to interact and find mutual agreements regardless of

The platform will provide a mechanism to ensure that, based on the agreement, sufficient money will be kept for escrow so that service providers always get paid if there are no problems with the provision of their services, in which case the platform will offer a method for resolving conflicts. Users will be able to rank each other, so irrational or unreasonable rankings cannot last for a long time. Users who collect negative ratings may receive a higher fee. This platform will generate revenue through fees charged to service providers and service consumers.


We fell in love with the blockchain in 2011, after the first acquaintance and investment in Bitcoin. When Ethereum appeared in the world, we realized that this is what we were waiting for. The idea of ​​bitJob arose in our time, when we were students, when we enjoyed lawns at faculty meetings — and we needed quick money. After we finished our studies and entered the labor market, we faced the most painful problems that were not solved properly: the students received diplomas and began their careers with zero experience, having spent time at work that did not contribute to their professional resume. As managers, we are faced with another obvious need: employers find it difficult to recruit skilled temporary workers within the budget, and most of them (80%) do not recruit students. Our solution is to connect students with employers for small jobs on the Internet so that they can continue to specialize in relevant professions. For us, as entrepreneurs, who want to influence the world, help students and promote blockchain technologies – this is the embodiment of our dream.

Platform bitJob – Token usage stream

  • When a user downloads the bitJob application, they will first be asked to confirm the data and make sure that they provide a valid / newest student number registered with an educational organization, college or university. After successful registration, a unique deposit address in the Ethereum network will be created for them, which will be used to exchange tokens on the bitJob platform. Beginners who want to use the services of other students should receive / receive several tokens.This can be achieved by directly posting the Ether to the newly created address or by using the Minting actions as outlined below. The employer will not be able to hire available service providers and / or communicate with other participants until they have enough tokens on their account to be able to purchase the minimum amount of services set by the service provider. Service providers will be able to view feedback provided by other service providers in connection with member search services, and
  • After reaching an agreement between the service provider and the person seeking services, the minimum value of the token required to pay for the service will be blocked (stored in escrow). The minimum amount will be determined by the service provider.Participants can engage service providers through a hiring or direct bidding process. The platform will process the offer and determine the bidder according to the rules established by the platform and the parties involved.
  • In addition to PayPal payment solutions, this platform will use tokens to measure the cost of services provided, and the platform will operate on the Ethereum public network. The fees for transactions with tokens will be minimal, because currency exchanges will not occur, and bank notes or banks will not be involved. For PayPal or other illegal solutions, fees apply, usually provided by this network. Users can save their income on the platform and exchange their income for services provided by other members. The system will offer prizes such as interest for participants who decide to keep their income on the platform. A number of tokens will be mined in exchange for long-term locking of their income in the system. In short, ordinary users will be able to invest in the platform.
  • Users can still spend / transfer tokens blocked on the platform. at

As an additional feature, participants will be able to provide their tokens to other participants for interest, effectively allowing this platform to become a P2P loan facility. This will increase the liquidity of the platform, since the tokens will remain in the system, and it will also increase the attractiveness of the platform for participants with higher abilities to receive new tokens, since they will have an incentive to store the tokens they produce in the system for a longer period platform growth will also benefit from this. Stakeholders will also be rewarded by allowing them to use their stakes in the organization as the right to elect them in the module of liquidity democracy, which will be used to select questions regarding the future platform.

Print Tokens / STU

Platform participants will be able to receive tokens due to the profitable activity of the platform.

  • It helps to register new members who provide services or use the services of other members, which will lead to the creation of new tokens that will be credited to the account. Give an assessment of the reputation of another participant, which will lead to the creation of a new token, which will be credited to the account of the participant who provides feedback.
  • Terlibat Dalam activitas de jaringan yang menghasilkan pembayaran pertukaran, yang akan meben token bar dalam yan akan disetorkan ke ke aun peniedia laianan.
  • Offer support to other participants, navigate them through the system and help them expand their presence on the platform.
  • Offer help to the community by supporting the creation of new options and participating in future improvements to the platform.
  • Start a community forum and provide answers to common questions.
  • Examine the participant’s platform activities and analyze the legality / legitimacy of their services.
  • Participate in conflict resolution by collecting facts and helping determine whether there has been a violation of rules or negligence in the process.

Fiat-to-crypto fees

To use our platform, users must have a cryptocurrency before use. The costs associated with buying and selling cryptocurrencies, as well as limited opportunities to exchange fiat money for cryptocurrency and returns can limit success.

Our business model. Only users who have an idea of ​​the world of cryptography can become the initial users of our system. The cost savings of using our network can be questioned if we take into account the exchange costs that must be incurred to enter and exit our platform.

As mentioned earlier in this document, the concept of bitJob is to provide incentives to all players in the ecosystem, so they prefer to use STU rather than Fiat money. We will overcome this by offering several Win-Win solutions. For example, new users who want to exchange Fiat money for STU to use it in the market will not pay Fiat-to-Crypto Fees. bitJob will absorb this board. If the user wants to take money from the STU ecosystem and exchange it for Fiat money, the user will pay a commission himself.

Here is what I can explain for this short article: if you want to see more clearly, you can see the official link I gave below:

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