Bitjob: Future of online jobs With Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain Technology is the latest Technology of Current Technology system,
Blockchain Technology has the potential to disrupt and control all boundaries; BITJOB Platform is the smart contract that resides in the Blockchain Ethereum network, BITJOB aimed to make students able earn their income while learning and not only income, BITJOB platform is prioritized for part time jobs students will able to get job with great experience, BITJOB will give students the bridge to receive payment for the skills, BITJOB is the first decentralized platform for short-term online jobs powered by Cryptographic Token, STU Tokens will be used for paying to students.

bitJob has been built in a decentralized way, using Blockchain as the main working principle, based on Ethereum smart- contract platform, but at the same time, keeping in mind the traditional gateways of payment such as cash. The idea is a revolutionary one, for, it brings about a wave of new opportunities, that is savvy and for those that are not so experienced with crypto and would prefer paying in cash. Ethereum allows to avoid any third party interference, like that of server administrators.

The platform employs ERC 20 compatible tokens, which have been built on the Ethereum network. Token here will be called STU. BitJob is said to deploy Blockchain technology in the global student community. The reason they intend on using the Blockchain technology is that it has the potential to disrupt and overcome all boundaries. Keeping in mind the fact that smart education is necessary for consumers today, in order for this to happen. Promoting the education and knowledge that one needs to implement decentralization and the freedom of choice,begins today-through the next generation of labour market.

Bitjob remains a unique platform that help students who are still studying. This innovative and upgraded marketplace gives students the opportunity to find short-term jobs with ease. Gaining work experience while studying is one of the great advantages for using this platform. On this amazing marketplace, prospective project requesters will pay students for their effort, time and skills. It is another great avenue for students to brush up and upgrade their professional resumes. Due to the technology that runs this platform, it is categorized under smart-contracts marketplace. The service of server administrators may be restricted because the platform is operated on the Ethereum technology.

Bitjob is a unique marketplace for students because of a plethora of reasons. It is a transparent and trustworthy platform. The authentication and verification process of this marketplace remains powerful. Students can verify their identity on this platform with ease. Bitjob has been able to build and maintain a good reputation because of its unique style of operation. There are affiliates fees distribution processes on this platform. In fact payments can be in micro-transactions and students also have the opportunity to vote when using this platform.

If you participate in job activities on this platform, you’ve the opportunity to receive a token. As the premier hybrid freelancing service emanating from two concepts, students can be sure to get the solution they deserve. The platform operates basically on two phases. The hybrid or partly decentralized phase will give students the opportunity to participate in the crowdfunding environment. With the hybrid phase, users will be paid through cryptocurrency and traditional payment systems. The complete decentralized or second phase on this marketplace will help users have access to communicate via the blockchain channel. Students can make real cash by using the mint cryptocurrency method while employers can as well pay by adopting the same mode.

Here are some useful links to pick up a vault of priceless information regarding Anything to do with BITJOB and the Technology and Masterminds behind this ambitious project. There is also a generous bounty program in place for early adopters and crypto enthusiasts to help promote this platform .








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