The serious problems that need urgent actions

Around the world, 1.3 billion people lack access to electricity. In Latin America, fewer than 1 out of 10 people do not have access to electricity. 23.2 million of 466.1 million people do not have electricity URUGUAY Haiti remains a regional outlier, with only 29 percent of its population — mostly concentrated in and around its capital, Port-au-Prince — having access. Haitians who have electricity receive power an average of five to nine hours per day.

The global warming forces us to come up with a new energy paradigm based on alternative sources that are less dependent on fossil fuels.

Facing this scenario, Latin America must face a triple challenge:

  • Achieve security of supply
  • Equity in the access to energy services
  • Environmental sustainability

BitLumens is the hero to help people who are living in the dark to access to the solar power electricty to improve the quality of life and head for a sustainable development future.

BitLumens – the solution

BitLumens is a blockchain-based company registered in Switzerland with the aim to bring solar power and water to far-off places with the application of Internet of Things (IoT). BitLumens provides environmental and social transformation for people in need and provide MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) in Latin Ameria.

BitLumens is led by Veronica Garcia (CEO and Founder) who has experience as an investment consultant.

BitLumens’ goal

BitLumens’ goal is to create both good ROI in finance and measurable environment and social influence. BitLumens gathers KYC data (Know Your Customer data) for each customer while providing access to electricity and water worth renewable resources. BitLumens targets at providing solar energy in remote villages and hence contributes to reduce the emission of CO2 and health hazards, displacing kerosene lamps, disel generators, plastic, biomass and biofuels as lighting source, increasing customer savings, proliferating financial inclusion and in some cases providing employment.

BitLumens offers a digital platform which can be distributed, managed by consensus and off grid smart energy solutions in low resource households. With those purposes, BitLumens will contribute to the development of UN SDGs, especially Gender Equality and Climate Action, Sustainable Cities and Communities, Affordable and Clean Energy, Good Health and Well-being.

With the application of clean technologies to provide electric power, BitLumens is helping people in rural areas have a way to improve and their quality of life and businesses.

How Does BitLumens Work?

BitLumens brings to users an eco-friendly IoT devices to supply energy and water to unbanked places which do not have a power grid. The hardware and collect the payments will be installed by the agents of BitLumens.

The company will use the application to collect information about the consumption of each user and know how much to charge for each one of the team.

The company has already started its first pilot program and its mobile app in beta phase. There is a second pilot test scheduled for the end of the first half of the year. The rest of the improvements made by the company will be mostly made until the end of 2018.


BitLumens distributes solar power devices in areas without a power-grid and connects them to the blockchain. By applying those devices, people build up credit scores. Banks can access the data by using BitLumens tokens (symbol: BLS) and use it to issue microcredits to those who urgently need them.

The BLS tokens will be used to access and use BitLumens’ software. The BLS tokens are based on ERC20 standard powered by Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are utility-based which allows the villagers to pay the installments of their solar power device and enables the banks to access the BitLumens SaaS (Software as a Service). In addition, family members use the BLS tokens to send remittances.

Because of the fact that most villagers who live in rural areas do not have internet access to pay for the Solar Home Systems in a digital way, BitLumens employs agents to collect the payments in cash and buy a corresponding amount of BLS tokens from the open market. The BLS will then be uniquely associated with the solar power device.

The ICO will terminate early, if an equivalent USD 25 million have been raised. This amount corresponds to the projected funding and investment needs for a period of 3 years.

The total supply of tokens is capped to 50,000,000, with the smallest available denomination being 0.0001. The detailed allocation of BLS among the various stakeholders is shown in Table 6. 25% of the tokens will be initially held by Bitlumens in order to provide liquidity to the secondary market.

Why will BitLumens become a disruptive project?

– BitLumens opens the era of data

The devices form microgrids in places with no existing infrastructure. BitLumens’ innovative software collects data and sends it to the blockchain. People can decide to make this data available to banks for microcredits and other financial services. Banks will gain access to over one billion people in need of a bank account.

– BitLumens provides access to power energy to increase the quality of life

The devices produce clean, zero-emission electricity and have an immediate impact on the quality of people’s lives. In the future, the devices can be interconnected to form micro power-grids in places without electricity, allowing people to trade energy within their communities.

– BitLumens embraces the security

The devices can be locked when users get in arrears with their monthly installments. This provides the necessary security for issuing micro-credits. On the other hand, users have full control over their data. Only they decide who can access and use it.

– BLS Tokens of BitLumens will have a high liquidity:

Because everyone who participants in BitLumens ecosystem will need to buy BLS from the open market in order to access to their software and power generation ecosystem, the demand for BLS will increase as the business scales. Therefore, The BLS Tokens will have a high liquidity. Investment in BitLumens is definitely a great choice because it approachs the sustainable development for each individual in the world.


To sum it up, аs а pаrt of our review, we see strong potentiаl in this ICO. The concept of the project is very useful and potentiаlly very profitаble. The site’s design looks good and all of the information are provided transparently and with many details. Going by their strong team and extensive roadmap on the website, BitLumens definitely does not seem like a short term project, it is worth investing both from short аnd long-term perspectives

The sooner you will support the project by buying its tokens, the better price you mаy expect аlong with bonuses. So far, the platform looks promising with all the required areas covered. However, we advise you to invest carefully as there is no 100% guarantee on success. Also, the security market may sound a bit risky for some new investors.

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