Bitmillex – Secure Cryptocurrency Exchange in the World
Bitmillex ICO

Bitmillex ICO – Bitmillex markets itself because the next-generation platform for the cryptocurrency, giving a great deal additional services than existing exchanges presently do. The team behind Bitmillex area unit about to be the foremost complete and secure crypto exchange within the world. Bitmillex can build security a priority and deliver a broader variety of investment and trade choices.

The team behind Bitmillex includes cybersecurity specialists, veteran traders, and specialists in blockchain money solutions. thanks to the combined backgrounds, the team was able to develop tangible, customizable solutions that meet the stress of assorted investors and traders to make one scheme, not like the rest of the market. Bitmillex is registered within the UK.
Social Commercialism

There area unit 3 main styles of social commercialism out there through Bitmillex. Auto-Trade or Copy Trade lets traders follow any of the site’s prime traders. Once a user follows a merchant, if that prime merchant enters a trade, the copier’s account can mechanically replicate it.

There is additionally a peer-to-peer BTC market that lets traders purchase or sell BTC. On this market, users will utilize PayPal, debit cards, direct account transfers, gift cards, and Western Union, material possession those with a spread of monetary things and preferences trade BTC.

Bitmillex Features

Finally, Bitmillex includes peer-to-peer borrowing and disposal. Traders will build a little of their account’s balance out there for disposal. alternative traders will then borrow this balance to create trades victimization higher balances and increase their profits. Meanwhile, those that lend the funds can receive interest on the loan.

Charting Computer Code

Traders World Health Organization use Bitmillex can notice acquainted charting computer code of the MT4 and MT5 selection. Bitmillex selected to use the improbably common charting computer code offered by metaquotes softwareCorp, that is among the top-ranked and most advanced charting computer code within the world. This helps Bitmillex attractiveness to advanced traders World Health Organization wish to be able to analyze trends and additional while not being too confusing for beginners. The computer code has multiterminal and multiplatform support for more easy use.

Trading Tools

In addition to the elaborate, advanced charts, Bitmillex additionally offers commercialism signals. These area unit fully free and are available from the Bitmillex team of analysts World Health Organization examine elementary and technical knowledge. The commercialism signals also are supported tested trade algorithms. As mentioned, the commercialism signals area unit free, providing you hold BTML tokens. this is often AN exclusive profit for holders of the Bitmillex token.

Trading Solutions

When the cryptocurrency markets become pessimistic, Bitmillex offers 3 specific commercialism choices for its users. they’ll value more highly to swap their BTC to an act currency, like EUR, GBP, or USD. as an alternative, they’ll trade forex majors within the variety of AN possibility. Finally, traders will elect short (sell) trades. The MT4 and MT5 platforms let traders build trades for either “buy” or “sell,” so that they will forever profit notwithstanding the market direction.

Bitmillex doesn’t simply provide commercialism choices for pessimistic markets. there’s additionally margin commercialism via the utilization of MT4 and MT5 commercialism computer code. In optimistic markets, traders should purchase with ease.
Bitmillex Security

The Bitmillex exchange uses cloud-hosted servers that hook up with the safety models that area unit customized hardware. There also are alternative protecting layers in situ, together with AN online: offline magnitude relation maintenance that self-balances. This magnitude relation ensures that no over 2 % of the exchange funds stay online at any moment, with 98 % kept in offline cold wallets for security.

Bitmillex Charge Account Credit

For accessorial convenience, Bitmillex additionally offers a charge account credit to each merchant on the platform. This charge account credit links on to a user’s Bitmillex case. It works a bit like the other charge account credit, delivering instant access to their Bitmillex balance at ATMs or purpose of sale systems around the world.

This charge account credit is somewhat revolutionary because it permits Bitmillex account holders to instantly access their exchange wallet’s balance. to realize this, the cardboard depends on an indefinite quantity method that converts the BTC in accounts to act, therefore it is often used at ATMs or online for payments around the world.

ICO and BTML Tokens

BTML is that the token behind the Bitmillex exchange. This Ethereum-based token contains the most offer of seventy-five million units. throughout the token sale, there’ll be fifty million units offered, divided equally among the pre-ICO and 4 stages. Those fifty million units represent 67 % of the tokens. The remaining 33 % is split up with 20 % getting to the founders and team, 11% to promoting, and a couple of 2 % to the bringing and bounty programs.


The price varies by stage with one BTML price $0.25 within the pre-ICO, $0.35 in Stage one, $0.40 in Stage two, $0.45 in Stage three, and $0.50 in Stage four. The soft cap is about to $1.5 million, whereas the onerous cap is at $10 million.

At the time of writing, the pre-ICO was already completed and Bitmillex had reached the soft cap. there have been still four days left in Stage one of the ICO, giving lots of time for investors to contribute.

Bitmillex client Support

While several cryptocurrency exchanges lack client support, Bitmillex makes it a degree to face enter this respect. Not solely will it provide 24/7 client care, however that care is bilingual to attractiveness to those around the world. Even the white book is out there in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese, additional languages than offered by the typical crypto project.


  • Detail:Bitmillex
  • Token BTML
  • Price 1 BTML = 0.50 USD
  • Bounty Available
  • MVP/Prototype Available
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Accepting ETH, BTC
  • Hard cap 10,000,000 USD
  • Country UK
  • Whitelist/KYC KYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas USA, China




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