Bousy BitNautic Program – Contribution to the network and the opportunity to generate many awards

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Bousy BitNautic Program – Contribution to the network and an opportunity to earn many awards!
To master the marketing strategy in today’s modern world, one must master to ensure as much market depth as possible for the product / service. By doing so, the public knows more about the company, what they propose and how they collaborate with their products and services. This leads to increased word-of-mouth advertising aimed at increasing sales. Since the birth of the digital age, has been a lot of attention on social media marketing. Internet-based practice platform to advance business. For the most   part,   the Bounty program is a basic piece of digital marketing and promotional company.
What is Bounty Program? The word   Bounties   has their relationship from an online gaming platform that rewards them for engaging in the advancement of their games. Bounties were originally an exhilarating reward system offered by organizations to individuals. That means if the company introduces a particular product or service, they offer some rewards to people in exchange for the operation of a particular task. This is a kind of barter trading system where companies reward the public for performing certain simple tasks for them. For many companies, this is an authentic advert way.
In case of cryptocurrency,  bounty  has been a lucrative factor of any ICO campaign. Many foundations usually absorb bounty programs as part of an ICO campaign. At the same time, ICO provides allowance for a number of tasks spread throughout marketing, reporting bugs or even improving aspects of the cryptographic framework.
The reward form is usually present in a cryptococcal token or fiat currency. Space cryptocurrency has proven to be a solid conductive environment for gift programs.
The Bitnautic Bounty Bitnautic   program started the official Bounty Program to reward supporters who helped Bitnautic reach more people on the internet. The program will run until the end of Token Sale. As many as  5% (2.5 million BTNT)  of the total supply of about  50 million BTNT tokens are  reserved for reward campaigns. Token Price:  1 ETH = 500 BTNT
Pre ICO Started on:   March 15, 2018
Pre ICO Ends on:   30 March 2018
Main ICO Started on:   April 15, 2018
ICO Utama Ends on:   June 15, 2018
Total Bounty Pool will be divided as follows:  Participants will be divided into a pool based on their contribution method with each pool that has its own token tokens. The best way to share our gift tokens is to use the “STAKES” system    . Every task you have successfully completed will fetch you certain “bets”, the details of which have been mentioned in the following sections. The bet you collect will make you eligible to get a BitNautic token at the end of the campaign.
Shares to BTNT Convert token (Calculation):
Participants of a specific Bounty campaign will earn a bet every week during the campaign period, and at the end of the prize campaign, the number of each member’s BTNT tokens will be determined using the following formula:
(Total number of allocated campaign funds allocated BTNT tokens / total number of all bets of campaign participants) x Participant Bets
BitNautic  Bounty Campaign Main Information  Total BitNautic token for sale: 50 000 000  Total BitNautic tokens provided for bounty program: 25 00 000 ___________________________________________________________________ 

A) MainStream Media
A number of BTNT tokens allocated to mainstream media gift campaign:  625000 BTNT
The following is a list of mainstream media:
  1. CNBC
  2. Forbes
  3. Reuters
  4. Business people
  5. Financial Magnet
  6. Financial time
  7. First post
  8. Inc. 42 Media
  9. Control money
  10. Investopedia
  11. Indian time
  12. Economic Times
  13. Financial Express
  14. NYtimes
  16. Economist
  17. Bloomberg
Shares for Main Stream Publications:
  1. Articles on Each of the websites listed above = 500 Bets
  2. Articles on other websites with traffic
    5M + = 300 Bets
    1M + = 200 Bets
    500k + = 100 Bets
Mainstream Media campaign rules:
  1. Users with negative trusts are not eligible for reward campaigns.
  2. Spam is strictly prohibited Users who find spam will soon be disqualified and reported permanently, reported to moderator, and banned from bounty campaigns.
  3. Content must be original. Duplicate content will be disqualified from the campaign.
  4. Your post must include at least 2 links to the official website and, ICO BitNautic page, BitNautic social media or other articles about the Platform.
  5. Make sure you have a full understanding of the BitNautic platform. Please read Biteprint Platform Whitepaper first – you can find it on our official site (  )
  6. Maximum of 2 articles / blogs allowed in one week.
Join Base Mainstream BitNautic Media Base:
B) Social Network
Social Media Bounty Allocation:  
Bounty Campaign Facebook  100000 BTNT
Campaign Bounty Twitter:  50000 BTNT
LinkedIN Bounty campaign:  50000 BTNT Campaign
Medium Bounty:   75000  BTNT  campaign
Telegram Bounty:   100000 BTNT Campaign
Reddit Bounty:   75000 BTNT
YouTube Campaign  Bounty:   50000 BTNT
1.   Facebook
Facebook Bounty campaign – Jumlah total Token – 100000
Facebook reward campaign rules:
  a.  Only one Facebook account per person is allowed.
b.  A bitcointalk account with a negative trust is not eligible.
c.  Your Facebook account must have at least 200 true followers.
d.  Your Facebook account must have at least 80% of true followers.
e.  You must like and post at least 7 posts from our Facebook account: 
 f.  You should write 5 Facebook posts about BitNautic, including #bitnautic hashtag. Only 1 post per day will be counted.
g.  The writing should be in English. You should report your post and post it on the bounty page every week.
h.  Facebook reporting should be done in new posts, and not added to existing posts.
link to your post about BitNautic Reposts: link to your reposts from the official post of BitNautic account Facebook
Facebook gift tokens will be distributed proportionally among participants of the BitNautic Facebook promotional program according to the number of bets received.
To Join the BitNautic Facebook Bills Bills:
2. Twitter
Twitter Bounty Campaign – The total number of  
campaign reward rules
Token – 50000  Twitter:  a.  Only one Twitter account per person is allowed.
b.  Your Twitter account must have at least 500 true followers.
c.  Your Twitter account must have at least 85% of true followers.
d.  You should retweet at least 7 tweets from our Twitter account: 
 e.  You must create 5 tweets about bitnautic, including #bitnautic hashtag.
Only 1 Tweet per day will be counted.
f.  Tweet should be in English. You have to post your tweets and retweet you in the bidesy campaig thread every week.
g.  Twitter reporting should be done in new posts, and not added to existing posts.
  Link to your tweets about bitnautika
Link to retweet from official twitter account bitnautic
Bounty Reward:
 – 2 Stake / 1 Tweet tentang Bitnautic
To Join BitNautic Twitter FORM AID:
3. Linkedin
A number of BTNT tokens allocated to the LinkedIn Bounty campaign:   50000 BTNT
LinkedIn gift campaign rules  :
A. Only one LinkedIn account per person is allowed. 
b. Your LinkedIn Account must have at least 200 true followers.
c.  Your LinkedIn account must have an original followers of 85%.
d.  You must post at least 7 posts from our LinkedIn account: @ bitnautic-official
e.  You must create 5 posts about bitnautic, including #bitnautic hashtag. Only 2 posts per day will be counted.
f.  The writing should be in English. You must add your posts and reposts in the thread of the prize campaign every week.
Must follow the official LinkedIn page
Link to your post about BitNautic
Reposting :
Link to your repost from official LinkedIn BitNautic account post
Bounty  :
a.  2 Bets / 1 Post about BitNautic
b.  2 Stakes / 1 Like & Repost from your LinkedIn account account BitNautic
To Join Boolean BithNautic BNA List:
4. Medium
Bounty campaign – Total Token – 75000
Medium reward campaign rule  :
  1. Your Medium account must be original. No fake accounts, bots, or dead accounts.
  2. Your account is at least 5 followers and it should be active and organized.
  3. Your account must be open as a Public Profile.
  4. The writing should be in English. You must add your posts and reposts in the thread of the prize campaign every week.
link to your post about BitNautic
Reposts  :
link to your repost from your official LinkedIn BitNautic account post
Bounty  :
 a.  2 Bets / 1 Post about BitNautic
 b. 2 Stakes / 1 Like & Repost from your LinkedIn account account BitNautic
Untuk Bergabung dalam Bitrate Bills Medium BitNautic:
5. Telegram
Bounty Telegram Campaign – Total Token – 100000
Telegram gift campaign rule  :
  1. Join our Telegram group –
  2. Join our Telegram Official Channel –
  3. Be active, we value your opinions, comments, your expectations!
  4. Stay with us until the end of the Bounty program.
  5. You must replace your profile photo with the BitNautic logo
Bounty  :
 a.  2 Bets / Members
 b. 1 Share / Participate in Group
To Join Bitrate Bitrate BitNautic Telegram:
6. Reddit  A number of BTNT tokens allocated to the Reddit Bounty campaign:  75000 BTNT
  1. Subscribe to official Reddit BitNautic:
  2. Your account must have at least 50 posts and 200 karma comments.
  3. Posts and comments with negative karma do not qualify.
  4. Posts and comments on r / bitnautic Social will be rewarded up to 3 comments or posts in the same user account.
  5. For posts to be counted, it is necessary to post in the relevant subreddits for ICO, such as r / bitcoin, r / cryptocurrency, r / ethereum, r / ethtrader, etc.
Bounty  :
 a.  1 Bets / Comments
 b. 2 Bets / post or repost
 c. 2 Bets / Upvotes
To Join Bills BitNautic Forms:
7. Youtube  As many BTNT tokens are allocated for the Youtube Bounty campaign:  50000 BTNT
  1. Like and Subscribe to the official BitNautic Youtube Channel:
  2. You must create and send at least 2 videos about BitNautic
  3. Channels must be at least 1 month old
  4. Video must be longer than 2 minutes
  5. The video description should contain a link to
  6. Share your video link via the prize form.
50 taruhan per video
b.  10 taruhan per video sharing
Join the BitNautic Base Knowledge Base:
C) Signature Bounty
A certain number of BTNT tokens allocated for signature gift campaigns:  
Bounty Signature Campaign Rule
  650000 BTNT  :
  During this period you must continue at least 15 Intangible Posts per week to be considered eligible.
2. Your pot should be tailored to the topic, be positive and meaningful.
3. We will not consider Spam, low quality posts, and copied posts.
4. During the campaign, you should use a personalized signature / profile / text image that fits your rank.
5. We only consider the writings written in Alternative Gate cryptoes, Bitcoin Discussions, and Local Sections.
6. Use signature as BitNautic Logo:
Hero / Legendary – 70 Bets
 b.  Member of Sr. – 40 Bets
 c.  Full member – 25 bets / week
 d.  Members – 15 bets / week
Full and upgoing members can receive an additional 10 bets / week for the avatar and personal texts added.
To Join Contents HELP ASSISTANCE BitNautic HELP:
D)  Blog / Forum Bounty
A number of BTNT tokens allocated for Blog / Forum Bidding campaigns:  350000 BTNT
Blog / Forum Bounty Campaign Rule:
  1. Blogs / forums should be focused on relevant topics.
  2. All writing materials must have at least 250 words and forum posts have at least 20 words.
  3. Video must be meaningful and related to Sether: Sale Token, Whitepaper aspect, related technology, video edition, etc.
  4. Video / articles with false views will be disqualified.
  5. Only original content will be accepted.
  6. Spamming / posting in the wrong subforums will not be tolerated. Posts removed or closed by forum administration will not be counted.
  7. Each campaign member must create at least 1 publication before the Token Sale begins.
  8. Members must go through the registration and wait for approval.
  9. We reserve the right to consider articles or videos that are not eligible for this campaign, without giving any reason.
  High Quality: 10 Good QualityBets
: 7 Normal QualityBets: 5 Bets 
Bergabunglah dengan Blog BitNautic / Forum Bounty Bounty FORMUL:
E)   Bounty Translation
A number of BTNT tokens allocated to the Translation Offer campaign:  200000 BTNT
Bounty Translation Campaign Rules  :
  People previously approved, only 1 language per person among the following: German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Indonesian, Hindi.
  1. Only one translation can be ordered per participant. Applications for translation to multiple languages ​​will not be accepted.
  2. Using Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed. Participants who use Google Translate or other automated methods will be disqualified.
Reward and   Bounty  :
  Bitnautic ICO ANN thread opening post translation: 50 bets
2. Activity in local ANN thread: 1 pole per 1 post (you) in your ANN thread
3. Bitnautic Whitepaper translation into your language: 50 bets
4. Translations Bitnautic’s official website: 50 stakes
Bottle description and community management suggestions will be distributed proportionally among participants according to the amount of wagers received.
To Join the Bills FORUM BitNautic FORM:
F)  Bug Reporting Bounty
The number of BTNT tokens allocated to the Bug-Reporting prize campaign:   175000 BTNT
Bounty Bug Campaign Rules:
  Bounty Bug. If you find any errors or other issues on the website or in a smart contract, please let us know. The level of remuneration depends on how serious the error is.
2.  Letters to your contacts. Banner hosting on your site, etc.
 3.  We will consider one of your suggestions. Feel free to contact us at
 4.  Team Members not allowed
 5.  Project development team will not participate in bug rewards program.
6.  If you encounter a bug or error, it should be reported to the gift manager and may not be posted on social media.
7.  First come, first served.
8.   Issues that have been submitted by other users are not eligible for prize gifts.
9.   Paying the code auditor is not eligible for an award.
10.   Include test code, script or detailed instructions. The easier it is for us to reproduce and verify the vulnerability, the higher the reward.
11.   Fixed quality, if included. Higher pay is paid for submissions with a clear description of how to fix this problem.
Small Bug: 1000 Bets
 b.  Small Bug: 10,000 Bets
 c.  Medium Bug: 20,000 Bets
 d.  Serious Bugs: 50,000 Bets
 e.  Crash Bug: 100,000 Bets
Instructions  :
To Join BitNautic Bug Reporting 
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