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BitNautic, found online at   , is a decentralized market / platform for products where end users, importers / exporters and producers / manufacturers can more easily trade their products using Blockchain technology. The goal of a decentralized platform, according to its official website, is to “help everyone from end users to ship owners, shipping companies to agents / brokers, small or large courier companies, producers, producers (farmers), traders and investors worldwide, to facilitate their business and simplify trading practices, bringing all the continents into a unique platform. “

How does BitNautic work?

In traditional delivery mode, transactions include many documents, such as sales contracts, charter agreements, bill of lading, port documents, letters of credit and others related to ships and cargo. All these documents must pass through a long departmental chain. BitNautic applies over traditional old delivery methods, which eliminates the need for multiple contracts to be signed multiple times and therefore reduces the number of documents.
BitNautic also provides services and transportation that are internally stimulated by the decentralized Blockchain technology. Inspired by the workings of the Blockchain payment system, BitNautic offers a trading platform for products where consumers, importers / exporters, ship owners, service providers and goods manufacturers will be able to trade their products in open markets and free trade. Potential Blockchain on this platform makes it immune to hacking, fraud or virus, which makes it completely transparent and secure.
Bitnautic’s decentralized delivery platform brings products, manufacturers, transporters, consumers and everything else on the one hand. Blockchain technology implementation and intellectual contracts make the process more transparent, safe, efficient, less energy consuming and less prone to cyber attacks. In addition, it makes ordering Orders, shipments, cargo, containers or ships more accurate and easy. AI system (artificial intelligence) controls and monitors most processes to avoid human error or inefficiency. The complex calculation of the estimated time of delivery of goods, which if not affected by unpredictable factors, such as bill of lading, port documents, letters of credit and others related to the vessel, and the weather conditions on the route to be followed by the vessel shall be counted by the AI. This solves the biggest problem facing the shipping industry as one solution with the adoption of Blockchain technology and smart contracting.

BitNautic ICO:

The BTNT   token   ,   provided by BitNautic, is a marker of ERC20, which will act as support, which will help you to be part of this project. Funds received through ICO and pre-ICO will primarily be used for research and development of platforms, domestic trade businesses and for the purchase of vessels to be used for the carriage of goods in containers, as well as bulk products such as agricultural products (sugar, corn, rice, etc.) , minerals and building materials. ICO BitNautic will include the release of 35 million tokens for the sale of the crowd. The pre-sale for BitNautic starts on March 15 and ends on March 30, and the main ICO begins on April 15 and ends on June 15, 2018. BitNautic also plans to include bonus programs; PRE-ICO SALE 2018-03-15 to 2018-03-30 has a 30% bonus.
The main ICO will begin in 2018-04-15 and will end in 2018-06-15 within 8 weeks. (First week bonus = 20%, 2nd week = 15%, 3rd week = 10%, 4th week = 5%, and 4 weeks rest have no bonus).
ICO StageStart DateEnd DateBonusPre ICO15 March 201830 March 201830% House ICO15 April 201815 June 20181 Week 20% Second Week15% Week 310% Week 4% Rest 4 weeks0%


It includes the following functions, listed below:
Transportation system   : BitNautic will own a fleet of vessels owned by Bitnautic or registered by shipping companies on platform ships. This ship will primarily serve the business unit’s internal business transport needs. The shipowners can use the platform to open the starting position of their vessels in the charter. BitNautic will use the funds issued through ICO to purchase a ship capable of carrying goods for the domestic trading business in the near future.
Ordering system:   users can see available ships for their transport Cargo based on their current location, compared to destination cargo. The best agreed minimum price will be given to the users, from which they have the opportunity to select multiple packages from different service providers based on specifications – weights, time intervals, destination address, address, source address. Booking agent brokers for all shipping operations can be done by using BitNautic ordering system.
Brokerage system:  real-time brokerage system  for ship owners, intermediary agent and courier company; everything is possible with the BitNautic platform. The BitNautic brokerage system will give ship owners the opportunity to offer ships they can use to find work.
Vessel Tracking System:   BitNautic also uses for users of ship and cargo tracking systems from   artificial   intelligence   (artificial   intelligence). This function is designed specifically for ship owners and consumers to order cargo, see the status and position of the ship in real time. The same tracking object will be distributed to cargo owners to see their location in real time.
E-commerce platform:   here different users can get together and together trade transactions  This platform of payment system is fast, simple and secure, which uses global digital currency, eliminating all obstacles and difficulties associated with fiat currency.
Shipping and Freight Market (SCM):   The ultimate goal is to make it easy operators, freight companies, brokers and merchants to use the BitNautic platform and payment systems to promote their supply to the world market. This platform will bring everyone connected to the same table where high market demand can easily translate into oversupply.
Applications   mobile: mobile application BitNautic will enable you to use the backup function and tracking, as well as detailed reports for all user actions. Mobile applications will provide detailed reports in real time, which will help customers gain a deeper understanding, which in turn will help create a clearer picture of the delivery conditions, which will result in better customer service.
Exclusive offer and discount.  Based on user behavior, The BitNautic platform offers deals that we think will be important milestones. Special offers will be organized to save customers and meet all of their expectations as a challenging task in all markets globally.

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