BITOZZ is the digital currency of the commercial revolution


BITOZZ created a completely new ecosystem, built to facilitate the crypto derivatives market where traders have access to various instruments of trade and investment, enabling a very liberal, strategic, low-risk and smooth trading experience. With its row of derivative instruments, BITOZZ offers its users the freedom to hedge, speculate, and diversify their portfolios
BITOZZ creates a new decentralized ecosystem, where traders have access to mulple trading and
investment instruments, coupled with innovative platform features, a diverse customer base will be created not only to
trade on the exchange, but to remain loyal users.
Specializing in blockchain technology and smart contracts, Bitozz Exchange aims to build networks that can make – not only digital currency trading – but trade in anything less complicated and more diverse in offering

Become a more general inventory

This is actually the number of coins that are being actively traded on the market. In some actual examples, these projects can also have all their own tokens that have been mined first and released entirely by the ICO. Resources that are becoming more common will be, so, the same as the maximum supply. The situation is different, tokens must be mined above the period or coins released in the schedule. In this case, the two items will be different. Either way, being a more common source tells you how many coins that did amazing rounds in minutes.

Total supply

This is the number of coins that really exist, also including types that are not circulating. One might ask why the coin is there but certainly not used in circulation? It could be due to a number of factors. A good team might have mined coins but put them behind without putting them on the market. Or the developer is required to carry their ICO parts for several months in the usual place to prevent the coins from breaking as soon as they start.

Coins, therefore, exist but have not been circulated.

Optimal supply

This is also known as the hard lid and is the main of the three. This will tell you the optimal number of coins that will ever be made (the hard stamp of Bitcoin is usually 21,000,000 tokens). Not all cryptocurrency has a solid hard stamp. Ethe, for the model, does not have a maximum ether source limit. So why is a difficult hat important?

Basically there are two main causes for having an efficient hard stamp.

The first must be done with scarcity. Believe in instant diamonds; we find their scarcity to be (eg Elizabeth. there is only the result of many diamonds in life) more importantly they turn out to be.

It is the same as cryptocurrency, simple sources and requests. If there are limited resources from certain tokens, the benefits of coins are very likely to increase during that period.

This, in turn, will protect the underlying network integrity and value. There is even extraordinary harmony in getting this amount correctly.

And the limitations are very severe, and you will not be able to collect more than enough money to develop and grow networks.

The second feasible reason is closely related to the project roadmap. For each number appointed, the startup must ensure that there are usually clear and concise goals for it.

Basically, if we collect this much, we plan to do this, if we collect more than that, under this money will be applied.

However, we have seen the task of collecting hundreds of millions of dollars without a definite goal of what to do with the most cash.

If money is not included to do work effectively, especially in small startups, buyers will never find the expected ROI.

Benefits of Bitozz

  • Advanced type of facultative recursive trading orders (closing orders, bracket orders, multiple orders etc.)
  • Hedge, speculate and diversify your portfolio with our product offerings
  • Leverage up to 25x without opportunity fees (Funding Fees)
  • Run trades quickly and precisely with our exclusive Point-and-Click trading interface
  • Cause semi-automatic trading methods with sophisticated and customizable visualization & analysis tools
  • Learn about real-time riskless cryptocurrency trading with the sophisticated Bitozz Exchange engine
  • AN forces locking the crypto landscape with our system whether you are an internal capitalist, skilled merchandiser or new trading person


The process of trading on Bitozz builds less risk and maintains client integrity, and also helps in charging less by charging one time rather than billing based on time. Invest now and let your trade be renovated.

Bitozz ICO Token

Details: Bitozz ICO Token
Token BOZZ
Price 1 BOZZ = 0.03 USD
Gift Available
MVP / Prototype Available
Platform Ethereum
Receive ETH, BTC
Hard hat 6.340.000 USD
Country Estonia
Whitelist / KYC KYC & White List
Restricted area US, China, India
Bitozz ICO
Bitozz ICO

Bitozz ICO Roadmap

Bitozz ICO
Bitozz ICO

Bitozz ICO Team

Bitozz ICO
Bitozz ICO

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