About the project

BITOZZ has created a truly new ecosystem, created to facilitate a derivative encryption market where operators have access to a variety of trading and investment instruments, allowing for very liberal, strategic, low-risk and risk-free trading experiences. gap With a variety of derivative instruments, BITOZZ offers users the freedom to cover, mirror and diversify their portfolios

BITOZZ also offers its users the freedom to protect asset values, speculate and diversify their portfolios. Traders of all styles and classes will find the products they like and platforms that not only simplify their experience but also allow them to maintain a high level of control over experience. By expanding choices for our customers, our ecosystem will help decide what strategies are most suitable for investing and trading their assets. Improved choices and better experience are translated into bound customers, which leads to a larger group of participants and thus for greater cryptocurrency market liquidity. However, we are not limited to derivative products; as a one-stop solution user;

Become a more general inventory

This is actually the number of coins that are being actively traded on the market. In some actual examples, these projects can also have all their own tokens that have been mined first and released entirely by the ICO. Resources that are becoming more common will, so, be the same as maximum supply.

The situation is different, tokens must be mined above the period or coins released in the schedule. In this case, the two items will be different. Either way, being a more common source tells you how many coins that did amazing rounds in minutes.

Total supply

This is the number of coins that really exist, also including types that are not circulating. One might ask why the coin is there but certainly not used in circulation? It could be due to a number of factors.

A good team may have mined coins but placed them behind without putting them on the market. Or the developer is required to carry their ICO parts for several months in the usual place to prevent the coins from breaking as soon as they start.

Coins, therefore, exist but have not been circulated.

Optimal supply

This is also known as the hard lid and is the main of the three. This will tell you the optimal number of coins that will ever be made (the hard stamp of Bitcoin is usually 21,000,000 tokens). Not all cryptocurrency has a solid hard stamp. Ethe, for the model, does not have a maximum ether source limit.

BITOZZ is creating a new decentralized ecosystem, where traders have access to trade and investment instruments, combining with innovative features of Platry, a diverse customer base will be made to not only come to exchange on the exchange, but remain loyal users.

Especially in blockchain technology and smart contracts, Bitozz Exchange aims to build networks that can do, not only cryptocurrency trading, but also every operation that is less complex and more diverse in offering.

Why choose BITOZZ exchange

  • Advanced frame types that allow algorithmic trading (closing orders, sequence of brackets, several commands, etc.)
  • Hedge, portfolio by speculating and diversifying product offerings with us
  • Leverage up to 25x without maintenance costs (financing costs)
  • Run operations quickly and accurately with our interface based on negotiating a unique ladder ‘point and click’
  • Perform a semi-automatic tool trading strategy for sophisticated and customized visualization and analysis
  • Learn to trade without real criptomonedas with the advanced Bitozz Exchange Simulator
  • Enter cryptographic landscapes with our ecosystem, whether you are institutional investors, professional traders or commercial new people

The problem is ready to be solved by BITOZZ

The various problems faced by crypto traders and different digital traders are the main reasons for formulating BITOZZ, and where BITOZZ has decided to solve all, problems like …

Limitations of traditional markets: Different trading platforms make trading difficult for all traders by creating restrictions on different things where you can trade on their platforms but through the help of the BITOZZ platform, the restrictions will not be effective.

The only tool for the general public: the provisions made by all platforms always make it difficult for users to trade out of their platform, but through the use of BITOZZ, all traders will have access to trade off the platform, by allowing ETFs, hedge funds, and mutual funds to sophisticated tools.

Token Information

BOZZ Token
Platform Ethereum
Type ERC20
Price at ICO 1 BOZZ = 0.03 USD
Token for sale 102,500,000

Investment info

Receiving BTC, ETH
Distributed at ICO 55%

Soft cap 4.000.000 USD
Hard cap 6.340.000 USD

Bitozz ICO Roadmap

Bitozz ICO
Bitozz ICO

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• Telegram: / bitozz_exchange
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