BITOZZ creates a new decentralized ecosystem for crypto currency exchanges

There have been several problems facing crypto currency exchange during this century where solutions have not been provided for that problem. this is why the Bitozz platform has launched a replacement crypto currency replacement platform that can handle all problems arising from crypto currency exchanges.

Bitozz ICO – Bitozz may be a new crypto currency exchange that can shake the crypto currency world with options and in situ to fight and solve all the problems faced by the exchange of previous crypto currencies. The introduction of blockchain technology and several different options to mention must build Bitozz crypto currency exchange to be the most effective exchange platform.


BITOZZ created a completely new ecosystem, built to facilitate the crypto derivatives market where traders have access to various instruments of trade and investment, enabling a very liberal, strategic, low-risk and smooth trading experience. With its row of derivative instruments, BITOZZ offers its users the freedom to hedge, speculate, and diversify their portfolios


BITOZZ creates a new decentralized ecosystem, where traders have access to mulple and trade
investment instruments, coupled with innovative platform features, a diverse customer base will be created not only to come for
trade on the exchange, but remain a loyal user.


Specializing in blockchain technology and smart contracts, Bitozz Exchange aims to build networks that can make – not only digital currency trading – but trade in anything less complicated and more diverse in offering

Problems that the Team resolved.

Traditional types of orders such as market boundaries and orders. There are investment tools only for the general public. Lack of trading leverage options on all cryptos (including Futures and Options). High Platform Carrying Fee in Margin Trading (Loans) which charges a high loan fee based on me holding your margin position like a loan.


1 High-performance Plaorm that offers low trading costs

2 Expand Trade product offerings

3 Solve Other Challenges faced by Traders


Type of Token = ERC20

Total supply = 512,045,455

Hard-cap = $ 6.34 million

Soft cover = $ 4 million

Price Token = $ 0.03

Received currency = ETH


27% is allocated to public sales

20% is allocated to the team

18% is allocated for partnerships

14% is allocated for personal sales

5% is allocated to advisors

14% allocated for public pre-sale

2% allocated for gifts


20% is allocated for reserves

40% is allocated for marketing

40% is allocated for platform development



Plans for repurchase: Every quarter, we will use 10% of our profits to repurchase Bitozz Tokens and burn them, until we buy 59% of all Bitozz Tokens (302,045,455) back. All repurchase transactions will be announced on the blockchain. We will finally burn 302,045,455 Bitozz Tokens, leaving 210 Million Bitozz Tokens in circulation. Dividends: Every month, we will distribute pro-rata 10% of our profits (Paid in BTC) to the Bitozz Token Holders who hold coins for more than certain days such as on the distribution date. This bonus sharing practice will continue until December 31, 2022. Revenue References: (Bonus Invitations) are paid to someone who invites new users on our platform to invest or trade. Incentives of 10% of the amount invested will be given for all direct referrals (5% must be paid in BTC in real time and 5% must be paid at the Bitozz Tokens on June 30, 2019). Bitozz tokens as collateral: Bitozz tokens will be accepted as collateral for fiat loans. We have partnered with Depository Network and talked with several major loan providers.





The BITOZZ exchange has convinced traders and their security users when using the platform, the well-known bitozz platform with adequate transparency, security, affordability, stop loss, trust when trading and easier access to trading is 100% available on the bitozz platform … what besides what you’re waiting for, bitozz is here for you and me so let’s go in and continue rolling it in with a full exchange guarantee.

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