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Bitozz ICO – Decentralized Futures Trading & Options Platform

When most people think of investing, they think of buying shares in the stock market and many may not be aware of terms such as option trading. Buying shares and holding on to them with the aim of making long-term profits is after all, one strategy investment is more common. It also makes perfect sense to invest, giving you some ideas about which stocks you should buy or using a broker who can offer you advice and guidance on such matters.
This approach is known as a buy and hold strategy and can help you increase your wealth in the long run but does not provide many opportunities in the way of short-term profits. These days, many investors choose to use a more active investment style to try and make results that faster.
Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency designed to function as a medium of exchange. It uses cryptography to secure and verify transactions and to control the creation of new units of a particular cryptocurrency. Basically, cryptocurrency is a limited entry in a database that cannot changed unless certain conditions are met.
Basically, each cryptocurrency network is based on the absolute consensus of all participants regarding the legitimacy of balances and transactions. If the network nodes do not agree on one balance, the system will basically be broken. this happens. Cryptocurrency is so called because the consensus process is ensured by strong cryptography. This, along with these factors, makes third parties and blind beliefs as concepts really redundant.
BITOZZ created a truly new ecosystem that was built to facilitate the crypto derivatives market where traders have access to a variety of trading and investment instruments that enable a very free, strategic, low-risk and smooth trading experience. With various derivative instruments, BITOZZ offers its users freedom to hedge, speculate and diversify their portfolio,
Traders of all styles and classes will find products from their interests and platforms that not only simplify their experience but also let them maintain a high level of control over the experience. By expanding this choice for our customers, the ecosystem will help in deciding which strategy most suitable for investing and trading their assets. Types of advanced orders such as bracket orders, cover frames, trailing stop loss for the spot market. There are no borrowing costs for perpetual futures for all alt coins listed on the bitozz platform, 22 option strategies ready to use.

Why choose BITOZZ exchange

  • Advanced frame types that allow algorithmic trading (closing orders, sequence of brackets, several commands, etc.)
  • Hedge, portfolio by speculating and diversifying product offerings with us
  • Leverage up to 25x without maintenance costs (financing costs)
  • Run operations quickly and accurately with our interface based on negotiating a unique ladder ‘point and click’
  • Perform a semi-automatic tool trading strategy for sophisticated and customized visualization and analysis
  • Learn to trade without real criptomonedas with the advanced Bitozz Exchange Simulator
  • Enter cryptographic landscapes with our ecosystem, whether you are institutional investors, professional traders or commercial new people

Problems and Solutions

Traditional Order types such as Bitozz limits and market  orders have implemented the most advanced order types that facilitate algorithmic trading for all types of users.
The only tool for the general public  Bitozz aims to expand the market by opening the door for Hedge Funds, ETFs and Mutual Funds by providing sophisticated tools.
High costs recorded in Bitozz’s margin trading  aim to eliminate freight costs by replacing one-time costs as well as spot trading.
Lack of trading options Leverage on all cryptos 
(including future and options) 
Bitozz Exchange will not be limited to derivative products, but will offer a one-door solution.



Benefits of Bitozz

  • Advanced type of facultative recursive trading orders (closing orders, bracket orders, multiple orders etc.)
  • Hedge, speculate and diversify your portfolio with our product offerings
  • Leverage up to 25x without opportunity fees (Funding Fees)
  • Run trades quickly and precisely with our exclusive Point-and-Click trading interface
  • Cause semi-automatic trading methods with sophisticated and customizable visualization & analysis tools
  • Learn about real-time riskless cryptocurrency trading with the sophisticated Bitozz Exchange engine
  • AN forces locking the crypto landscape with our system whether you are an internal capitalist, skilled merchandiser or new trading person



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