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Bitozz ICO – Decentralized Futures Trading & Options Platform


About the project

BITOZZ   creates a truly new ecosystem created to promote the crypto tree market   , where traders have access to a variety of trading and investment tools, which ensure high-level, strategic, low-risk, and seamless high-trading experience. With many derivatives, BITOZZ offers its users the freedom to hedge, speculate and diversify their portfolios.

The implementation of the BITOZZ trading platform will end user problems and the issue of platform transparency. Using blockchain technology from the BITOZZ trading platform will help improve and improve platform transparency.
INSECURITY is another problem I want to discuss here today. Insecurity is a merchant’s nightmare over time due to hacking across all trading platforms. Attacks and attacks on trading platforms are reported, where users and traders are always worried about the safety and security of their employees in the event of this problem. The BITOZZ project is a unique project because the security of trading platforms is a priority of the team, and they will always try to improve the security of the BITOZZ platform to prevent hacking and attacks.

Why choose BITOZZ exchange

  • Sophisticated frame types that allow trading algorithm (order closure, brackets order, multiple commands, etc.)
  • Hedge, portfolio by speculating and diversifying product offerings with us
  • Leverage up to 25x without maintenance costs (financing costs)
  • Run operations quickly and accurately with our interface based on negotiating a unique ladder ‘point and click’
  • Perform a semi-automatic tool trading strategy for sophisticated and customized visualization and analysis
  • Learn to trade without real criptomonedas with the advanced Bitozz Exchange Simulator
  • Enter cryptographic landscapes with our ecosystem, whether you are institutional investors, professional traders or commercial new people

The problem is ready to be solved by BITOZZ

The various problems faced by crypto traders and different digital traders are the main reasons for formulating BITOZZ, and where BITOZZ has decided to solve all, problems like …

Limitations of traditional markets: Different trading platforms make trading difficult for all traders by creating restrictions on different things where you can trade on their platforms but through the help of the BITOZZ platform, the restrictions will not be effective.

The only tool for the general public: the provisions made by all platforms always make it difficult for users to trade out of their platform, but through the use of BITOZZ, all traders will have access to trade off the platform, by allowing ETFs, hedge funds, and mutual funds to sophisticated tools.

Another problem facing trading platforms is the problem of high transaction costs and costs. One goal of the BITOZZ trading platform is to eliminate the high costs of a transaction by introducing a one-time fee.
BITOZZ TRADING PLATFORM is the first platform in the future to trade assets and options for cryptoactive, providing good investment and trading solutions. The BITOZZ trading platform adopts the use of sophisticated algorithmic trading methods, which makes it unique and the first platform to adopt this technology. Another good feature is the use of up to 25% at no cost to carry it. How wonderful for traders if the BITOZZ platform exists today. Some other features of the BITOZZ platform that make it unique and better than others include; Diversify portfolios through BITOZZ product offerings, a good trading interface that assists in fulfilling orders, Adopts semi-automatic trading systems, reduces risk by studying trade

How can we make transactions more attractive (especially if you can’t do trading operations 24/7, most people can’t do this!)? This can be done in several ways. First, you can hire professional traders to trade your property. Second, you can choose a long-term holder, or you can find a platform with other options that give you the opportunity to make a profit, maybe something like automatic stopping adjustments or other things. something like that? (We talked about this, right?)

The first option can only be available to people with big money, because you have to pay these people to make a profit. And today such people are hard to find, because they can work independently. For beginners or often traders there are other people, the best choice. Because long-term owners can provide crazy benefits, such as an increase in x1000, however, it also carries a great risk of losing something.

What about the third option? This can certainly be done. Almost every trader can use this option, no matter how much money they have. They need to set the algorithm, run the first transaction, and the rest will be executed by the system. Of course, you can also manage it when you have it.

The main advantage of using a platform where you can use any automatic configuration command (for example, stop-loss commands) is that you can reduce the time to not calm down and look at the graph. You can do your free time to increase your knowledge, work in other companies, so you work more efficiently and still receive good income. This is definitely the best choice for those who cannot go online every day.

Information about Tokens

Exchange plan: every quarter we will use 10% of our profits to redeem Bitozz tokens and burn them until we buy 59% of all Bitozz tokens (302,045,455). All feedback transactions will be announced in the block chain. We finally burned 302,045,455 bit tokens, leaving 210 million Beats in circulation. Dividends: every month we share proportionally up to 10% of our profits (paid at BTC) to Bitozz holders who hold coins more than the specified day, such as on the distribution date. This bonus distribution practice will continue until December 31, 2022. Income tax: (invitation bonus) will be paid to people who invite new users to our platform for investment or trade. Incentives in the amount of 10% of the amount of funds invested will be given with all direct referrals (5% for payments in real time BTC and 5% for payments in Bitozza tokens on June 30, 2019). Bitz tokens as collateral: Bitozz tokens will be accepted as collateral for loans. We have worked with the Custody Network and talked to several major credit card providers.


20% is allocated to order
40% of the distribution for marketing
40% of the distribution on the platform


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