The new thoughts are coming each day. Individuals need to put resources into the new tasks. We have the greatest instrument on the planet, and it is known as the Internet. The web is a gigantic base of data where we can do anything. Web has associated the whole world. One of these activities is BitProperty, a biological system that completely covers the cycle of putting resources into business and private land in the beginning times of development, by tokenization and digitalization.


BitProperty Ecosystem is a biological system that completely covers the cycle of putting resources into business and private land in the beginning times of development, by tokenization and digitalization. It encourages financial specialists to take part in speculations from $ 1000 and get up to 150% for each annum, and designers can rapidly and effortlessly discover speculators.

The environment is produced as a decentralized application (Dapp) on the Etherium stage and comprises of two expansive subsystems:

BitProperty Fund (arrangement of land tokens) – where financial specialists will contribute

Administrations BitProperty Ecosystem, which tackle the accompanying undertakings: Select the best land for venture, help objects tokenize and go on special to financial specialists, give the fundamental framework to quick exchanges from land tokens to Bitpro-tokens and to the Etherium cryptographic money.


Give anybody the chance to put resources into land, both business and private, at any phase of development without geo-referencing. We will likely make this procedure as brisk, straightforward and protected as could reasonably be expected.


One of the primary issues of the advanced land showcase is closeness and conservatism at the underlying phase of development, when the designer most needing introductory capital. An obsolete model of observing and checking of the development business frequently prompts expanded development expenses and time-limits for conveyance of the office, making this industry open to a long way from everybody. This issue is exacerbated by the absence of a bound together database of development destinations that require extra subsidizing, and in addition restricted community to this data. This arrangement gives a chance to all – both expansive organizations and people to exploit the opportunity and participate in the development in the beginning times without geo-referencing. In the meantime, this stage opens the likelihood for engineers far and wide to draw in back from a wide range of and irrelevant sources, along these lines expanding the pool of members. Such a framework makes a climate of rivalry and sufficient evaluating.


Our specialists have the experience of effective interest in land and know the criteria of a beneficial undertaking.

High gainfulness

In single urban communities, for example, Dubai, Moscow, Sochi and others, land is an exceedingly gainful, dependable technique for contributing.

Unwavering quality

All installments are ensured by savvy contracts Ethereum ERC20.

BitProperty Platform is currently the pioneer

The BitProperty environment completely covers the cycle of putting resources into high return undertakings and helps planned land objects from around the globe to discover subsidizing for the principal members.

In future, will be produced a decentralized application (Dapp) on the Ethereum stage.

Why BitProperty?

Supporting of dangers. BitProperty Fund deliberately chooses land questions and screens them in all day, every day mode. You can screen the advance of development on-line,

•Master people group. Sorted out access to the talk with specialists in land speculation. Security.

•Executed a defensive component against deceitful exchanges. Tokenization is completely straightforward.

•Demonstrable skill. We have collected an abundance of involvement in putting resources into land at a beginning period of development

The Ecosystem of the BitProperty

The calculation of the P2P stage. The working procedure of the BitProperty stage can be depicted as takes after:

BitProperty Fund and the Developer acquaints the protest depiction with the BitProperty Ecosystem

•The purchaser finds a property that meets his criteria.

•The purchaser gives an offer through a brilliant contract to the subject of the enlist on the suitable legitimate conditions.

•The merchant acknowledges the offer by marking it with a computerized signature.

•Middle people understand their capacities (investigation of the agreement, notarial activities, and so forth.).

•After the conditions said above are met, the keen contract dispatches an installment framework that enables clients to make installments in the digital currency.

•A keen contract screens installment and exchanges proprietorship to the new proprietor in the BitProperty registry after every one of the conditions are met.

BitProperty Token [BPS]

One BPS token is equivalent to 1/80 000 piece of the BitProperty stage. Presently the cost of the BitProperty stage is insignificant, yet as of now in 2019, because of the expansion in the quantity of commissions for exchanges, we will produce incomes of more than $ 500,000 every year, and the normal development of the stage can reach up to 4900%.

In 2021, it is relied upon to achieve the income focuses, as commissions for exchanges, as indicated by our arrangement of $ 23.695 million, which should expand the cost of the stage by 58,500%.

The figures given above are preparatory and in view of the computations given by the able colleagues and the remarks of authorities.

competent team members and the comments of specialists.

Token Details

Token BPS

PreICO Price 1 BPS = 0.25 USD

Price 1 BPS = 0.5 USD

Bonus – 35% pre-ico

Platform – Ethereum ERC20

Accepting – ETH, BTC, LTC, fiat money

Soft cap – 800,000 USD

Hard cap – 25,000,000 USD

Country – Hong Kong

Whitelist/KYC – Whitelist

Pre-ICO and ICO

Date pre-ICO: 01 may 2018

End of pre-ICO: 31 may 2018

Date ICO: 11 June 2018

End ICO: 11 July 2018

On what expenses will be attracted funds

32% IT Development

20% Marketing and Sales

15% Acquisitions and Partnerships

12.5% International Expansion

10% Admin and Operations

5% Development Fund

5% Legal

0.5% Bug Bounty Program


BitProperty Ecosystem Project Team

Nikolay Plekhanov CEO and founder BitProperty Fund and BitProperty Ecosystem

Ruslan Mamedov Commercial advisor and founder Prosperus Sochi Invest Group

Markunasova Anna Associate Director, Investment. Founder Mark Invest Group Sochi

Kashirskih Tatyana Professional Real Estate Broker

Fedorovich Dmitriy Associate Director, Investment. Founder WarmHouse Moscow

Professional consultants

Oleg Torbosov Founder WhiteWill Real Estate Moscow, adviser on investments

Irik Rafikov Founder Real Capital Sochi, adviser on investments

Yan Palmachinsky ICO advisor, founder Endo Encrypted Documents

Technical team for project implementation

Alexander Shishkin Technical director, specialist in blockchain

Michail Korchagin Head of marketing department

Aleksey Korchagin Technical specialist

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