BitProperty is the platform for the decentralized organization of buying, selling and investing in real estate, based on Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts.


Provide anyone with the opportunity to purchase, sell and invest in real estate without geo-referencing. Our goal is to make this process as quick, transparent and safe as possible.


BitProperty Fund is the first and most important element of the BitProperty Platform. BitProperty Fund in cooperation with the Developer that places the construction site on a platform to attract investment. BitProperty Fund monitors compliance with legal documents, project documentation, permits, regulatory documents and legal acts, compliance with the laws of a country, and also introduces the project tokenization platform.

The token owner (or “Participant”) has access to the platform and selects the object according to its own criteria / interests. Then, Smart Contracts Pool is created, based on which all the elements of the platform function, including the interaction of the token holder and the BitProperty Fund. The participant sends crypto currency or fiat to the purse of the project in the ecosystem.

The participant controls all construction processes in real time.



All projects in the BitProperty Platform ecosystem go through 5 main stages. Each stage is a separate independent ecosystem service:

• Scoring (evaluation of an investment property object).
• Searching for financing for a property.
• Preparation of the property for tokensisation.
• Carrying out a tokenization.
• Post tokenization: maintenance, sale, rent, service

Application – Scoring – Funding – Preparation of experts for tokenization – Carrying out a tokenization – completion of the construction site, distribution of profits – post service.

Valuation of the property

All candidate projects undergo a verification process in two established forms provided by the ecosystem partner. This is a formal verification of the checklist and evaluation of the project questionnaire with machine learning tools. The overall rating of the project is formed by the totality of the estimates.

In the future, the scoring system will expand, several independent analysis services for developers and objects will be connected.

This will create natural competition and improve the quality of the selection process. The scoring process is paid for by a fund interested in analyzing a specific object. Rivalry between the methods of machine learning and human evaluation will help to achieve the maximum efficiency of selection.

Funding search

Financing of real estate is carried out both at the expense of the developer’s own funds, and through attracting third-party investors.

Expert preparation of real estate for tokening

After the object got into the ecosystem and passed the capitalization assessment, it gets funding from internal funds. The funds can be spent on expert assistance in developing the project and preparing it for tokensisation. Tokens are designed in such a way that funds received from the fund can be spent only on experts approved by the platform (the white list of experts is specified in the smart contract). At the initial stages experts will be experts who are employed by BitProperty Fund.

Carrying out a tokenization and selling project tokens to investors

During tokenization and sale of tokens to investors, the main efforts are concentrated around an effective marketing campaign and are aimed at promoting the project and its competent representation in the media and the press.

Post tokenization: maintenance of real estate

After successful tokenization, the developer lists the promised percentage of their tokens in the fund. He also enters the crypto exchange, built into the ecosystem, thereby instantly increasing the liquidity of the tokens.


Date pre-ICO: 01 may 2018

End of pre-ICO: 31 may 2018

Date ICO: 11 June 2018

End ICO: 11 July 2018

Soft Cap – 1 000 000 $

Hard Cap – 5 800 000 $

The price per token – 0,5 $ (+ bonus 35% pre-ico)

Token name – BPS

Platform – Ethereum ERC20

List of accepted currencies ICO – ETH, BTC, LTC, fiat money

Total tokens released – 80 000 000

Number of tokens for sale – 64 000 000

Reserved for team and advisors – 8 000 000

Reserved for further development – 8 000 000

On what expenses will be attracted funds

32% IT Development

20% Marketing and Sales

15% Acquisitions and Partnerships

12.5% International Expansion

10% Admin and Operations

5% Development Fund

5% Legal

0.5% Bug Bounty Program







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