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Based on Blockchain and Smart Contracts, BitProperty is a specific platform for the decentralized organization of real estate investments in the early stages of construction. The BitProperty ecosystem consists of commercial and residential real estate investments in the early stages of construction, with tokenization and digitization. Investors can invest more than $ 1,000 and earn up to 150% annual profitability, and developers can find investment quickly and easily. 35% of investors consider real estate the best asset for investing combined risk-return.

Intimacy and conservativeness in the early stages of construction, and more capital needed by the developers is one of the main problems of the modern real estate market. The outdated monitoring model in the construction industry increases construction costs and facility delivery deadlines so that everyone can access this industry. These differences are highlighted by the lack of a unified database system for works that require additional funding and limited public access to such information.

BitProperty’s mission is to provide an opportunity for anyone to invest in real estate, both commercial and residential, at any stage of construction without geographical reference. And the goal of this project is to make this process as fast, transparent and safe as possible. The growth of the global market for real estate construction is forecasted to increase by 74% over 5 years ($ trillion).

The BitProperty provides solution for everyone, both large enterprises and individuals, who take advantage of the opportunity to participate in construction at an early stage without georeferencing. At the same time, this platform provides possibility for developers around the world to draw funds from a variety of irrelevant sources and increase the number of participants, and create an appropriate price-competitive atmosphere.

The ecosystem is developed as a decentralized application (Dapp) on the Etherium platform and contains two major subsystems:

BitProperty Fund – It is the platform where investors will invest
The BitProperty Ecosystem service – It will complete the following tasks: Select the best real estate for investment, aids the tokenized object and goes on sale to the investor, provide the necessary infrastructure for fast transactions from real-estate tokens to Bitpro-tokens and to the crypto currency Etherium.

Why BitProperty?

  1. Hedging risk – The BitProperty Fund carefully selects the real estate object and monitors them in 24/7 mode. You can monitor the progress of on-line construction,
  2. Community experts – Organized access to chat with experts in real estate investing. Security.
  3. Tokenization is completely transparent and it will apply a mechanism for protection against fraudulent transactions.
  4. Professionalism – They have accumulated a lot of experience in investing in real estate in the early stages of construction

The project will be implemented through the following stages:

Issue and sale of BPS tokens.
Building a prototype platform.
Launching the platform, increasing the number of participants.
BitProperty increases its global presence.

Token Sale:

There are total numbers of 80,000,000 BPS tokens available. Therefore, the growth in demand does not lead to an increase in the total number of tokens. The number of tokens produced at one or another stage is mentioned below.


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