BitProperty Concrete Platform For Real Estate Investment Organizations Based on Blockchain and Smart


The BitProperty ecosystem will fully cover the investment cycle of projects with high returns, and future real estate assets will help you find funds for your first participant.

The BitProperty ecosystem will be an ecosystem that fully covers the commercial and residential investment property cycles in the early stages of construction through marker and digitization. That will help.

Investors can invest more than 1000 US dollars, earn up to 150% annual profit, and developers can quickly and easily find investment.

Under the Blockchain and Smart Contracts, BitProperty will be a concrete platform for decentralized real estate investment organizations in the early stages of construction. The purpose of this platform is to give everyone the opportunity to invest in commercial and residential real estate at all stages of construction without georeferencing. The purpose of this project is to make this process very fast.

Transparent and secure.

One of the main problems of the modern real estate market is proximity and conservatism in the early stages of construction, and developers need more capital. Ancient monitoring models in the construction industry increased the cost of construction and time of delivery of objects, so that everyone can access the industry. This distinction is highlighted by the lack of an integrated database system for jobs requiring additional funding and limited public access to such information.

The BitProperty solution is an opportunity for everyone to take this opportunity to participate in construction at an early stage without reference to both companies and individual geographical operations. At the same time, this platform opens the possibility for developers worldwide to extract funds from irrelevant sources and increase the number of participants. This system creates an appropriate competitive price.

The purpose of BitProperty:

Monitoring and controlling construction:

Based on Blockchain technology, the BitProperty platform has developed a technology that makes the acquisition process accessible, transparent, and accessible to all. Thus, BitProperty allows investors to buy commercial real estate and residential properties in the early stages of construction using encrypted currency, making it more accessible, transparent, reliable, reliable, flexible, and economical.

Availability for investors:

The BitProperty platform provides a safe and efficient way to participate in public assemblies, and

operations with real estate objects are kept under an intellectual contract. As a result, the BitProperty platform will transform the real estate market, combining legal, financial, technical, and blocking opportunities.

Implementation of environmental standards under construction:

The BitProperty platform collects the specified data and sends it to the participant once the configuration is complete. This means customers can choose the best solution in terms of life convenience, energy efficiency and construction conditions. In addition, the negative impact on the environment will decrease, and the distribution policy to be implemented will be economically justified. By implementing environmental standards, the BitProperty platform will focus on implementing standard projects under construction, enabling developers who want to be included in the BitProperty database.

The portfolio structure is determined by the portfolio manager. Assets in the portfolio must comply with the following rules:

• Only legitimate objects are selected from the portfolio and can generate more than 40% per year.

• Assets must be appointed and disclosed to investors. Decisions on the abolition and termination of assets are performed by the fund manager for the following events:

• If you need to fix a loss of property (eg, X3 income, loss of X2), if the rent is fixed or exceeded by the specified limit;

• If there is an objective indicator of future growth, you need to further evaluate the objectives and decide on the investment.

This project is implemented using the following steps:


  1. Problems and sales of Bitpro tokens;
  2. Building a prototype platform;
  3. Start the platform to increase the number of participants.
  4. BitProperty will grow all over the world.


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