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What is BitProperty?

BitProperty is an open, decentralized ecosystem for buying, selling and investing in real estate, which is based on a Ethereum blockchain.

BitProperty Ecosystem is an ecosystem that fully covers the cycle of investing in high-yield projects and helps prospective real estate objects from all over the world to find financing. With the help of the bitproperty platform you can also buy, sell and invest in real estate all over the world easily and comfortably with the help of crypto currency.


Reliable partners are always needed in any country in the world. The team of Bitproperty is professionals in real estate + IT technologies + Legal partners. You will always be sure that buying, selling or exchanging real estate can be easily and comfortably with reliable partners, proven on practice. BitProperty plans to release a functioning beta with multiple real estate projects after completion of ICO.



Their experts have the experience of successful ITproect and know the criteria of a profitable project.

High profitability

In single cities, such as Dubai, Moscow, Sochi and others, real estate is a highly profitable, reliable method of investing.


All payments are protected by smart contracts Ethereum ERC20.

BitProperty Fund is the first and most important element of the BitProperty Platform. BitProperty Fund in cooperation with the developer that places the construction site on a platform to attract investment. BitProperty Fund monitors compliance with legal documents, project documentation, permits, regulatory documents and legal acts, compliance with the laws of a country, and also introduces the project tokenization platform.


How it works

BitProperty Fund and the Developer introduces the object description to the BitProperty Platform.

The buyer finds a property that meets his criteria.

The buyer provides an offer through a smart contract to the subject of the register on the appropriate legal conditions.

The seller accepts the offer by signing it with a digital signature.

Intermediaries realize their functions (analysis of the contract, notarial actions, etc.)

After the conditions mentioned above are met, the smart contract launches a payment system that allows customers to make payments in the crypto currency.

A smart contract monitors payment and transfers ownership to the new owner in the BitProperty registry after all the conditions are met.

Token Details

Name: BitProperty Token

Symbol: BPS

Platform: Ethereum

Total Supply: 80,000,000

Soft Cap: $1,000,000

Hard Cap: $5,800,000

Country Hong Kong

Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, fiat money



Start date: 1st may 2018

End date: 31st may 2018

Price: $0.5 + bonus 35%


Start date: 11th June 2018

End date: 11th July 2018

Price: $0.5


IT Development -32%

Marketing and Sales – 20%

Acquisitions and Partnerships – 15%

International Expansion – 12.5%

Admin and Operations – 10%

Development Fund – 5%

Legal – 5%

Bug Bounty Program – 0.5%

Road Map

August 2010

Market Place for building materials

May 2018

Bitproperty, conducting pre-ico

June 2018

ICO + Road show, 10 countries

August 2018

Bitproperty Fund launch

September 2018

First 100 real estate are added for sale

October 2018

Carrying out a tokenization of the first investment projects

November 2018

Marketing campaign

December 2018

The Ecosystem (beta)

March 2019

Realization of the first real estate transactions

April 2019

Involvement of international real estate partners

May 2019

Payment of dividends to investors and buyback tokens BPS

June 2019

Expansion of the project in 10 countries


Meet the Team:




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