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Technological developments have made many changes to the lives of individuals. Changes that occur can have a positive impact and negative impact. One positive impact of technological development is the development of current blockchain technology. This technology has been widely used in various industries, digital currency one of the products resulting from these technologies.

At this time maybe some people think more easily establish an industry using blockchain technology. The more the industry stands with blockchain technology the more tokens or digital currencies are issued. And a portion of the currency has lost the value of the currency.

BITRUST is one of the decentralized cryptocurrency peer-2-peer insurance platforms that provides ease of use, based on ethereum blockchain utilizing intelligent contract technology to manage each user’s interactions and transactions.

The BITRUST expert team develops services and features on this platform in order to provide services to retail digital currency investors with an average monthly trading volume of between $ 100 and $ 100,000 and provide blockchain communities with the use of simple and easy-to-use risk management solutions . With blockchain technology and connecting with smart contracts Bitrus guarantees and provides protection to cryptocurrency assets and significantly mitigates the risks associated with high volatility in the digital currency market.

The Bitrust Platform is built with features and services that make it easy for the browser to access the platform. The following features are developed by Bitrust:

Decentralization — Bitrust provides decentralized services for each transaction performed within this platform such as a decentralized clearing and exchange system that prevents the possibility of fraud and single-point-of-failure risk and prevents the system from external regulation.

Anonymous — BITRUST gives trust to its users to manage your own assets and trades regardless of who you are.

Intuitive and easy to use UI — The services and products developed by BITRUST are one of the simplest features compared to features developed by similar platforms. It is one of our priorities to provide convenience to its users.

Top-class security — Smart contracting technology based on Ethereum blockchain, which is the basis of BITRUST’s cryptocurrency insurance platform, guarantees the security of all your data and transactions safe and nobody can deceive and take over your assets.

We advise you to participate in the sale of BITRUST tokens

In this platform BITRUST offers a simple, affordable, safe and easy-to-use risk mitigation solution for worldwide cryptocurrency enthusiasts
▪ The first risk mitigation platform of its kind
▪ Bitrust provides security for digital assets of its users
▪ Provides convenience
▪ Bitrust provides a realistic market penetration strategy
▪ The features and services provided enhance the attractiveness of the cryptocurrency market
▪ Tokens provide clear utility and will grow in value

Bitrust Token Sale

Project name: BITRUST
Symbol: BTFs
Payment received: ETH, BTC, and LTC

Started: 2–31 March 2018 (lasts 30 days)
Supply: 20,000,000 BTF token
Bonus: 100%
Min purchase: –

Started: April 2 -31 May 2018 (lasts for 60 days)
Soft cap: EUR 6m / 6,000 ETH
Hard cap: 12,000 ETH

Allocation of Token

Bitrus will make a maximum of 250,000,000 BTF to be allocated to ICO participants, establishment of BITRUST teams, advisors, and bounty program members. During token sales, the number of tokens available is 150,000,000 BTF.

60% of tokens will be allocated to ICO participants
15% token will be allocated to BITRUST team and will be locked for 24 months in smart contract
15% of tokens will be allocated for campaign program Rewards, advisors, and on ICO campaign expenses.
10% token will be reserved for further development fund of BITRUST platform and will be automatically locked in 24 months on smart contract.

Budget allocation

Funds obtained from the ICO process will be allocated for the development of this platform.
10% of fund will be allocated for operational
10% of funds will be allocated for legal
20% of the funds will be allocated for sales and marketing
60% of funds will be allocated for product development

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